Monday, June 24, 2013

a guest post : from my husband

do you remember Thursday night?!

it was game 7 of the NBA finals - spurs vs. heat

most of your husbands & men probably had the game going on in your home or were out watching it.
i know mine sure came home & turned the game on right away as he watched while he had dinner.
then he came over to watch it on the couch with me.

i had to go potty & was in the far corner of our couch, so he gave me a hand & helped me get up.

our couch sinks. it is one hell of a work out for me to get on and off this thing these days.
as i got up to head towards our bathroom, isaiah quickly yells "if you ever want me to be a guest blogger for you - let me know!!" & as im peeing im yelling back "OH? what would you say?!" ...
zay: "i would talk about you being mama bear!"
me: ::puzzled face:: (he's never referred to me as mama bear before??) "sure babe. do you want to write on my blog yourself? or on word? or send me an email?"
zay: "yeah. i could email!"
..... 5 seconds later, grabs my computer and writes. all the while not knowing i took a picture of him. because obviously, i had to document the moment.

the game is no longer important to him. 

& this is his post....

Wow! It’s almost been 9 months! Aca- believe it! We have been looking forward to this for our whole lives basically, it just took a while to meet the right person, get married, and have a baby. I’m so glad that Sarah and I have come so far and can’t wait to see what the future holds! Wait, Sarah and I??? Yeah, this is Isaiah dropping in! You might know me as Hubby, Zay-Zay, or I-Go. I’m writing for Wifey tonight because she has been gracious enough to allow me to watch the NBA finals the past few games, so I thought I’d give her a little break! So, what better way to guest blog and to talk nice about the blogger?

I just wanted to say how proud I am of my wife Sarah. “I’m so I’m so I’m so I’m so proud of you” *drake voice*. She has gone through a whole bunch since meeting me. We’ve had 4 deaths in the family, a wedding, a new job (with financial ups and downs), 2 new puppies, and now a new baby on the way. #Wow #Grownups. She has hung tough and is in her last trimester of pregnancy, from what I can tell, this is the part that sucks. She looks more beautiful than she knows, does more than she needs to, and puts up with me!

One of the nicknames I have for Sarah is sweet pea. It started because she’s so sweet, and she’s my little peanut. It really stuck when all she would eat for veggies was peas! Through the whole pregnancy with the hormone changes and the cravings, Sarah has still been my sweet pea. I wanted to blog about it because my little sweet pea has a pea in the pod! It’s exciting to think about how I’m going to have a another, teeny tiny sweet pea here soon.  But not too soon! Gotta get ripe!!
Hang in there Sweet Pea, and little pea!


seriously? i die.
thanks for making me laugh babe, i love you.


  1. OMG sooo cute. :) Sweet pea!!

  2. He gets mad props for the "aca" reference. I think he's a keeper ;-)

    1. I was JUST thinking the same thing! Yep aca reference rocks!

  3. Seriously, you two are the cutest things EVER.
    And, here's *another* post of yours that made me cry! :)

  4. You two are really the best couple ever!! I could never imagine my hubby guest blogging, especially not offering to!

    You two are going to be incredible parents and I'm so glad you are sharing your story with us :)

  5. So cute! :) Good job Isaiah!!

  6. Um, could you hubby be any cuter?! How stinkin sweet!

  7. lol that was pretty much adorable. Kudos to hubby!

  8. Awe this is the cutest!!! Love it.

  9. this is so cute! i love how supportive and awesome he is! and he used hashtags! give him a high five for me because this rocks.

  10. Awww...too sweet! Y'all are adorable!

  11. haha how sweet! what a great papa you've got there.

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  13. Aww Sarah! What a hubby you have. And a cute one at that ;)

    You guys are just going to be amazing parents!

  14. LOVE!! How cute are you two?!!! You guys are going to be the BEST parents!!

  15. Great work Daddy! By the way, who won the game? LOL my hubby and I watched most of the finals, but honestly we fell asleep at 9:30pm during game 7. Sigh, #parentslife :)

  16. That was super cute. I'm pretty sure my hubby would get on my blog and just be a big weirdo and scare everyone away :)

  17. He's so great. I love the part about "little pea." (-:

  18. Is that not the sweetest thing ever or what?! LOVE

  19. This is so adorable. Jason owes me a guest post - I should show him this so he knows he has to be cute. :)