Tuesday, June 4, 2013

32 weeks!

as i write this, baby boy is rumbling around in my belly with the slowest movements. i cant help but laugh. at one point, i could have sworn he was doing the "wax on/wax off" movement with his hands by the way my belly was moving in circles around my belly button! you do your thing sweet cheeks.

i cant believe i am only carrying this boy for 7 more weeks. {or i guess 9 if he goes until 42 weeks and i need to be induced by some chance}. & in just 4 short weeks, were considered "full term"? wow. time really does fly by. its been an incredible 8 months.

i live for the nights of feeling little man inside my tummy. his little safe haven.
carrying him is the best thing I've ever done. i am in awe that God chose me to do this job for baby G.

how far along? 32 weeks!
baby is the size of: a jicama?! just under 4lbs and about 17 inches long!

total weight gain: 32 week check up on 5/31 : +19lbs total.
maternity clothes: almost exclusively. even outgrowing quite a few. but the dress ^^ up there? NON maternity. woo! im really trying not to buy more maternity clothes as i only have 7 weeks to go. but some days i dont know how i'll make it.
stretch marks? lightning bolts.
sleep? insomnia at its finest. no sleep before 2am :(
best moment this week: as awesome as grand old days was, to walk around with my hubby, run into some friends & get some belly rubs with delicious shaved ice - nothing beats the baby movements. im savoring them just incase they start to slow down as he runs out of room. {lets hope that doesnt send me into a panic!}
miss anything? being able to get out of bed without feeling like a bowling ball.
movement? a bunch. some of them are really slow and long, but some of them are still his hyper jabs.
food cravings? shaved icees! & panera. basically, i just want what anyone else has. ive also been using our s'more maker A LOT these days!
gender? B O Y 
symptoms: leg cramps & water retention. lots of it!

labor signs? i think none? but i really wonder what back labor feels like. because the amount of aches and pain that my lower back is in, is not enjoyable. i ice about 4 times a day but im convinced theres no relief.
anything make you sick? BARF. i made spaghetti for dinner tonight, and the second i cut the seal on the meat i almost lost my marbles.
rings? on/off: off. im terrified of cutting off my circulation and/or the rings.
belly button? in/out: its still in! or... well... we'll just say it lays pretty flat.

mood: minus the aches, i am truly peachy!
looking forward to: maternity photos? im actually really nervous for them since now i'll be about 35 weeks along for when theyre scheduled next. i just want to get them over with! 
most of our big purchases are done, majority of the nursery planning is done (minus some wall decor), our hospital bags are packed & things are pretty organized all set in their place... its time to relax from here on out before life drastically changes!

your baby:
- now has toenails, fingernails & real hair.
- has
- soft skin and is becoming plump in preparation for birth

- gaining about a pound a week now {YIKES!}
- blood volume has increased 40-50% since the BFP.

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  1. I love your dress, you look great!

  2. You are the cutest little preggo! Keep enjoying every minute of these last few weeks - they really fly by!

  3. Love that dress - you look amazing!! Can't wait to see your mat pics! Enjoy these last weeks!!

  4. You look fab...seriously! At the end of my pregnancy I wore the same things over and over because I was DETERMINED not to buy any new clothes. You can do it!

    You should try prenatal yoga for your back. It's mostly just a lot of stretching, but it got me through my pregnancy. I had really bad sciatic pain and it helped me more than ever. I went through almost my entire pregnancy feeling good and I might be crazy, but I really think it was all thanks to the yoga and back rubs from R

  5. You look awesome! Whatever a jicama is, I'm sure it's real cute! I can't believe time is moving so fast!! & I always want what everyone else has! It's crazy how that goes!

  6. You're getting SO CLOSE! :) And so cute! I love that dress! I'm having the same issues with getting dressed every day, and I have 14 weeks left! UGH. I think I'm going to have to break down and buy some more clothes. But I don't want to!

  7. You are SO close! So so so excited for you. Feeling the baby move is the one and only thing I miss about being pregnant. I loved it so much! I had pretty bad back pain towards the end and did end up having back labor...not sure the two are related though! It could just be from that belly you're carrying around. :)

  8. Lookin good mama! You get to meet him so soon!!!

  9. You look so great! I have to say for you to say you have lightening bolt stretch marks, I didnt see any marks on that belly photo of yours!! I hate my "stripes" but there was nothing I could do about it. The end result of my daughter was all worth it!

  10. I couldn't handle the smell or taste of peanuts or peanut butter. Scott knew this, and I swear he made a peanut butter sandwich EVERY.SINGLE. night! I could not handle it. Thankfully that's gone now. :)

  11. You are a super cute momma-to-be! And so close! First time by the blog!


  12. You look great Mama! Almost there!

  13. I can't believe Baby G will be here so soon! I also left you an award on my blog :D

  14. Ha ha I keep forgetting you live in MN. Hope Grand Old Days was fun! You have such a cute belly!

  15. You look great!! Happy 32 weeks!!!

  16. you looks great girl! almost there :)

  17. Congrats!! Happy 32 weeks, you look great!