Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Sarah, will you marry me?!"

disclaimer: im not sticking with the blog every day in May's topic today, but im still posting! so that counts right?!


WISHING & WAITING. that was the hard part. and everyone else being in on the secret :)

-- Saturday morning (9.24.11) the epic events started. My friend Courtney was in town, which doesnt happen very often after she moved 4.5 hours away. Not knowing when she'd be BACK in town - we thought hell, lets start looking at dresses so when the real time came, she would have already been a part of it somehow. {we obviously knew i was going to marry Isaiah!}

*Isaiah and i talked A LOT about marriage. our goals, our dreams & our hopes for the future constantly came up in conversation. At this time, we had even taken pre-martial courses, finished the PREPARE series, read the Five Love Languages book by Gary Chapman and The Seven Principles for Making  Marriage Work by John Gottman.* {strongly recommend BOTH of those books! love them!}
Taking the classes/PREPARE before an engagement was Isaiahs idea. I thought he was bat shit cray and it was the weirdest thing ever. He explained to me as something along the lines of going into marriage knowing all of our strengths and all of our weaknesses. This was going to be forever and not become a scenario resulting in divorce because we didnt know each other enough or OMG HE LEAVES THE TOILET SEAT UP type of ordeal. I was obviously in love with the man so filling out a quiz and listening to my results was something i'd do. Turns out were pretty fucking awesome together.

-- Courtney made a 9am bridal appointment for me at the Wedding Shoppe in St.Paul. That was already something special to me, because i used to work there. I love the Wedding Shoppe, the ladies - and everything about Grand Ave. When we checked in, Leslie asked if it would just be the two of us. Perky and cheerful, i immediately said YEP! Courtney butts in... "there might be some more, SURPRISE!" Im like WHO THE HECK? Leslie asks if its a boy (because then we would have to go to a different area of the shop) and Courtney tells her no. Okay. So now i am UBER dumbfounded.
We go upstairs into the bridal room and start telling Carolyn what i like and dont like. Carolyn says "What about lace?" I go on saying how i love it but i can not go without a bra on my wedding day. then. KNOCK KNOCK
My MOM peeks in. I stand back. Jaw drops. Hands cover mouth. I stare and wait. After about a minute i say, MOM!?!?! I have not seen my mother in THREE YEARS. Courtney says, "Surprise! Isaiah flew her in!" My mom comes into the room and over to me which led to lots of hugs and lots of tears. The ladies who worked at the shop must have all found out as they brought my mom upstairs because we had quite the crowd and a lot of them were crying too! Leslie thanked us for sharing our moment with the shoppe and things were all cute. 
I tried on 10 dresses and kept going back to THE VERY FIRST ONE. I loved it. But i didnt buy anything that day of course. I wasn't even engaged!

-- Sunday morning. September 25th 2011. Isaiah left early in the morning to go work out. Im thinking alright, he does that every morning so, obviously normal. The plan is to go to church, like every Sunday. and that we would bring my mom along with us. While Isaiahs in the shower, i get on facebook to chat Courtney and ask when shes heading back to her home hours away. She says "probably noon, is isaiah dragging you and mom to church?" Im bummed out, yes we gotta go to church so i wont see Courtney before she heads back home. I debate telling Isaiah to count me out so that i could meet up with Courtney for breakfast before she goes, but decided that we should go to church after all so my mom can meet his parents.
He comes home and the morning continues. We start driving, and i happen to be texting my little cousin Lexy. Once i look up - i notice somethings different. I look to Isaiah and say "This isnt the way to church?" He cleverly tells me, "i heard theres construction on 94 so were going the back way". Ok, so back to texting i go. My next text to Lexy says... "were supposed to be going to church, but this isnt the way to church. i know the way to church and this isnt it". We park. I ask Isaiah where were going. He says "were taking your mom to a different service". Ok whatevs. I notice were downtown mpls on seven corners. I see purple everywhere. I know my mom likes the Vikings. I say ISAIAH. I AM NOT GOING TO A VIKINGS GAME!!! Nope.

We walk into The Southern Theater, and Isaiah tells me theres a special guest speaker. I ask if its him, knowing he loves to speak and does speak at a lot of events. He says No.

