Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the list : to do before baby

i can NOT believe i am considered full term in 2 weeks // our due date is fast approaching in just 5 weeks!

the last 2 weeks part of me really felt like this little guy would arrive early. but as of now? i wouldnt be surprised at all if he decides to arrive late.

which is OK! i am not ready to be done yet! i love being this pregnant lady.
my doctor says women are usually ready to be done & pop the baby out around 36 weeks... so we'll see how i am feeling & what i am saying then!

our to-do list is getting shorter and shorter. i have an obsession of making lists. there are probably about 8 lying around the house. and im almost positive all 8 look identical. i just cant stop. im a list making whore.

before baby arrives// no order:

- print out our birth plan {or lack there of}
  a) a copy for the diaper/hospital bag for isaiah to refer to incase i can not verbalize our wishes
  b) a copy to hand off to the nurses or whomever
- buy an additional bouncer for our upstairs level
  (we have the mamaroo on our main level, and i am not carrying that upstairs over & over)
- buy a pack of A+A blankets for the summer heat
- buy a sunhat
- pick out birth announcements

less important// no order:

- buy a beanbag for the reading nook in the nursery
- mount the tv & hire someone to hide the cables in the wall
  (this was my husbands genius idea. because he'll be the one doing the 3am feedings right?! ha!)
- buy a 3'' crib mattress
  (our crib came with one. but i dont think i like it)
- buy a rock n play sleeper
  (if the pack & play doesnt work out)
- pick out 2 maternity photos to hang in the nursery collage
  (right now we have 2 empty frames waiting to be filled!)
- purchase more changing pad covers
  (right now we only have 2)

after baby:

- order birth announcements
- purchase more nursing bras once my milk comes in
  (someone please tell my these boobies wont grow!)
- take it easy
- survive the day
- enjoy those newborn snuggles!

later purchases:

- high chair
- bumbo/bebe pod/baby snug?
- swing?
  (if he hates his mamaroo... but lets be real. baby boy better love that thing. i sure would!)

looking at this list makes me feel like i may not have it all together after all. but at the same time i suppose nothing on here is super crucial in a life or death situation. i enjoy spending the weekends running around town and checking things off :)
the clock is ticking down!!!

we can not wait to meet you sweet boy!


  1. Your after baby list seems perfect! I hope you can relax these last few weeks.

    Oh and I nominated you for the Liebster Award Come over and check it out!

  2. A&A blankets were lifesavers for us! And good call on the extra changing pads. We only have 2 and have had to, more then once, lay a towel down because both were in the laundry!

    Great list! You seem pretty prepared!

  3. I think you're super prepared! :) Time to chill and wait for baby!

  4. You seem like you have all the major stuff out of the way, now you just have some shopping and a few other things to do. Exciting!! When do you get your maternity photos back?? Are you using one for the birth announcement?

  5. A sun hat with a brim...u might have to get online. I've been looking everywhere and a newborn one d hard to find and most are sold out already!

  6. Honeys love a&a blankets...honey ur boobies are going to get huge! Haha AC hated te gumbo but they both loved our swing! Looks like u have it covered...maybe stock some freezers meals? U know me...always thinking of the food!

  7. Replies
    1. you are SUCH a pro at recipes and freezer meals! my dad is still impressed i know how to boil water... aka i am an AWFUL cook. and an AWFUL picky eater. id have no idea what i would re-heat besides spaghetti! HAHAHAH it is truly so sad.
      & you are right - we've been on the hunt for sunhats for a long time! i think i am going to order one from peekawho online! i need to get on it!
      & the boobies... oh the boobies. ewwwwwie! thats going to suck!

  8. You are a list maker! :) Can't wait for you to introduce your sweet baby boy. Hugs

  9. I love your lists! I can't imagine being so close to baby time! It is SO exciting!

  10. this is awesome! i still have my pre-baby list hanging on my fridge and our little Emmett is almost four months old. :) it's fun to look back and remember those days of anxious anticipation.

    i hope these last days fly by!! xo