Thursday, May 2, 2013

day 2: what im really good at... what AM i really good at?

todays task is to tell you all about something im really good at it.
..... which is hard as shit when you arent good at much?

i mean, i am really good at sleeping. i take naps like its my job.
..... or maybe that was true in my pre-pregnancy life.

{this blog every day in May challenge is already kicking my ass}

but then i was bitching thinking, about how much this MN weather sucks. and that on may 2nd theres about 4 inches of snow on the ground. just dying to be on a cruise right now.

YUP. thats it. thats what im good at.

vacation planning // cruising // drinking out of fancy glasses with umbrellas // visiting the ice cream machine 12x a day // putting fries on my plate every time i step into the buffet // ordering multiple items off the menu at dinner // clapping for the performers after an amazing show // laughing my ass off for the comedians // tanning // shopping at the new ports // meeting new people // living in dresses 

being OBSESSED with royal caribbean cruise line.

i went on my first cruise with my roommate when i was a sophomore in college. we sailed with royal caribbean on the mariner of the seas for 7 days. we sailed in february of 2007, visiting labadee (haiti), cozumel (mexico), and georgetown (grand cayman). labadee was my favorite place. ridiculously breathtaking. haiti has such a large spot in my heart <3 in cozumel, i experienced swimming with dolphins. LOVE LOVE LOVE. sadly, i have no idea where any pictures are from that trip because back then we had laptops that belonged to our college so they all got backed up on to some cd. where that cd is now, your guess is as good as mine.

as i mentioned yesterday, isaiah and i took a cruise after we got engaged. we started planning it in march of 2011, booked it in may and left in november. 11.11.11 to be exact ;) 11:11 is my favorite number in all of the land. this trip was 9 days long, also on the mariner of the seas. when we got on the ship, isaiah was FLOORED. immediately hooked. winner winner chicken dinner! we sailed to belize city (belize), roaton (honduras), cozumel (mexico) and the cayman islands. one morning before heading up to the pool deck, we stopped in the windjammer for breakfast and shared a table with an older couple. despite our age difference and distance in location, we STILL stay in touch. warms my heart. we also had a wild group next to us at dinner who bought us shots every single night. shout out to those partiers! isaiah even participated in the "sexiest man" contest which consisted of men getting a random song to dance too in front of about 5-8 lady judges (depending on how many participate) and the only rule is the ladies can touch the men but the men cant touch the ladies. AND HE WON! to this day, its still my favorite vacation.

^^ boarding in FL.

^^ first formal night // dinner in the dining hall

^^ hahaha. under his shirt. that ladies face. 

^^ morning trip to the windjammer

^^ our older friends from TX!

^^ boating in belize

^^ getting shitty at senior frogs in cozumel

^^ just another day. being blonde with bangs.

^^ DAMN. my husband got dark.

we also arranged to have some pictures done while we were in cozumel. we felt that since we were in our newly engagement stage, it was a must ;) and i love them all.

^^ were sharing a gummy. awkward? whatever.

and so we knew without a doubt, our honeymoon in 2012 would be another cruise. unfortunately, isaiah's dad got sick and passed 2 days before our wedding so we cancelled leaving the day after our wedding. it is okay though, because we left at the end of september instead & it was exactly what we needed. turned out to be the perfect timing. this time we sailed on the oasis of the seas. the biggest ship IN THE WORLD. there is definitely no denying that. our itinerary was 7 days long, leaving from florida again and visiting charlotte amalie (st. thomas) phillipsburg (st. maarten), cozumel (mexico) and nassau (bahamas). st. thomas was AMAZING for shopping. and st. maarten was STUNNING. there is nothing i love more than the clear blue sparkling turquoise waters. we had such a great time, and again - met another couple from texas who we still stay in touch with! love that about cruises. drunk friendly people meeting friendly people. the "sexiest man" contest happened again, and immediately isaiah told me he didnt want to participate so i shouldnt volunteer him. i said "okay babe, i wont". and i didnt. but every other lady in the audience did! he tried saying that he won it once before so he didnt want to participate, but he didnt win. they suckered him into it... AND HE WON AGAIN! its the perfect vacation. every. time.

^^ first day on board

^^ atlantis

^^ honeymoon celebration & dinner for all newlyweds!

