Tuesday, May 28, 2013

week 31 bumpdate!

how far along? week 31! (in 32 now!)
baby is the size of: a million things apparently.  one app told me about 17 inches and 3.75lbs.

total weight gain: according to my scale at home im up 2lbs from the doctors on 5/17... 19lbs. 32 week appointment this friday, so we shall see!
maternity clothes: well duh. but what do you do when your maternity shirts are becoming too short? hmph.
stretch marks: sign me up for one of those "mommy makeovers" will ya?
sleep? the usual. sleep from 2-430am & again about 730/8-1030/11am.
best moment this week? no work for isaiah yesterday! thank you memorial weekend. {and those that serve} - we ran SO many errands and knocked a few more things off our baby check list. including our mamaroo thats now in the living room! checking things off lists + spending extra time with my husband = one very happy mama. i soak it all in.

errands OOTD.

miss anything? the sunshine. seriously. i think its been about 2 weeks of rain and gloom. and we had to reschedule our maternity photos, AGAIN.
movement? so much. it cracks me up. 
food cravings? gogurt has been SO delicious! {i hate yogurt??} & burger king chicken sammiches - the lettuce + the cheese. thats probably where my 2lb weight gain came from this week ;)
gender: mommas new man!
labor signs: hell to the no.
symptoms: crampiest legs ever, sleeping with a pillow under my ankles. & my left rib is always in pain. the massage lady told me one of my muscles or something is too short? and with my "big belly" i am off balance so something is trying to pull me forward while the other is trying to pull me back? no clue.
anything make you sick? mmm, nope.
rings? on/off: rings are off.
belly button? in/out: ITS STILL IN. is this thing ever going to pop? come out come out wherever you are!
mood? i am loving life. 
looking forward to: maternity photos? pretty sure ive said that a zillion times. considering they were supposed to be done on 4/25. then 5/11. then 5/19. then 5/27. now 6/16. oh my lanta. i really want summer to start. even 'spring' would be nice? i cant stop day dreaming about family vacations with baby G as we start to look at cruises for march and our different options. 
oh and SoYouThinkYouCanDance is on tonight! i always love me some of that :)

^^ 21 weeks vs. 31 weeks ^^

last night in bed after spending 7 hours "deep cleaning" our garage & making 3 trips to the donation center, isaiah said "you could be pregnant for the rest of your life huh?" yes babe, yes i could. at least the next 6 years! but then we started discussing the life of having 6 kids {like my grandparents} + us 2 and what it would be like on vacations. holy moly. then we went down to 4 kids. and bringing friends. and how we would get the whole family from place A to place B in a car. then 3 kids. then 2 kids. then 1 kid. our sweet little man. THATS SOON TO MAKE HIS DEBUT.

holy hell.

Your Baby:
  • Blah blah blah 3.3 pounds, bag of oranges, sock full of nickels, etc.
  • Enjoys yawning, sucking his or her thumb, kicking mom in the diaphragm.
  • Turn-offs include: getting the hiccups, really loud noises and you trying to do all that boring “sleeping” at night.
  • Can totally round down your answer to “two months” when people ask you how much longer you have to go. DO NOT focus on the crazy week-to-month-ratio math at this point in pregnancy, particularly when there are breakable, smashy objects within reach.
  • May be weirdly and inexplicably congested all the time. This is also prime time for pregnancy colds, as the toll on your body and immune system is getting higher by the week. Take it easy, slow down, take your vitamins and try try try to get enough sleep.
  • Can now play everybody’s favorite game, Guess The Body Part That’s Sticking Out Next To My Belly Button! Elbow or heel? Head or butt? Did I seriously just maybe feel my baby’s BIG TOE?


  1. SIX? We often wonder if we even want 1 more. LOL I know that we want at least 1 more, but I think we will be done after that. Three however is our limit. :)

  2. you are so adorable!! And you have only gained 19lbs?! That is great! Rock that bump!

  3. You look awesome!! I love your top outfit!!! Adorable. So glad you are getting lots done!

  4. you look soooo good girl! and I want that floral dress! for realsies!

  5. You're looking fabulous, as always! Isn't it nice to have our men home for one extra day? I hope that your maternity photos happen soon!

  6. you look adorable! Isn't nesting the best?!?! I love it!!! We had to reschedule maternity photos so many times also...because of SNOW!!! Hopefully you will get them done in June!

  7. You're looking so adorable! :) I'm DYING to see your maternity photos, so Mother Nature needs to cooperate! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You are so dang cute in your chucks!


  9. Lookin' good as usual, girl! I hope the weather turns out for your maternity pics because I can't wait to see them!

  10. You look awesome! And my advice...take the kids one at a time before you pick a number!

  11. You crack me up. 6 kids? You're crazy! :) We tossed around 4... Before we had one. Now it's all up in the air.
    I hope you find some sunshine soon!!

  12. "I'm dreaming of boobies!"

  13. Your errand outfit.....so cute!!! You look awesome!!

    And leg cramps.....oh god I do NOT miss those!!!

  14. Love the "errands" outfit. So cute.