Tuesday, June 25, 2013

35 weeks!

35 weeks took place over fathers day & isaiah's 26th birthday. its so fun to say that we both turned 26 while i was pregnant with our first babe! especially because we met at 23, got engaged at 24 and married at 25. what a fun few years it has been!!
we also took our maternity pictures! WOOHOO. thank goodness the weather finally cooperated because i don't think i could have lasted another day. i am getting F A T ya'll. swollen face and all.
the weather. MN went bat shit crazy on friday night in the cities.
isaiah came home from work and of course this pregnant lady just haaaad to have her caribou so off we went. and while we were on the way, my phone started vibrating up a storm with flash flood warnings... wha? 1. its never done that before, with any type of warning - ever. it wouldnt stop buzzing. 2. the skies were clear yo! so there we were, in the drive thru at caribou waiting to order as we see the sky ahead of us/towards home get darker and darker. whats right next to caribou? oh - sarpinos pizza. "lets run in and order a chicken ranch pizza so if it does storm we can stay in for the night!" WRONG. so very wrong i was.
the very minute we ordered - BOOM RAIN SPLASH mother nature dont care about no ones plans for the night imma rain on your parade weather hits. i start FREAKING out. shitfuckpissballs WHAT DO WE DO ISAIAH. we cant go home, we just ordered and paid!! and then the lights in the pizza place start flickering. it starts hailing. we cant see 5 feet out the window at our car. i start thinking about the dogs. OH MY GOD THE DOGS ARE HOME. UPSTAIRS! WHAT IF THEYRE SCARED. ::calm down lady no one's half as scared as you are:: & everyone runs in to the pizza place and theres talk of drivers pulling over because they cant see. about 20 minutes goes by and our pizza is ready. DO WE GO? DO WE STAY HERE? we cant stay here ITS HAILING! MY CAR! THE DOGS! but we cant leave! WE CANT SEE! ugh. i thought i was going to have my baby in the pizza parlor.
but then we decided to make a run for it. we were literally about 2 miles/5 minutes away from home & home is where i wanted to be. we got into our car - completely drenched as if someone tossed us into a lake with our clothes on.
first thing i see in the car? our carseat. and i couldnt help but think about our baby. what if we had little man with us. what would we have done then?!
on our way home things were going fairly well. until a tree almost hit us. i saw walgreens without power. then target without power. 2 firetrucks. 1 ambulance. AND FLOATING CARS. huge roadblock on our way home with flooding and floating cars. i thought the water was going to come rushing in from our car doors. i could hear it swooshing beneath my feet and watching the water cover curbs and signs.
forget having the baby in the pizza parlor - i was gunna have little man in the freaking car. which is fine i guess, at least his carseats ready for him?
we totally had to re-route and it took FOREVER to get home. i was so tense and BLAH. i am terrified of storms. luckily when we got home, we still had power so we were able to open our garage and get to the dogs where we stayed together safe for the rest of the weekend :) and luckily we never lost power because the second my fan shuts off - this girl is wide awake.

apparently my pregnancy/baby update is really a weather update.

seriously though. i just couldnt stop thinking about little man and what we would have done if we had a tiny newborn with us. things like that you just cant plan for. im thankful he stayed safe and cozy in mah belly.
businesses and people are still without power. i would go ballistic.

& next time i insist on going to caribou - im checking the weather first.

how far along? 35 weeks
size of baby: a coconut?! ... do we even know? im convinced no one does. but apparently something over 5lbs is likely. yeesh.

