Saturday, June 15, 2013

how to : chevron wall

if were being quite honest here, i may or may not be still on the fence about this chevron wall that we did in our room. some days? i think its more on the "girly" side. and other days? i absolutely love it.

i really wanted to do stripes or something on the ceiling... but when it became time to get serious - we realized our ceilings were made of popcorn. SERIOUSLY? our house was built in 2006. who uses popcorn ceilings anymore!! annoying.

i gave my husband the choice of chevron or stripes. and would you believe? it was he who chose the chevron! we are absolutely a two person team in everything we do, and i love having his opinion. heck, i love that he has an opinion!

i had twenty thousand nursery ideas going on in my head - and it was SO hard to bite the bullet and just start revamping our guest room to be little man's new room. i need more babies.

if you remember, the room started out a little something like this. except it had carpet that i magically tore up one day when i was 22 weeks pregnant. & we obviously went back and forth on the paints. grey? aqua? mehhhh.
{you can catch up on all my paint drama here}

since my brilliant self tore up the carpet, we obviously needed to put in a new floor. which we did BEFORE painting. not the smartest idea, but i was so antsy to get something done - & it didnt look like i would be satisfied with a paint color any time soon. if this is something you're doing in your home, id highly advise you to paint first.

and after our floors were in - it was time to make a painting decision. introducing : the chevron wall.

step one : primer & white paint.

step two : we measured our wall that was to be painted with the chevron, and then divided it by the number of points we imagined we'd want. we picked 6, and would create them within boxes.
width of the wall = 13ft = 156inches. 156/6 = 26.
after that, we needed to figure out how to make our points so that it would be distributed evenly among the chevron in the grid.
26/2= 13. odd number, so we went with 12 points. 
i thought something would work right if we made our grid with 5 rows up and 6 across.
height of the wall = 8ft = 96inches. 96/5 = 19.2.

those were our measurements. and it took a long time to figure out. lots of trial and error, lots of playing with numbers after we got the width & height. we got our chevron wall done in one entire day (after the white paint dried) and without a doubt, the math was the most tedious process of it all. 

step three : make your grid on the wall.
we first attempted to use chalk, but the lines were too fat with rulers and it just wasn't portraying smoothly. so we used a mechanical pencil and drew them on lightly. i know you cant see them in these pictures, but i promise a grid is on the wall! boxes on boxes, squares on squares.

as mentioned, we went with 5 squares from the bottom to top making each 19 inches. and 6 squares from left to right across the width at 26 inches. our entire wall was filled up when we had 30 squares.

i should probably mention that i also made this extra tricky, because i wanted the grey and the white chevrons to NOT be equal. i wanted one color to be thicker than the other. 

step four : make a point for the top of each chevron half way in between each square
for us, this was at 13 inches since our boxes were 26. 

step five : TAPE.
i strongly recommend the frog tape. we ran out and i was not about to wait another day, so we used the blue tape. and it was awful. it gave us such a mess with the paint and the quality was crap.

step six : PAINT. 
we went ahead and made a little "g" along the lines where we wanted the grey so that no body could get confused. looking at all of the tape in two different colors was a little tricky. so from there, we went ahead with the grey paint. 
{we used natural grey//behr}

its hard to tell that the grey and white are indeed two widths. which confused us a million times before realizing that you have to take in account the width of the tape. everything underneath that tape, is obviously white. making those lines thicker :) success!

we left the tape on for i believe 2 days and had no troubles taking it off except when we needed to deal with the blue. we used an exacto knife in some areas & needed to repaint over some others.

but for a days work - it was a success! i am thankful that it didnt take longer. & who knows? maybe someday we will switch this little man into the next guest room to someday be his big boy room, and move in another baby to this room! 

the room has underwent a major transition from beginning to end! 
{i apologize for the crappy iphone pictures. i wasnt thinking of this too much in thought while it was all being done!}

do you have any rooms in your house with an accent wall?!
do you love it or hate it?!


  1. That looks AH-mazing!!! We painted our nursery gray and after seeing this a while ago, I wanted to add an accent wall but we didn't. We had new carpet installed and had painted before it went in so I think Jeff would flip if I told him I wanted something else painted, considering it took me forevaaaa just to pick out a color. hah! We chose chevron for the bedding and I just love how it matures the look of the nursery just a tad.

  2. SO not girly. I think it's perfect. And I'm obsessed with gray walls/white furniture, so this gray/white combo makes me so happy. Also, I am hiring you to decorate my next long as you'll do it for free. (-:

  3. Wow it looks like a lot of work, but totally worth it! I think it looks great :)

  4. Thanks for sharing! I do not think is looks girlie at all.

  5. Your wall looks FANTASTIC! I love it!

  6. I stopped reading during the math part (not even kidding... HAHA!) but it looks SO GOOD! I know I've told you that already... but seriously! Love it!

  7. The math blows my mind! Haha. I'm still debating if we should do the chevron wall, or to leave it solid since his bedding is chevron. I don't want chevron overload and the kid to go cross eyed. Yours looks amazing!!

  8. I love that wall and it's definitely not girly! We're getting a gray nursery while at my in-laws and I get to help pick the gray so hopefully it will be something we can agree upon, but I know it won't be anything fancy :)

  9. wow looks great!!! That seems so hard, I would have never been able to do that!!

    {love jenny xoxo}

  10. Wow! That is adorable! I love the navy and gray. And those floors are gorgeous!

  11. i LOVE chevron walls! someday i might try to tackle that, it looks like quite the process! but it sure looks good you guys did great!!

    kandis at

  12. LOVE the chevron!! Our nursery will be chevron as well...just need to find out what Baby H is to do the colors! :)