Friday, June 7, 2013

five {5} on friday!

linking up with Darci today!
5 happy makers :)

{1} my handsome husband
i am so thankful for him. and all of his hard work. and his snuggles. and his smiles. and his patience. i love hearing the garage door open up in the evenings. daddys home! he makes my heart so full. SO full. shout out to you babe!

{2} iced coffee. plain & simple. especially in a mason jar.

{3} lambeau & lucy. our first babies. the shiba inu's.
i love waking up to my snuggly pups. they are so good at letting mama sleep-in in the mornings.

{4} vacations. 
we are about to book our first cruise with little man. and i CAN NOT WAIT! i wish we could go somewhere sooner because nothing like the ocean would help my sanity with a newborn.

{5} the july mamas. 
i dont have a picture for them since we dont know each other IRL. but i am so thankful to have "met" these girls back when we all got pregnant and experience the past 9 months with them. turning to them instead of turning to google has saved me a million panic attacks. were all new to this carrying a human thing, so the lack of judgement is AWESOME. & i cant believe our first july momma is about to give birth. makes everything about this little boy's arrival SO REAL.

^ just a few more weeks of carrying you little man!


  1. you probably need a nanny on that cruise...therefor I volunteer myself. thats all.

  2. Yes to iced coffee in mason jars. Perfection. And I cannot believe how close you are to meeting your sweet boy!! Cannot wait!

  3. Getting closer! Can't wait to meet baby!

  4. Look at the Mr. in his suit. Adorable.
    Iced coffee. Regular coffee. Lattes. Cappuccinos. I'll have one of each... And then I'll probably need seconds, of each. :) Love me some coffee!!

  5. OMG! Love this list! HAHA Only... insert my husband and my dogs in there instead of yours. Then we're the same. :)

  6. Wooohoo! You're so close to meeting your baby boy! So excited for you.

    That's great that you have such a great husband and marriage. It really makes life so much better and having a great partner/being a great team is even better as you both enter parenthood. :)

  7. Love that you have a group of July mamas to support you! I was born in July, so does that count?? ;) Jk. Oh and I don't think I've mentioned this yet but I LOVE your ombre hair!!

  8. You look so great with your bump! and don't mason jars make drinks much more fun?

  9. You are adorable, lady! AND HE'S ALMOST HERE! :)

  10. Yum! Iced coffee looks better in a mason jar! My list would be like yours, too!

  11. You look adorable! Congrats! And you are really lucking out with this weather being pregnant.... Last year at this time I was about the same as you and it had been 90 degrees for 2 months already! {{jealous!}} haha

  12. I agree the ocean makes everything better. Good luck on the upcoming baby arrival. Thanks for stopping over from MN Bloggers. So excited to get to know all of you