Thursday, June 20, 2013

tis the season.

{not christmas}

i absolutely love weddings. i had an absolute blast planning my own. we did everything ourselves, & i wouldn't have had it any other way! i want to plan weddings forever. and be as awesome as sarah tucker is.

i know that i already posted once today, but once i saw the link up that Holly was doing - i couldnt resist. i loved my wedding far too much not to hop on this bandwagon!

i'm kind of salty about it because her timing doesnt line up with my timing. damn you Holly.
i still have TWO engagement sessions to photo dump on ya'll before i show you the wedding!!

so consider this your sneak peak? because those photo dumps will be coming. along with the time i wore my wedding dress to the MN state fair.
yeah, i did that.

The Details: August 11th, 2012
2:00pm ceremony
4:00pm social hour
5:00pm dinner & dance
10:00pm downtown
{or something}

Location? we got married at Hennepin Ave United Church in Minneapolis.
i had two requirements : a beautiful backdrop because i did not want to decorate, and air conditioning.
one random evening we were driving home from uptown and this church caught my eye so we pulled over and decided to check it out. it was 9pm. the doors were locked. womp womp. BUT AHAHA! we found a doorbell. ding dong.
some sweet old man named john answered the door & took us in for a tour. we asked what happened if the day was hot and he said "well ya turn on the air of course!" -- done. ours.

&& our reception was at The Great Hall in St. Paul.
we actually booked this venue before we were engaged! 6 months before!
it was the week of my birthday and i was in the middle of switching jobs so i had the whole week off. one day isaiah took off as well and we spent the afternoon in St. Paul wandering around and hanging out. i dont even know how we thought of wedding venues... but we did. and our wandering around turned into stopping at different venues with a wedding in mind. we walked into The Great Hall and immediately looked at each other, flashed a stern smile and said "this is it". and so it was. we booked it.

we decided to not pay the extra $1000 for that stupid draping on the top and leave the high ceilings open. & we also made them hide those weird looking trees. so for our wedding reception, it was like this :

AAAAND. after our reception, we had a party limo bus come pick us up along with our bridal party and friends to go downtown where we we rented the rooftop with bottle service at Seven Sushi Ultralounge in Mpls. 
thats where isaiah and i first met & we took some of our engagement photos - so we HAD to include them in our wedding! and thats where lots of shenanigans happened. 

Colors? navy, pink/blush/rose WHATEVER YOU CALL THAT, & tones of ivory with gold. i die.
inside of my dress my "something blue" was a piece of my grandpas denim shirt cut out as a heart & sewn in. along with a patch that had our wedding date with mine & isaiah's initials. isaiah has the same patch sewn into his suit coat. my shoes were gold. i had 3 pairs because i was NOT staying in heels all day.

Bridal Party? 3 on each side. isaiah had his brother, best friend growing up & an old roommate/coworker from target. i had my little cousin, and 2 bests from college. the groomsmen wore custom fitted navy suits with pink ties & the girls wore 3 different dress styles (1 strapless, 1 shoulder strap & 1 with regular straps) in pink/blush/rose? from in duchess satin from lela rose. i ordered those dresses without even seeing them in person. so risk-ay. but when i saw them online? i loved them. so much.

First Dance Song? 100 more years - francesca battistelli... still makes me cry.

Honeymoon? we cruised on royal caribbean of course! we were supposed to leave the next morning, but we had cancelled when isaiah's dad went into the hospital. our actual cruise/honeymoon took place a month later at the end of september. we left from florida, sailed on the oasis & had a beautiful time in the caribbean. jet skiing, scuba diving, breakfasts on our balcony with the sunset... LOVEd it.

What would you do differently?  i really did love my dress. but it was the most stressful part about the entire process. & what you dont know by looking at these pictures, was that i bought TWO dresses before the one i actually wore. and when i look back on the pictures myself, i dont love how i looked in that one.
we talk about our wedding day a lot. sometimes we say we wish we would have done a destination wedding, but at the end of the day? thats a lie. we had a fucking blast and everything about our day was absolutely perfect. we also lost isaiah's dad 2 days before, so we know now that a destination wedding wouldn't have worked out. we WILL renew our vows on a beach though. you can bet that!
the day did fly by though. and that sucks. i wish our timeline was better because we had little to NO time after the ceremony and before the dinner for pictures. rush rush rush.

-- i can not believe we are coming up on our ONE YEAR anniversary. and we will have a little miracle babe! SQUEE. i am so lucky.

shout out to you babe for being such a wonderful life partner and making every day as wonderful as our wedding day! i can not wait for all of the years ahead! LOVE YOU.

{& stay tuned, i'll still do a wedding recap!}

ALSO. CHECK OUT OUR WEDDING VIDEO!!! its the bees knees. prom prom!

Isaiah + Sarah / The Great Hall from eMotion Cinematography on Vimeo.


  1. Oh my god, 20 seconds into your video and I was crying uncontrollably.
    What a gorgeous day.

  2. I love this post! One day I will do one like this. You guys looked like you had such a blast at your wedding. The video is awesome!

  3. This is so sweet! I love it! BTW, I think you looked amazing!!!

  4. ugh....I died over this. I can't even take it. I would get all mushy and gushy and tell you I hope I find the love of my life like you found yours. I seriously look at you guys and hope thats me someday....

    but you know that already...cuz I think I say that every time you post about your wedding.

  5. I love looking at all these pics, I feel like I was there! Your wedding must have been soooo fun, especially going downtown afterwards! You looked gorgeous and I love your dress!! I'm sorry that you didn't love how it looked. It makes me so, so sad to hear about Isaiah's dad! It's just heartbreaking.

    Whenever I finally get engaged (going on 3 years now, c'mon Tony!), I'll have to come to your for wedding advice, since you seem like the wedding master. :)

  6. Can we go back in time and me come to your wedding?! It looks SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! And gorgeous to boot!

  7. So pretty! So. So. So. pretty! And I may or may not have cried during your video

  8. I love love love this! You do as many wedding recaps as you want! :) And personally, I LOVE your dress!!!!

  9. I just love wedding stuff. And your flowers were breathtaking.

    I totally think that you should be a wedding planner someday.

  10. LOVED seeing these wedding photos. It looked like you had an amazing wedding day. And I LOVE that Francesca Battistelli song. I love her music.