Tuesday, June 18, 2013

34 weeks!

^ this made me LOL literally. until i realized "able" was asble. then i just got pissed off. ^

we had our 34 week check up on 6/14. they are so boring and un-eventful. i think the time spent waiting is triple the time spent with my doctor.
my fundal height is 35cm, and baby is head down with a strong heartbeat of 144bpm! that is the lowest it has ever been {except for our 6 week ultrasound} - makes you really wonder about those wive tales after all! isaiah thought that in the beginning he was a she because his heart rate was always so high. no fooling me though. i knew this babe was a boy after just 2 days of being pregnant. so crazy.

^ zayzay contributed again :)

i feel like my belly is a tad smaller than week 33 =/ so maybe he was just in a crazy position for that picture at that exact moment.
summer has finally arrived in MN - and while its been about 70-80ish degrees, i am HOT. walking the dogs is like ooooeeee!! i am so happy to see the sun though. i can finally imagine being outside with little man when we bring him home vs being cooped up with non stop chilly rain!

how far along? 34 weeks
size of baby? a cantaloupe, AGAIN? but i thought my baby was growing?? ... so maybe a butternut squash? a honeydew?

total weight gain? as of 6/17, i am up 23lbs. the sweet nurse said "youre still small!" as i got on the scale. bless her heart. its not every day you meet someone who knows something positive to say to a preggo.
maternity clothes? yes and no. most of my maternity clothes are for the cold weather & i refuse to buy new ones at this point. so im either fitting squeezing into my older maxi dresses or on the hunt for new non-maternity ones that will fit.
stretch marks? yes.

a mark for every breath you took, every blink, every sleepy yawn.
one for every time you sucked your thumb, waved hello, closed your eyes and slept in the perfect darkness.
one for every time you had the hiccups.
one for every dream you dreamed with me.
it isnt very pretty anymore, some may even think its ugly.
thats OK.
it was your home.
it held you until my arms could, and for that i will always find something beautiful in it.
- cassie fox

sleep? it is getting better! i am extremely exhausted during the days, and i think that helps.
best moment this week? when my husband said "do you want me to get a DQ for fathers day for you?!" god hes an amazing genius. hahaha.. okay but really, having date night on wednesday and taking our maternity photos over the weekend. it was a beautiful way to start off fathers day at 7am with some caribou & the sunshine around lake calhoun. 

miss anything? seeing my own chach for a decent shave job. deli sammiches. having nice legs. 
movement? little man is still movin around in there! but i have noticed a decrease from week 33. someones losing room!
food cravings? GRAPES. i eat 1lb a day. dr pepper & and the usual treats... a frappe, caramel cooler, arctic rush, malt, root beer float or shake. DQ is my saving grace.
gender: baby G is a boy!
symptoms? brushing my teeth & coughing make me gag. trimester 1 is really similar to trimester 3, incase no one ever told you that.
labor signs? ooo maybe yes. i think i had contractions this weekend! 
anything make you sick? brushing my teeth. its like trimester one all over again.
rings? on/off: i put them on for our maternity shoot! and man they were hard to get off after. 
belly button? in/out: half in and half FLAT.
mood: anxious and happy!
looking forward to: SEEING our maternity photos. i hope i like LOVE them! 

your baby:
- weighs 4.75lbs'ish
- almost 18 inches long
- in the "safer zone" of preterm labor

- frequent trips to the bathroom
- fatigued
- are out of breath after walking the dogs
- get lots of rub downs from the hubby

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  1. The quote about stretch marks totally made me cry! I hote a TON of them and am really really trying hard to be ok with them and embrace them. Even though I'd gladly have a million more just to have my sweet boy, they're still gross. So, thank you for sharing that and giving us a little persepective!

  2. Even if you're "squeezing" into your old dresses, you look fabulous like always. I know it's still a little early, but is it bad that I got really excited about you possibly having contractions this weekend? I hope that you'll share your maternity photos with us!

  3. You do look fab! You're so right, so many people say the dumbest things to pregnant women...I had a friend tell me I looked HUGE every.single.time. I saw her. EVERY TIME and it started at around 15 weeks. I kind of hated being around her. LOL

    I can't wait to see your maternity pictures. I wish I would have done those when I was pregnant...one of my biggest regrets.

  4. You look awesome!! I'm so excited to see your pics. :)

  5. You look awesome!! I'm so excited to see your pics. :)

  6. You look fabulous!!! I can't wait to see your maternity photos!! And DQ sounds sooooo good!!!

    {love jenny xoxo}

  7. Oh my gosh you just look amazing!! LOVE that belly. I hate brushing my teeth too, gag. I cannot awit to see your mat photos!! Come on!! And a DQ cake sounds about perfect right now!!

  8. Bahaha you totally made me laugh with : "seeing my own chach for a decent shave job" SO awesome. I don't miss that at all!

  9. HA! I had to shave my chach for my c-section the night before we went into the hospital. THAT was an experience, lemme tell ya.
    You've only gained 23 pounds?! Um, JEALOUS! I literally lost 20 pounds in the delivery room. The rest was just me being MIss Piggy. :)
    You look fab momma. 35 days. THIRTY-FIVE DAYS!!!!

  10. Haha! That is hilarious! You look great. I had 3 of my 4 babies in the middle of summer. Uggggg! I don't envy you right now. BUT, you're getting close! :-)

  11. I'm so glad you found my blog girl! Love yours. Major congrats on your pregnancy. You are beautiful and glowing!

  12. you CRACK me up! I have never had a baby, so I don't know what you're going through, but you seem to be keeping it real and keeping us laughing at the same time! You look so cute, the nurse was right!! You are small!!! Post some pics from the maternity session please!

  13. Haha! I love Isaiah's chalkboard!

  14. I love that striped maxi on you!! So cute! And you are getting so close to meeting him now :)

  15. Your outfits are the cutest. That striped maxi is amazing on you! And I miss seeing my peep too. Its like a hack job down there Im sure and I cant look at it haha.

  16. OMG! I cannot WAIT to see your maternity photos!!! :) :) :) And seeing the chach... I literally LOLed. SO TRUE. You look adorable dollface!

  17. Ha...totally just LOL'd at the chach!! I already warned the hubs he will have to do that job for me once I can no longer see it!!