I walk into the theater following my mom and Isaiah. Its brick. Its dark. I'm like oh boy. I dont like it. I dont wanna go in. Isaiah grabs my hand, seats me down front and center. He hands my mom a chunk of papers, yells "HEY EVERYBODY!" i look around... theres no one here? Who is every body? A few minutes later all of the people i love most come from the top of the theater to me. I still, literally, couldnt even imagine what was going on even though i have been waiting for so long! Kay, Lexy, Courtney, Edie & Tony, Dennis, Eggy, Dana & Gabe, Julie & Justin and SO MANY PEOPLE. My parents along with Isaiahs parents. I look behind me and Isaiah's gone???

Everyone takes a seat, Courtney being the last one right behind me & she turns me around. Then Isaiah comes out on the stage of the theater.

Cue Music. Cue Isaiah.

He wrote a song and put it onto a CD. He danced during the entire song. It was the cutest and silliest thing. Tears for me. Tears for those who sat behind me. Happy giggles and happy laughter.

At the end of the song, he came up front to me and said "Sarah, Will You Marry Me?" 

{he put the ring on the wrong hand! my fault though, i was wiping tears with my left and put out my right ;) we changed it later!}

He hired our friend Dana who took these photos of us when we were dating, to come back and catch every moment. My dads friend was there and we now have a video on DVD of the whole thing, minus me cursing like a sailor when i saw everyone come flooding into the theater out of pure shock.

After people left the theater, we came home & headed out to spend the afternoon at the Afton Apple Orchard. 

It was truly one of the best days ever, and without a doubt - the best surprise. Even with our preparation and discussion, i was completely blown away and was POSITIVE Isaiah wasnt going to propose before November at least. {i even cried the night before about how i was afraid to resent him for not proposing the weekend my mom and best friend were in town! he was literally laughing which made me cry more... "dont laugh at me!!! its not funny!" boohoo.} clueless i was.

You can read Isaiah's version of the proposal here. I absolutely love the lyrics (written out below) because it is 100% how we met, 100% me and now, 100% us. 

^^ captured from someones phone. not as good as our DVD.
It's amazing how a song can make you think of someone dear
You hear the chorus and smile, or maybe shed a tear
But when you know a song is just for you, its something else
Since you friended me on facebook, I've been beside myself
I'm happy that you found me, and thought you'd say hello
United by the best team, green and yellow green and yellow
The timing was was just perfect, a beginning and an end
And now I'm so lucky, to be lovin my best friend.
I wanna give you my name I wanna give you my name
Girl I hope it shows!
I wanna give you a ring I wanna give you a ring
So every-body knows!
Verse 2:
Bless the broken road, that led me straight to you
There was destiny entagled, in all that we went through,
Thank you to your past, that brought you to today,
Now it's all about the future, and that's all I've got to say
If there isn't trust, what's a relationship to be?
I never thought a key, could mean so much to me.
Flowers, bows and elephants, and old antiquey things,
Patience, love and partnership, and a big pink fancy ring
I wanna give you my name I wanna give you my name
Girl I hope it shows!
I wanna give you a ring I wanna give you a ring
So every-body knows!
I've learned to speak your language, so they can't buy my time
Your legs must be tired, cuz you're running through my mind
I know the time each day, when you always make a wish
And then on our big day, we'll be anxious for that kiss
You finally found a Good-man, you can turn that page
If I ever get the nerves, to come across this stage
I wanna give you my name I wanna give you my name
Girl I hope it shows!
I wanna give you a ring I wanna give you a ring
So everybody knows!

i know, i know, i got a good man :)


  1. This is seriously the cutest thing in the world! Such an awesome proposal story.

  2. That is so sweet and thoughtful! I don't have a very good engagement story, ha!

    p.s. Grey's! Tonight!

  3. OMG so adorable!! I'm a sucker for a good love story and this is great:) so happy for you two!

  4. stop seriously stop.

    ok and now start finding me a man that is this sweet! ready go!

  5. Love this!!! I've read the story before but hadn't seen the video. OMG it's so freaking cute. I love the part where he's laying on the ground, there's a picture of it too. I hope Tony puts half that much work into my proposal!! (although i doubt there will be dancing!!)

  6. Confession: I read my favorite blogs when I am at my desk, pretending to work. I watched your wedding video and then read this post and watched the video... and I'm like in tears. I had an attorney stop by to ask me what was wrong! I was blubbering away, with my ridiculous headphones on! Busted. Seriously - the most romantic, thoughtful and adorable proposal! He's a keeper. ;)

  7. Are you kidding me, this is the CUTEST, SWEETEST story ever! I loved it. Definitely a good man :) And your baby is so lucky, the love you two have for each other will grow that much more when baby comes. I have chills just thinking about it :)
    p.s. Your ring is GORGEOUS!

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