^^ free mimosas & hairspray show!

^^ first cruise, his shirt. this cruise? his pants! ow ow babe!

^^ our ship is SO much bigger!

^^ formal night!

^^ balcony room. such bliss.

^^ flow rider. cant stop wont stop.

 ^^ hey sunburned sally.

i suppose im good at over sharing ten.thousand.zillion photos. my bad. sorry not sorry.

we make it a point to go on 1-2 every year. always with royal caribbean, never will we sail with any other cruise line.
howeverrrr, being pregnant in 2013 with cruise line restrictions - were missing 2013 :( & it is truly killing me. but the babe is so worth it!
& we are planning one though! im already telling isaiah that he better stay in shape for the "sexiest man" contest. hahahahahaha. royal caribbean states that once an infant is 6 months old, they can cruise. COME ON MARCH - were waiting for you! i am so anxious and so excited to cruise again, with my family of 3! 

im going to have the two cutest men on board, you watch.

this post might have done a really good job of making you jealous and/or making you wish you were on the ocean, no?! ill have to add that to the "things im good at" list ;) 


  1. Dang, I wish I could travel like y'all. Excuse me while I live through your pictures and you not find me creepy.

  2. Haha by the time I was halfway through this post, I forgot what you were supposed to be posting about because I was so damn jealous. I need a vaca BAD! Love all your pics, you two are the cutest!

  3. I am with you - I LOVE cruises...and Royal Caribbean. The best. I've been on two cruises so far and can't wait to go again, and I got my husband hooked too! Jealous of you going on Oasis...I'm dying to go on that one!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I have never been on a cruise. You make it sound like a ton of fun! Congrats on your pregnancy. I can't wait to read more of your posts.

  5. I also live in MN and just about in tears over MORE snow! Seriously. I'm terrified of the ocean and at this point, I'm about to jump on board just to get out of this state.

    Although, if anyone could sell a cruise, it would be you two! Those pictures made it look so much fun! We normally vacation in Duluth but I'm tempted to try now.

  6. OMG I LOVE the blonde hair! Seriously, you look GORGE with blonde hair! I have to admit, I am kinda angry that I opened this post because it REALLY makes me want a vacation! :P

  7. Love your vaycay pics!!

    I've always been terrified pf cruise ships, but somehow my husband has gotten me on two cruises so far! Celebrity was fun.

    It snowed in Iowa today. So yeah. JEALOUS!!!

  8. I love cruises too!!! My husband and I went on one a few years ago and I feel in love with them!!! I can't wait until we go again!!! Love seeing all your pics and hearing about all the fun you have had!! I've had vacation fever forever!!!!

  9. I've never been on a cruise, but I'm deathly afraid that I'll die in the middle of the ocean like the Titanic...dramatic, much? ;o)

    Your pictures are beautiful and I'll enjoy the cruises you go on through your pictures. :)

  10. Whoa :) You came to my piece of Paradise - Belize! Awesome and 11/11 is my birthday! How weird is dat? Love ur pics. You look like you have so much fun! Your husband has like this thousand watt smile. Seriously I've never seen a smile like that... New follower!

  11. Cute, cute! My Husband and I have been talking about going on a cruise. Now I know who to ask if I have any questions. Also, our wedding Anniversary is 11/11, so I chuckled when you said that!!!

  12. So cute! :) I've never been on a cruise! Can you believe that?!?!

  13. this is awesome! i wish my husband would go on a cruise but... he says its not for him. so i will live through your awesome pics!

  14. YOu guys are adorable together. I think you may be right about being good at vacations.

  15. Haha the lady's face taking a pic of Isaiah dancing is making me laugh so hard. :) I have no idea what I would choose to write this post about. I'm good at watching good at making frozen pizza...i'm good at daydreaming about my future engagement ring. Hmmm, tough!

  16. I love cruises too! Hubby has never been on one though. Definitely something we'll be doing together at some point!

  17. So yeah...I'm realizing that my experience with Carnival...sucked. Maybe I'll take back my promise to never cruise long as it's Royal Caribbean next time.

  18. This post was hilarious...all your photo comments. That ladies face in the beginning while watching your husband is so priceless. I'm sure you were DYING once you saw that photo.

    New follower!

  19. I've only been on one cruise but I LOVED it and can't wait to do another one!