Monday, June 3, 2013

over the weekend.

baby boy is due - NEXT MONTH!

{but i have to say, its barely been warmer than 64 degrees.. so it doesnt feel like june AT ALL. i am not minding the lack of june bugs though. those things give me serious heebie jeebies}

over the weekend...

friday: zayzay got home a bit later in the evening. the night included a whole lot of nothing. i'm not sure that i remember anything other than taking a long walk with the pups, watching super bad (or maybe robots?) and having DQ. obvi.

saturday: my dad came over and picked us up so the 3 of us could head over to Baby Grand and get our light weight "souped up" umbrella stroller that works with our carseat. that 10 minute trip turned into about 1.5 hours. as usual. i can just never get out of there as easily as i can get in there. i love that place too much. and the workers. Joe, Katie, Gina & Hannah make my heart melt. we left our carseat there though because i decided i want to deep clean our car before we install it, having 2 dogs and all. after baby grand, dad took us to DQ. again. because a day isnt complete without some dessert!
by the time we got home, isaiah and i were both sleepy & wanted to nap. but didnt want to nap at the same time because there was plenty of other things we could have been doing with our time. however. we napped. i felt guilty. really guilty. but when we woke up, we thought "heck." our baby is due NEXT MONTH and life will never be the same. so a nap and snuggle session with my husband is to be much enjoyed as we spend these last few weeks with just the two of us. holy cow. 
we wrapped our night up with a late trip to target buying groceries and our hospital essentials. nursing bras & tanks, some hospital jammies & food. doesnt get much more exciting than that folks!

sunday: GRAND OLD DAY!  such a fun day in saint paul. and in the cutest town next to where i went to college. i just love it. wasnt sure that i'd be making it this year being preggo - but the weather was lovely and i NEEDED a hawaiin shaved icee from Minnesnowii. i ate 3 of them. i could have ate 10. so delicious. we ran into quite a few people we know, which is to be expected because Grand Ol Day is a huge popular fun day. with lots of drinking. but not for this mama! i was totally satisfied with the shaved ice though. and the mini donuts. yum yum. this little fair/festival shindig gets me so anxious for the state fair in August! we couldnt help but think that the next time we'll be at a similar event, we'll have a brand new babe with us!

after grand old day, isaiah & i were off to our couples massage. and after that - PANERA. we werrrre going to make some spaghetti for dinner, but on the way to the massage i saw Carolyn post a picture of her panera meal. it was right then and there that i was done for. screw the spaghetti. {it didnt help that panera was across the street from our massage place}. i can never pass up that macaroni, or the frozen caramel! strangely i ate a salad?! it was delicious. but if you know me, i never ate salad before this pregnancy. never even got near a piece without crying. not $1000 could have bribed me to eat a salad. lol!

& now its monday again.
im already dreaming of the weekend.

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend!! WOW next month! SO exciting!!! And I need to find me a Panera.

  2. Lol! The salad! I remember watching you freak out and toss a piece of lettuce across the dining hall because it barely touched your tongue! So funny!

  3. Crazy that you're little guy is due next month. Whoa! We love the fair too...and panera. You are ABSOLUTELY right that you deserved to nap. You shouldn't feel guilty. I was not one of those people to "nap when the baby napped" so I miss my days where I could nap on the weekends, but I wouldn't change them now for anything.

  4. Sounds like such a fun weekend! :) I completely forgot about Grand Old Day! DANG IT! Glad I could influence you to eat some salad. :)

  5. That shaved ice looks SO good! I'm on the hunt for slush but we don't have anywhere near my house that sells it. Weird. Now I need Panera, too, since I saw you and Carolyn post about it. ugh!

  6. I love that you and Zay were able to enjoy some cuddle time and not feel guilty!! Soak it up now. :) Totally craving shaved ice now! And Panera (but not a salad).

  7. I loved shaved ice!! It is my fave.

  8. There aren't many DQs around these parts, so I'm totally jealous of your multiple treats from there!
    Enjoy this last month momma. It's going to fly by!

  9. Such beautiful weather for Grand Old Day this year. I don't know how I missed shaved ice, I must have had my face deep into the garlic cream cheese wontons. Amazing.

  10. I can't believe Baby G will be here in just a short month! You look amazing (as always!) and sheesh Isaiah has an amazing smile! That shaved ice looks absolutely amazing.

  11. Whoa. What a dream weekend! And yes, NAP! Every chance you get. Also, I have a serious obsession with the state fair. Honestly, I do. I have gone every single year of my life and the last few years, I've gone at least three times. I've never been to Grand Old Days though!