total weight gain: according to my scale, im up 23lbs. {our 36w check up is 6/28 so ill get an accurate update then!}
maternity clothes? suck.
stretch marks? oh yeah. but before i get sad about them, i remember im going to be a boy mom. which means that when he gets into playing with cars - he can use me for a road map and we wont have to spend money on one of those darned ugly rugs. bonding with my son WHILE saving money? that will make me mother AND wife of the year. winning!
sleep? sure i sleep. between the hours of 2-5am and 8-10 or 11am. not awesome. though when i AM asleep, its not bad. and waking up to pee every 1.5hrs doesnt bother me. just for some reason i can never fall asleep, despite fighting every urge to keep my eyes open at 6pm. and when hubby kisses me goodbye at 5am, i cant fall back asleep for a while. annoying.
best moment this week? I HAD MY FIRST BLATE! woowhoo! Emily from teach me to braid and i met up on thursday for lunch. it was basically love at first sight. i had SUCH a good time and she is the sweetest doll on the face of the earth. truly. bummed out that i failed at taking a picture. but its okay because we have decided that there will be more get togethers :)
& you know what else rocks my socks off? my husband. he sacrificed his wonderful bed frame/furniture & headboard for me. its now in our guest bedroom sitting against the wall & we are sleeping with our mattresses on the floor just so my fat pregnant self can roll out of bed easier. because rolling over and getting out to go to the bathroom was THAT much of a struggle. damn near impossible. someday we'll be fancy again.

byebye bed furniture // tata for now.

miss anything? FASHION. i miss feeling put together. maternity clothes are not doing it for me. and while you can find good things via ASOS/etc - with just a few weeks to go, its not happenin.

before heading out to a friends wedding

movement: daily. his roudy hyper times seem to be changing and slowing down though. i dont feel as many in a day as i used to. & my movement is slowing down too. im terrified to walk my dogs further than a block at a time now because i feel like little man is wedged right in my chach between my legs & at any given second he's going to fall out making his first moments of life a face plant on the cement. i dont know what to think when he moves around so low. weirdest feeling ever. painful yet tingly. just awkward.
food cravings: someone posted a picture on IG of their kid eating a pastry at a farmers market. which of course meant i needed one too. so cheese danish it is, because thats what i could get my hands on.
gender: B is for B O Y.
symptoms: hodge podge. i cant tell left from right. i did spend all day Saturday cramping like a mofo. that was new. but no swollen feet. no cankles. no heartburn. back pain has subsided.
labor signs: no leaking. no discharge. im starting to think this little boy will be overdue.
anything make you sick? negative!
rings? on/off: i wore them for maternity photos! and it cracks me up. you can see my fat piggies. but theyre off otherwise. comfort is key.
belly button? in/out: i THOUGHT it popped out. and i was ecstatic!! but 5 minutes later, it went back in :((

lambeau photo bombed my belly button. but it was out! 

mood: WAHOOOO!!!
looking forward to: seeing his face. yep.

- are gaining weight
- wont be stopped if labor begins
- are running out of room / getting full fast & eating smaller "meals"

your baby:
- is gaining weight
- doesnt have much room
- basic development is complete / kidneys are fully developed / liver can process waste products

im in a little group of mommies due in july... there are 24 of us. 3, THREE! of them - already had their babies. healthy beautiful babies at that. but what an eye opener! i am getting so close to meeting my son!

i'll leave you with 3 maternity sneak peaks our photographer posted to facebook! i have the worst hair in the world that is always stringy and yuck. that will never change so i try to not hate a picture based on that anymore. i also didnt plan on wearing that white tank/black skirt in any photos rather than just something to show up in... but oh well. what can ya do!
more to come - you'll see when i see :)

holy fat face on the left!

my chubby piggies make me giggle

& so does he ;)


  1. Holy rain batman! I probably would have freaked out like how you did. I'm glad that you, Isaiah and the puppies were ok and that you didn't have Baby G in the pizza place, even though that would have made an interesting story to tell at his wedding.

    Isaiah is a sweetheart for giving up his bed, and I'm jealous that you and Em got to meet up *pout*.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. You look absolutely beautiful and your pictures are amazing. I especially love the one of your belly.

    I can't believe that in just a few weeks you're going to hold your son for the first time!

  2. Your maternity pictures are beautiful!! The lighting is just perfect.
    Also...I adore your duvet! Where did you get it?!

    1. Ikea!! Ps. You're a no reply blogger so i couldnt reply via email :(

  3. I always love the pictures of you two! Cute. Happy 35 weeks!

  4. We have that EXACT rock n play. That thing is glorious!
    You look so stinking cute all the time. Can't wait to see the rest of the maternity pics!

