Saturday, June 22, 2013

i admit, im a foodie.

i am a foodie.
which should really say, i am a snackie.

i could snack all day long. especially at this point of my pregnancy!
i am getting full SO fast from any type of meal, but if you give me grapes or gushers? i am all set.
call me a happy mama.

enter: The Goodies Box.

where has this been the last 8 months of my pregnancy?!

they've got boxes made for certain seasons... {hello 9 month winters in Minnesota}, boxes of CEREAL... {addicted}... healthy treats like nuts, DELICIOUS pringles stix {my fav!} and they even mix sweet with salty.


head over to this ---> link to check it out and learn more about how you can get your Goodies Box delivered to your front door step!!

{use code JUNEBLOGVIP to skip the waitlist & get your invite today!}


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