Tuesday, June 11, 2013

33 weeks!

{my bump posts are always up after i completed the week. so today, i am entering week 34!}

this weeks board is brought to you by my husband. he was able to come home for lunch due to a meeting being rescheduled and came just as i was beginning to doodle. i am so happy he took over - i am SO over these boards! also? i died when he asked me to color on his hands with the marker so he could make baby feet. what a keeper i have <3

how far along? 33 weeks
size of baby? 4-5ish pounds. my app says a cantaloupe... but oddly i feel like its said that before? ive also heard a butternut squash. & i have no idea what the thing pictured below is, lol!

total weight gain: i think we hit a growth spurt this week! depending on the day, 20-22lbs according to my scale. i have my 34w appointment on friday so we will see what the doctor says!
maternity clothes: i am having to get creative these days. i pulled out a romper from last summer but it didnt go up high enough to cover my boobs because it was too busy going out to cover my belly. so i threw on a boyfriend t-shirt & called it a day. if our weather is decent, i try to stick with my non maternity maxi's and cover up with something.

stretch marks? yes indeed. if you follow me on instagram, you have probably seen them. they are popping up around my tattoo, but i assure my thighs look worse.

"everything was beautiful & nothing hurt"

sleep? oh sure! between the hours of 2-5am and 8-11am. lovely isnt it?
best moment this week? we got the carseat installed in our car! HOLY COW. we also got all the wall art up above our changing table & put a library in little mans room. zayzay & i were in nesting mode getting things ready and our nursery is about 98% finished! i also bought a dress FROM THE LITTLE GIRLS DEPARTMENT.

sporting my new mom accessory!

so the dress may be a little short these days, but IT FITS. at 8 months preggo! & it'll be comfortable to wear after baby. thank goodness i found something to wear thats non maternity!

miss anything? my what used-to-be sexy legs.
movement: ive noticed less movement than week 32 - but still feeling him every day in there!
food cravings: GRAPES. i cant stop. ive ate a few pb & j's with potato chips too. i dont ever turn down DQ, along with the usual panera. 

gender: im going to be a BOY mom!
symptoms? overall, i feel like i am smoothing sailing. my back just hurts on the daily & i think my sciatica is making a return appearance. im not even leaking from my boobies yet!

labor signs? half of me feels like i wont even know when im in labor & the other half feels like he is going to come any day now. i cant even tell when im having a BH. hes definitely low & tends to hunker down deep in my pelvis paralyzing me in my tracks from time to time but i think were doin ok on this one yet, thank goodness!
anything make you sick? the smell of seafood. i was walking the dogs and someone was making seafood of some sort. i think lobster. and EW. i literally began to jog.
rings? on/off: im just more comfortable having them off. its been that way for a few weeks now!
belly button? in/out: STLL IN!
mood: if you read yesterdays post - it is no secret that i am starting to have some anxiety and freak out modes about the big change as we get closer to D-Day. but overall, im still comfy & happy!
looking forward too: our stroller coming in! i am stoked for the stokke. and were on schedule to take maternity pictures this weekend. minnesota's forecast is FINALLY showing some sunshine so keep your fingers crossed for us!

"say hi to baby!"

your baby:
- weighs over 4lbs // gaining about 1/2lb per week
- is 17 inches or a bit longer
- bone structures are hardening, except for the skull that stays soft to go through the birth canal. 

- may notice a change of shape in your belly
- are getting opinions from EVERYONE about the size of your belly and how soon you must be delivering
- may be waddling more than walking & losing balance/bumping your belly into things.

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  1. You're looking great girlie! I can't believe little man will be here so soon! I hope that your pictures go well this weekend and that the rain holds off, I can't wait to see them.

    The picture of your puppy saying hi to the baby is absolutely adorable.

  2. is that dress seriously from the girls section?! Haha cuz I want one....for real.

  3. I LOVED the IG post, brought tears to my eyes.
    And PBJ with potato chips? Is that something you'll continue post pregnancy? :)

  4. I love that little girls old navy dress!! I need one!! What size did you get - if you don't mind me asking...I LOVED that IG post. So cute. Can you post that poem? LOVE puppy saying hi to babe!!! You look amazing as usual!

  5. so cute! and, love that your husband helps, too sweet!

  6. Love your bump & how sweet of your husband to help with the board! Not too much longer before you get to meet baby! :)

  7. Ooh i'm excited to see what you did in the nursery!! The pb&j with the chips cracked me up!

  8. YAY for hubs helping with the board... so cute! :) And YAY for getting the nursery done! SO PROUD! :) Do you love it now?

  9. Looking great! You are getting so close! As for the leaking boobs, I never experienced that until a few days after Aubrey was born when my milk came in. That's so crazy. Hopefully you don't have to deal with that for awhile!

  10. You look great! I found your blog from the Baby Talk. I was the same way with dresses last summer when I was pregnant...I wore non maternity dresses all summer! Way to go to your hubby by the way!

  11. You look great! That's super cute that your hubs is helping with the board. So cute!

    p.s. my boobs didn't leak my entire pregnancy...not until my milk came in! :S

  12. Carseat in the car, WHOOP! Love Isaiah's chalkboard this week :-) You're looking adorable, mama!

  13. I love that dress! I've seen other bloggers with it as well.

    And can you believe that baby could literally come any day now (even though it would be early)?

    I thought about that last night because I've heard babies coming 12 weeks early sometime...which is right around the corner for me. Obvi I would want to go to full term, but still...it makes me want to get some things in order (:

  14. My app has said canteloupe maybe 3 times now? So weird but not as weird as that fruit you got going on there. It makes me uneasy when the fruits they show have spikes on them. Be glad your boobies aren't leaking. It's not fun! Oh & I love the pup with the paw on the belly! I have one like that too and it's precious!

  15. I love that Isaiah asked you to color on his hands! What a sweetheart.

  16. That's so cute he made baby feet! :) I absolutely love all of your outfits, by the way!

  17. I also thought it was odd that they used a Durian as the fruit to depict the general size of the baby. (It's the worst-tasting and worst-smelling fruit I've even come across) It doesn't quite seem appropriate for comparison to a child! :P

  18. You're almost there!! So exciting! I'm so ready for that next step in our lives! Congrats, girly!

  19. When I said "our lives" I meant my fiance and I's...uhm...i'm not THAT creepy!

  20. You look great ! So close to the big day! Found you from the magnolia pair blog where you commented that you loved our idea for Baby Bump Bundle gift boxes :) thanks ! And LOVE your dog saying "hi" to the baby :)