  5. I think you look incredibly stylish while being 35 weeks pregnant! I love your maxi dresses. Maxis are not happening for this mama because I'm so tall...when I put them on they are weird/mid-calf length.
    How excited are you that it's almost your due date?! I can't wait until you're posting baby updates...aaaaaannnd I'm very excited to see what you're naming him!!!

    1. I cant wait to hear Sparkles name either! Ps Ave - Youre a no reply blogger so i couldnt reply via email! :(

  6. Aww Happy 35 weeks girl! You are beautiful!! Love all the pictures ;)

  7. Getting so close! Super cute maternity photos too!

  8. MN is not too far from my province! We got that rain too, it was crazy!!

    How nice that you and EM got to meet up! you will definitely have to take a pic next time. Glad you made it home safe and sound, and I am looking forwad to seeing more maternity photos!

  9. Seriously. This weather SUCKS. I'm so over it. Where was our great spring? How about the amazing Minnesota summer? If we don't get a nice fall... I'm moving. Baby and all. BAHAHAHA!

    I'm getting to the same point with my clothes. Especially since I washed a couple Old Navy dresses and they're too short now! So essentially I have only maxis to wear now. LOL! Greaaaaaaaaaaat. :)

    The maternity pictures are SO CUTE! I love the belly one!!!

  10. First of all, I LOVE your photos!! Even though you didn't plan to wear the white tank, I love how simple and classic it looks, especially with the necklace. Secondly, OMG that storms sounds so incredibly scary! I've never been in a storm like that before. I'm so glad you made it home, pizza intact! I guess next time your phone starts buzzing like crazy you'll know what to do!

  11. I know it was scary, but I couldn't help but giggle reading your weather recap! We get crazy weather like that here sometimes too. The pictures are BEAUTIFUL. Don't worry about fat fingers, I have them all the time, not just when I'm preggo ;) So excited you meet your little boy so so soon!!!

  12. YES to the mat pics!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the plain white tank! Your posts always crack me up. You are stunning mama!! Enjoy the chubby fingers! :)

  13. Oh my! I knew the storm was bad Friday, but we must not have gotten the brunt of it. Scary though! Glad little baby was still scrunched up inside you!

  14. First of all, I think you are doing AMAZING on your weight gain. Even if you gain a pound or a little more per week, you will be under 35 pounds! I'm nervous I'm going to go over!!! And I definitely agree about not feeling "put together". I have days here and there where I feel like I can still make a cute outfit, but a lot of my stuff makes me feel "mom" like lol

  15. I now have a blog and not be that weird annoymous person. you are on the home stretch! and you are not disclosing the name? or are you? hehe!

    1. Nope. The name's a secret to the public/social media/all family until he's here.

  16. No bueno on the rain business!
    Marcus just experienced his first thunderstorm this week, it went better than anticipated. But, I'm not sure what we would do if we were stuck somewhere with him??? Probably go effing crazy.

    P.S. Wise move keeping the name to yourself until Baby G arrives. We did the same and I loved not hearing everyone's opinions! :)

  17. happy 35 weeks!!! Love your maternity photos!!

  18. I was cracking up reading that! We had just a regular thunderstorm last night and my 60 pound dog literally sat in my lap the whole time. poor babies! The weather here is redic, too. I'm starting to consider it a good day if I don't have cankles, and it's only June. Good Lord! I think I need my bed on the floor, too! You look awesome and I am getting so anxious to "meet" this baby!!!!!

  19. LOVE the maternity pics! Especially the one with the necklace. So sweet and simple. Lots of joy.

    1. Oh, and you're totally right about the love at first sight thing. Yep, I felt it too.


  20. Loving the blog facelift! I still have no idea how to get so fancy, le sigh. You're pictures look gorgeous already. Can't wait to see more! Furthermore, can't wait to see all the crazy damage in Mpls!

  21. I love your maternity photos!! Gorgeous!

    Where is this July baby group?! I want to join!

    {love jenny xoxo}

  22. PRETTY photos!! I certainly don't think that a coconut is that big... in my opinion, they're rather small hahah! Love how positive you are despite a few hiccups this week-- and YAY for no cankles or feet swelling!!!

  23. Your maternity photos are FABULOUS! I love them

  24. I guess I should have read closer before I emailed you about the Cara box! You aren't from Wisconsin after all ;)