Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So You Think You Can Dance Wednesday

this may be my new weekly thing for a while, since i have a serious obsession with So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) and dance is a huge passion of mine. it played a large part of my life growing up.

some of these videos are just too good to not share, and i know ill LOVE watching them later on when i look back on this blog. even years from now. because i already can find myself spending hours watching routines from past seasons ;)

week 1
week 2

{dear fox 9/nigel/dizzyfeet/whoever... release the season dvds already!!}

this week finishes up the rounds of auditions in memphis & now i wait to see who the top 20 are! this is always so exciting for me, because im usually pretty good at picking the top 2 right from their audition. not always, but usually.
also - the previews for the training in vegas showed both nappytabs & sonya kicking hardcore ass. i am truly obsessed with the two(three) of them. and i think sonya is the hottest girl in the world. truth.

first - i HAVE to show you this. it makes my heart SO SO happy. id marry cyrus at the drop of a dime. okay maybe not. but maybe. & this boy? oh my. hello future baby G. {little man goes wild in my belly every time i am watching cyrus there is dubstep music playing}

out of what SYTYCD has shown us, there have been lots of youngin's in this years auditions. if they can stick out the hard work in vegas - im thinking we might see nico in the top 20.

i love when daddy's are dance moms :) its so special. heres courtney.. another youngin'. id put money on this girl.

blueprint is no cyrus to me... because cyrus has the moves and the personality {maybe some of that swag swag too!} which is perhaps why he made it so far last season ... but this guy is good stuff. hes in Dragon House (with cyrus) which i find the whole crew very entertaining. and baby G cant get enough of dub step ;) its so entertaining.

are you watching SYTYCD this season? have you ever?!
i cant wait to see who the top 20 are!


  1. okay my hubby is OBSESSED with SYTYCD! haha. Remember that little black boy that "auditioned" last week in Austin? He was on Ellen yesterday and we were dying! Too cute! And then Cyrus came out and danced with him :-)

  2. Do you watch America's Got Talent?? I usually don't but I watched it for a few minutes last night and was blown away by these guys!!! You will love them.

    Arrghgghh I can't find a clip anywhere!! Must be too new. It was three guys from Hawaii and they danced to "Singin in the Rain", that's all i remember. It will blow your mind!!

    1. I found it! Well part of it... they cut the beginning out which was my favorite part. :)

    2. Haha me again!! I found the whole thing. :)

  3. Sooooo guess who got an antennae which means I get to watch SYTYCD?! It's on Tuesdays, right?

    Anywhoo, I think that Courtney is an amazing dancer and her dad is a hoot! I love it when dads are so supportive of their kids.

    My only "problem" with Blueprint is that people are going to constantly compare him to Cyrus and think, "we've seen this before, what new things does this guy have to bring to the table?" That said, I think that Blueprint has amazing control over his body and I hope me makes it to the top 20!

  4. Watching the show...loving the Cyrus!!

  5. Love these videos! I have SYTYCD recorded on my TV, but I haven't been able to catch up yet.

    Also, that little kid's mom on Ellen seems like she's about to leave her husband for Cyrus...I don't really blame her.