Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SYTYCD : Vegas Week

last nights episode completely rocked my face off.

seeing twitch, adam shankman, stacey tookey, nappytabs & sonya tayeh again make me ridiculously happy.

& sonya.  can i just throw this out there??.... i would turn lesbian for this lady. she is hott. and i love her. the mohawk, her high pony tails, large earrings, lip ring and tattoos. she rocks it. not to mention her choreo is ALWAYS stunning.

now that that thought is out. moving on.
probably just the weirdest thing i've ever said eh?!

Nick M got cut & i was semi surprised to see that happen. and we didnt see anything from Courtney T. just before the show ended, i was asking isaiah where Nico was & they showed him up on stage celebrating at the very end so we know that he is left with the other 32 dancers, fighting for a spot in the top 20 to be revealed next week.

i was not surprised to see those that they did focus on. especially Malece. she got dropped on her head in the last few hours of her rehearsal time and left for the hospital, but was cleared to perform and strut her stuff. as unfortunate as it was, i think that injury is going to help her stay in the spotlight. she is a doll {the person who dropped her // Armen, was later sent home}. i didnt care for their group choreo, but thats no fault to Malece.

i WAS blown away by these two performances of the night.

this group, created their own choreo after picking the song at random by grabbing a cd from the judges. it had quite a few on the panel in tears.. and maybe a few pregnant ladies as they watched from their couch as well.
i do wish they used better space of the stage though. their formations sometimes overlapped another and it was hard to see what these two were doing when the other three were in front of them, etc. what have you. but it was beautifully done. boston strong.

and fik-shun. he is just a wee little baby at only 18 years old. but so so entertaining. i am proud of him! the 200 dancers got off the plane in vegas & were sent right to the theater with all of their luggage. they each had to perform a solo in order to get a room key back to the hotel. i believe 68 dancers were sent home, without having the chance to even unpack. but fik-shun? his solo was better than his audition. he remains in the top 33! twitch absolutely loved it. i think he could be the next cyrus! 

top 20 : revealed next week!


  1. Can we just talk about Armen for a minute? I know that he dropped Malece, but when Mary bitched him out, I felt so bad for him! I honestly think the drop was an accident, but Mary made it seem like he did it on purpose. His face looked so sad up there on the stage and he seemed so confused. I felt so bad for the guy. I do love Malece, and I'm happy that she stayed.

    The Boston performance was amazing, and I'm so excited to see what Fik-shun does this season.

    Oh, and I'd totally do Sonya as well. Keegan and I have a list of celebrities that we're allowed things with if the chance ever arrives and she's totally on my list. Just sayin'.

  2. i stumbled upon your blog by happenstance. THEN i saw this post and I KNEW i HAD to follow you!! I super love SYTYCD!!! i am by now means a dancer. I wish i was but nope. I live vicariously through others.LOL Contrast on your pregnancy I hope we are able to beat PCOS too.

    p.s. sorry for all the caps :-)