Thursday, June 13, 2013

a letter to my 21 year old self.

little miss sarah sam (21),

- do not get hung up on the infertility issues. youre only 21. and the LAST thing you want, is a baby with your boyfriend right now.

- not to mention, i promise you that you'll get your miracle someday. hold on to that hope.

- back to the little boy you're dating. you'll learn that your boyfriend is NOT whats up and has absolutely no idea how to treat a woman. do yourself a favor, and do not spend the next 3 years being hung up on him. its a train wreck no one wants to see.

- if you don't like someones group of friends - don't bother sticking around. you wont like that person either.

- ron diaz, ronny d, the D... will not be your best friend forever.

- keep dancing.

- in just a mere 5 years, you'll weigh the most you ever weighed. enjoy that body you have now. and your perky boobs.

- quit taking bathroom pictures when you have to go pee in the club.

- knowing myspace HTML does not make you the cool cat.

- even though you want kittens REALLY REALLY bad - its absolutely stupid. they aren't even allowed in the dorms. so spare yourself the 8 hour drive to iowa for 2 kittens. theres a reason their names became "evil" and "spawn". you spend 2 months hiding them in your dorm before putting the kibosh on that one.

- you are probably broke. because you love caribou & think you need it every day. maybe try to stop now? because at 26, that habit hasn't changed. its no bueno, for you or me. 

- birthday tuesday's at the wild onion are completely acceptable. go to them whenever you want, because there will come a day that you never want to step foot back in that place. its only cool when you're in college.

- its also okay to only drink ONE MUG on your birthday tuesday. because even that one? will fuck you up. and you will get shitty.

- STAY A BLONDE. brown sucks.

- dont skip night class just because you dont want to walk in the rain. you are not a diva.

- you have great legs. LOVE THEM while you can.

- dont go into senate/student council the morning after your 21st birthday. youre wearing the exact same outfit you went out in, probably have puke in your hair and throw up at the door when the committee starts to talk about turning the DRY campus into a MOIST campus and allowing LIQUOR.

- the word moist? you never get over it. its your least favorite word. always will be. ewwwww.

- keep partying & rockin it out with your papers. but maybe push a little harder in astronomy or you'll have to take that shit again. with the same awful professor. no fun.

- four lokos wont be around forever because theyre too awesome. drink them all. and buy all the cases you want.

- everyone says "you can sleep when youre dead" -- but fuck that noise. you love naps. nap your pretty little heart out.

- if you want to change your major, DO IT NOW. you wont have the same love for teaching after 2 years of doing it. imagine that.

- make sure you smile every day. spend less time worrying about the boys. dance on the bar tops. tip back your bottles and just smile. your life turns out more awesome than you could have ever imagined. every little thing, gon' be alright.

sarah (26)

& brett favre is NOT that awesome. sad, i know. but true.



  1. LOVE! I feel like we could be best friends IRL but reading this letter makes it even more true!

  2. love this. and i love the blonde too. I mean I like your brown hair too but I die over the blonde! :)

  3. Love all the pictures, SO fun! And amen to the naps...I should have taken way more!

  4. I so with that 21-year old you and 21-year old me could have partied together. And look, you were a ladybug, and I was a bumble bee!!

    I love the part about the HTML code for myspace, hahaha. And I'm SO guilty of the whole taking pictures in the bathroom thing.

  5. Pretty sure 21-year old Sarah and 21-year old Desiree would have had lots of fun together!! :)
    And, can someone please explain to me why it's so cool for college kids to take photos in the bathroom? We did that shit all the time!

  6. Oh I wish someone would have told me to just change my major and not worry about it putting me behind. haha oh and Four Lokos...those always lead to some horrible decisions.

  7. You knew myspace HTML?! Oh my gosh, we would have been BFF's!!

  8. OH MY...I think we're like soul mates...the bathroom pics-check, myspace html-check (changed my background daily!), evil kittens-check...I could go on...I'm your newest follower b/c you rock!

  9. LOL @ evil kittens and your 21st bday!!! Dying!!!

  10. OMG Love this!!!! I so wish I had as much fun as you when I was 21!

  11. I think this is my favorite post of yours so far. Fabulous.

  12. Love this! HAHA! I'm pretty sure 21 year old Carolyn would have LOVED 21 year old Sarah. :)

  13. this super fucking fantastic! But I'm confused about the "knowing myspace HTML" thing not upping my cool factor, should I take that off my resume? Also, RIP Four Loko - you were the closest to gangster that I ever got.