Tuesday, May 21, 2013

week THIRTY bump date!

so my doctor is definitely no derek shepherd, but holy cow am i there a lot now! every 2 weeks week 28-36 and then EVERY week! isaiah has been to every appointment from the start except for my 1 hour glucose test, and after our last appointment on Friday we scheduled them all. every doctor appointment between now and my due date is in the books - makes it seem so real! 
babes heart beat was a good 155bpm and my fundal height was measuring 32.5. apparently they say its supposed to be equal to the week you are, so being 2 inches ahead may mean babe is still measuring ahead?! oh i would love for him to come any time between july 17-23rd but PLEASE little man - stay in there until july!

how far along? recapping week 30!
baby is the size of : my app says a cabbage? roughly 15.7 inches long and 3lbs!

total weight gain: DUDE! 0lbs since 2 doctor appointments ago! HELL TO THE YES. you know what i say to that? DQ does a body good. but i am up a total of 17lbs overall. and i swear all 17lbs are hanging out in my arms. what up oprah wings. 

maternity clothes: oh for sure. especially with all of this rain. maternity leggings & hunters. scrub life.
stretch marks? HAHA. you mean your thighs dont look like the moon? no? just me? okay. the stretch marks are definitely markin their territory. i ran out of stretch mark lotion too, and since i can not STAND the feeling of lotion or anything about it - i was in no rush to replace it. so there was a good 2 weeks or so of not givin a damn. until my lovely husband brought some home and lathered me up. theyre red. and theyre ugly. and only on my thighs! {minus one teeny one on the side of my belly that was my mothers day gift from little man}
sleep? what sleep?
best moment this week: did we get our glider and crib this week? last week? ok last week, i cant keep track. whatever. i enjoy nesting with zayzay when he gets home from work. putting all of the things away in the nursery and hanging the clothes. i love looking at all things teeny. & the baby shower was a good time too of course :)

^^ do all husbands palm a belly like a basketball? or just mine?

miss anything? i would like to fall asleep before 2am, thatd be awesome. and i still want some jimmy johns like you wouldnt believe.
movement: hes quiet today! but during the week overall he definitely decided to use my belly as his playground. 
food cravings: DQ and peanut butter sammiches with colby cheese!
gender: ahoy, its a boy!
labor signs: stay away.
symptoms: leg cramps. oh the leg cramps. they got better because i started sleeping with a pillow under my ankles but last night they were in full force no matter what. & the lower back pain? i die. OH. dont let me forget about the water retention. leaves my belly lookin like this after a quick minute!

^^ i know you like those preggo hiphugger panties! dont be jealous. you can find some at target.

anything make you sick? hecks naw!
rings? on/off? original wedding set off, a bigger one in place is usually on.
belly button? in/out? in in in! STILL IN! i wonder if it wont come out because i had a laparoscopy and they went in through my belly button... stitches and cuts maybe make it so it wont come out? i dont know. but were waiting for it to come out!
mood: one big fat ball of sunshine!

looking forward too: MATERNITY PHOTOS. mother nature is shitting on me. we've went from taking them on 4/25 to 5/11 to 5/18 NOWWWW to 5/27. hoping the weather will finally work, but as of now? my phone shows storms for the 27th. AGAIN. come on mother nature.
im also looking forward to buying everything off the list and having all necessities! i am terrified of going into labor early. i need to find one of those netted bags that people usually put toys in? because i want to keep track of his socks with one in the laundry machine. ive already done enough baby laundry to know that those socks will run away from me soon & forever be lost in the deep black hole. 

all of little mans TINY things are not good for my OCD right now. i am dyingggg to find something for all of the bibs, paci's, burp clothes, socks and hats! i took AP's advice & hung just about all of his clothes up in our closet {so glad we did that, i had no idea how id keep his "outfits" together & avoid never wearing certain things!}, so now we have lots of drawer space :) so anxious to organize & find everything a home! right now its quite chaos in the nursery.

^^ everything else is empty right now!

i dream of the day we get new closet doors so i can access the WHOLE THING instead of side by side. but thats not on our rush list. so we will see!
did you find anything handy when organizing everything for your little one?!


  1. You are so organized and so adorable AND getting so close to meeting your baby boy! I can't wait to "meet" him! BUT, keep cooking little one!

  2. yay for 30 week!!!!!!! :) look at all that clothes!

  3. 30 weeks!!! YAY!!! I love that photo of him palming your belly. Beautiful and I love that dress in your last picture! You are so organized!!

  4. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! LOOK at how cute you look and will you LOOK at all of those little baby clothes??? ;-D I CANNOT wait until we know what we're having and we can start BUYING ;-D And I CANNOT wait to start organizing like you have. So much fun!!

  5. I can only hope that when the time comes, I am even a fraction as on top of it as you are. Gold star for you!!

  6. I can't wait for more frequent doctor appointments! HAHAHAHA I think you look absoulutely adorable!! :) Are you talking a lingerie bag for the baby socks? That's GENIUS! I'm totally doing that!

  7. You look fabulous! I feel like everyone's pregnancies are flying! I can't be jealous of your undies bc I just bought two 5 packs of Hanes hipsters at Target. Holla!

  8. You are so organized with your closet and changing table! Or dresser? I didn't realize how many appts you have to go to, crazy! And so awesome that Isaiah has made to all except one. I can't wait for your maternity photos to happen!!

  9. You still look great! Great job on maintaining your weight...something I'll be working on the next three weeks until my next appointment ;)

  10. From my experience yes my man palmed da belleh like a basketball. Nesting can be very exciting. Good luck with your photos.

  11. Yay! Only 10 more weeks!! I can't wait to get our nursery set up! We need to do some packing so we can move the computer out of the spare room and into our walkway-then I can start decorating!!

  12. You look awesome...and come on mother nature. Get with the program. We need some sweet maternity photos!!!

  13. My child is 18 months old and I still wear maternity leggings. Once you go there, there's no point in going back. They're magic...even without the baby belly.

  14. You look adorable!!! And YAY for no weight gain for a few weeks, that's awesome!

  15. You can get "delicate" bags for the wash. I use them for scarves and sweaters, so that when DH puts the laundry in the dryer, he knows those don't go in ;)

    Here's something similar to what I have on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Honey-Can-Do-LBG-01148-3-Piece-Mesh-White/dp/B001F51AQC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1369335923&sr=8-2&keywords=delicates+laundry+bag