Thursday, May 30, 2013

trash talk thursday.


hear me out.

i know, i know... youre thinking people live in MN are always bitching about the weather? absolutely.

in the winter.
thats to be expected, we know what we're getting ourselves into, we know MN has long horrible cold winters and everything is miserable.

but summer?!?!
MN is supposed to be fantastic! glorious! beautiful! and WARM. with sunshine!!

i really dont appreciate heading into June with awful weather, 0 nights spent walking around uptown, 0 dinners had downtown on lovely patios, 0 mornings walking my dogs with flip flops and 0 date nights with my husband outside! cant even enjoy a weekend at the cabin with this 60 degree rainy weather.

we are obviously really excited for our baby boy to be joining our family in a few weeks and we can not wait to meet him, spend time with him & enjoy our first summer as a family of 3+2.

but its also no secret that were pretty obsessed with each other, and these are our last months & weeks together with the 2 of us. im angry that theres a block on the beautiful summer weather. of course, we're still enjoying every minute together whether were inside, at a movie, walking our dogs or what have you, but our previous summers together? the best of my life.


i am in such a rut with the maternity clothes.

since MN has decided this "winter" last longer than the 32 weeks ive been pregnant, i am completely outgrowing things. my shirts from trimester 1 and 2? too short. my leggings? completely worn out. 2 pairs even have holes in them (another reason i hate motherhood maternity). there have been about 3 days where ive been able to rock my regular maxi dresses.. but now? even those are too small. ive completely outgrown them. what used to be a moo moo or just past my knee length, now shows my butt cheeks.

but i dont want to go buy new maternity clothes for summer. becauuuuse:

A) i only have 5 weeks left until full term, 8 weeks left until our due date, and 10 max until i were to be induced if little man was overdue.


i am so ready to leave on a jet plane.
i wouldnt mind raising my son in a state that wasnt here in Minnesota. not. at. all.
{i wasnt born here. neither was isaiah!}

id move in a heart beat given the chance.

but until that happens, i am going to sulk with my oreos.


  1. Girlfriend. We are meant to be soul sisters. That picture is the usual look on my living room end table every day. Thank GOD for double stuf Oreos. It's a bit steamy here right now, but move to Massachusetts!! :) I hope the weather changes for you soon. Ours has been a bit wacky, too, but I am dressing for summer even when it's not. Yesterday I wore a maxi skirt, tank top, and flip flops to work when it was a legit monsoon outside. Summer better figure it out soon.

  2. I one million percent agree. This rain is completely out of control - our lawn looks like a jungle. The only times it's been warm, it has also been muggy & super humid. We just can't seem to win. Deep sigh. Thanks for listening - I feel better.

  3. You know our house is always open if you want to move down to the south! We've had temperatures upwards of 90 degrees here lately. I could actually go for some 60 degree weather, just not the rain.

  4. hello oreos! and uhm you move and i will go too!
    see you tonight :)

  5. I probably shouldn't be complaining about our only 75-80 degree weather then, huh? Yesterday it was 80 degrees and windy and I had on a coat...a light weight coat, but a coat none the less. I remember the end of my pregnancy and not fitting into anything. Hopefully he will come shortly after you hit full term and you are able to start fitting into clothes again. :)

  6. First of all, double-stuff oreos - YUM!

    Second, what a bummer that MN is not giving you the spring/summer you deserve!! I'm sure summer will show up sooner or later, so I say buy new maternity summer clothes!!

  7. OMG. PREACH. Seriously. We put up with Minnesota winters because then we get Minnesota summers. And Minnesota springs. And falls. Except... we've got none of that. It's been replaced with Minnesota rain. And I can't deal! LOL!

  8. This weather is so ridiculous!! It has truly got me contemplating a move after i graduate

  9. Come on Mother Nature and MN, get your crap together. I think those two might be rolling in the hay, so they've both totally forgotten their weatherly duties.
    But in all seriousness, I hope things warm up for you. Wonder if I could box up some of this SoCal weather and ship it your way?

  10. Join us with our beautiful weather in Tennessee! You would love it here! :)

  11. I hear ya. Seriously...I'm right there with you on this one.

    And I totally get the growing out of maternity clothes thing. The t-shirt/nightgown I packed to labor in ended up not even covering my butt when I put it on at the hospital. Embarrassing...wore it anyways.