Friday, May 31, 2013

photo friday!

you've got a peek into our dating life <3

you've read how isaiah proposed {heart.melting}

& yesterday i complained about the MN weather, stating that i need the ocean.

so what better than to do photo friday, of our first engagement session!

{i told you. isaiah and i LOVE pictures!}

around the time we took those dating pictures, we also booked a cruise! it was going to be isaiah's first, and our first together. i was ecstatic to experience a vacation like that with him! when we got engaged on September 25th, 2011, we were just a short 2 months away from our cruise sailing on 11/11/11 and knew we had to get pictures done somehow. thats when the emailing with Royal Caribbean began and plans were in the works!

it all started coming together once we were on board the Mariner and were able to talk to the photography department on the ship. we got set up with a LOVELY lady named Sandra and decided to take pictures in Cozumel, early as balls - before it got too hot outside. i have to admit, i was semi skeptical because i wasnt sure how much these photographers on the ship knew or how much they were really into their jobs. but i was left SPEECHLESS. we ended up buying every single picture. all 155 of them or so. and sandra became our best friend. actually, all the photographers did. every single night they always stopped us and wanted to take our pictures. it felt like everyone on the Mariner knew who we were.  Royal Caribbean even asked us to sign a release form so they could use them on the ship! i really wanna sail on the Mariner again just to see if i can find my face anywhere, lol!

 til next time!


  1. ugh I love these. I want some of my only to find a man and a cruise ship. you know someone!!! haha :P Happy friday!

  2. You kind of have me itching to go on a cruise now. I told you before I'm really, really afraid, but you have so many great stories that I kind of want to experience one. :) Your pictures turned our fabulous!!!!

  3. OMG you guys are like my favorite couple ever. So stinkin cute!

  4. OMG you guys are like my favorite couple ever. So stinkin cute!

  5. I love them all! But, I think the one where you're on the beach, in the water, those are my fav!
    Now, here I am, all trying to put together a slide show of cruises to present to the hubby. :)

  6. LOVE these! We turned down the photographer in the Dominican Republic and now I'm sad!

  7. Gorgeous photos! I understand why you miss your blonde hair! It was so long and flowy ;p I just switched back to blonde after like 6 years. The Aussie sun has been lightening my hair.

  8. So pretty!! I LOVE your blonde hair!

  9. Very cute. How fun! You look like celebs!