Wednesday, July 31, 2013

were still here :)

8 days overdue
still pregnant
still lovin' on this bump

i guess i dont mind keeping him all to myself a bit longer :)

if were overdue & aren't hating it
baby boy likes his mama

So What Wednesday

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

41 weeks - wait, WHAT!? yes.

my body loves holding a tiny human hostage.

my number one pet peeve in life - is when people are late. i am one of those that tries to abide by the "5 minutes early is on time" gesture. my husband? is not. and what do you know... my son is not either.

{stubborn like his mama,
late like his daddy.}

the day i became overdue, i was going nuts. from our 40w appointment on tuesday until about friday, i was a negative nancy/debby downer, anxious pregnant woman.
& what do you know, in my group of 25 women due during july - i am the last to go! 1 other lady was overdue by 5 days, but went into labor naturally 2 days before her induction date. so now its just me, waiting waiting! {pam over at our love's nest also had the same due date as i & is being induced tonight... good luck mama!}

thankfully, by the time the weekend rolled around i was able to calm myself down while i spent time with isaiah enjoying whatever it was we wanted to enjoy or do, whenever we wanted to do it. going about our weekend as two 26 year olds without a newborn baby.
sunday night, we were on our 2nd trip of the day to dairy queen around 9pm and isaiah said "baby, wouldn't you love to be listening to music right now heading to DQ in your cool carseat with mom & dad?!"... but lets face reality. with a newborn, theres a high chance that DQ would have been taken by daddy solo dolo, or wouldn't have happened at all.

as i enter week 41, i am more calm than i was during week 40. i know that baby can not stay inside forever, and if i end up going to week 42 (august 5th) - i will be induced.
isaiah doesn't mind this too much, because it means he can plan out his work schedule and client meetings easier, as well as *knowing* that it will be our doctor who will deliver. i don't care about that so much. as far as i'm concerned, if you have Dr. anything in front of your name, you better be damn good at what you do.

i am completely ready and hoping for him to come on his own, because i'm pretty nervous about being induced. thats a new thing on my research list. im also not stoked about being an august mama. i've spent the last 10 months thinking that July was it. July would be the month. i feel kind of psyched out. {& there are a few other reasons i am not thrilled about having an august baby.}

have any POSITIVE induction stories?!

i am no longer wishing these days away.
i already miss my bump. this bump that i am still carrying around and lifting up.
this bump with stretchies that forms funny shapes.
this bump that is home to my son. his supply. his safe place.
i love this bump.

isaiah has mentioned a few times over the last 9 10 months that he thinks i may experience some sort of PPD about my bump being gone. :(

i absolutely love being pregnant.
yes, even though once i became "overdue" - my body knew it & im feeling the changes.
its what i always wanted, what i always dreamed of. sure ive always wanted to be a mom - but more specifically? its been my dream to be pregnant.
time & time again i've been told how impossible it was. i remember the struggles we (i) went through. i remember the tears that have fallen. the discouragement i felt in my heart.
and here i am.
thank you Lord for making my greatest dreams come true. i only hope i can experience this miracle again someday.

i know it will all be worth it when i hear his first cry & am holding him in my arms. <3

but for the record dear sweet baby boy, 
do not make a habit out of being late. it is not okay.
& it is not nice to keep a woman waiting.

our 41 week appointment stats:
heartbeat -- 143
dilated -- 2cm {no progress from week 38}
effaced -- 80% {no progress from week 39, 10% increase from week 38}

& so we wait.

how far along? overdue, were hanging out at 41 weeks!
size of baby? big. 
total weight gain? 31lbs. i apparently went up 4lbs between week 39-40, so i am REALLY happy to see that 40-41 i didn't change.

maternity clothes: they dont fit. i had two, three? breakdowns during week 40 when it was time to get dressed/go out in public. isaiah kept handing me his clothes... "you can wear this babe". NO. I DONT WANT TO LOOK LIKE A BOY. just one sob story after another. i was a mess. what didnt help was that the temperature all weekend were in the 50's with rain, so i was going thru my older warmer maternity clothes. we werent off to a good start.
stretch marks: growing like weeds. STOP IT ALREADY. i don't really care anymore what shows up on my tummy, i'm down to wear a one piece swimsuit for the rest of my life. but the ones on my thighs?! they have GOT. TO. GO. buhbye.
sleep: i can not complain. this is one thing being overdue has changed for me. i am so tired. all the time. and i have not slept so good or so hard in the last 9 months. {which is just going to make a harder adjustment when baby does come now!} lose/lose sitch.

best moment this week? my husband. he is wonderful. after our 40w appt of no progress, he told me to go get a fresh shellac. {of course by now it doesnt look so fresh.. why doesnt shellac EVER stay on my nails like it should!?} spending time with him makes my heart SO happy. i never want to take him for granted.
miss anything? would it be selfish if i said my nice smooth skinny legs?
movement? yyeaahh. tho i almost went to L&D twice because it took so long for me to feel them. i was getting paranoid. and the minute isaiah was able to talk to him, we felt some movements so we didnt head in. sometimes its hard to get/feel the suggested "10 in 2 hours". except for when were at the movie theater. baby boy loves that ish. we saw wolverine last night, and as usual - he was movin around like a mad man in there! {or maybe he just likes the icee?!}

food cravings? mango pineapple orange julius, chocolate malts, sprite, icee's... i am always thirsty. (but my iron is ok!)
anything make you sick? you mean besides the idea of birthing a 10+ pounder?! nah.

gender: boy!
symptoms: cramping, lower pressure, chubby feeties.
labor signs: while i havent felt anything, i've seen my tummy turn into a rock hard square. assuming thats a contraction of some sort.

isaiah had to hold me when i leaned over to peek at my feeties ;)

rings? on/off: off
belly button? in/out: about 80% out! it only took 40 weeks!
mood? i am hanging in there, but the moods are swingin.
looking forward to: surpassing labor & delivery. oye!

even luigi is waiting!
{updated nursery sneak peek!}

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013

things you don't say to an overdue pregnant woman.

first things first, i'm sure most people say these things with good intentions BUT PLEASE. i beg you. just take a moment to think about what you are about to say. spare us both.

i promise the conversation will be 100x better if you take my mind off the fact that i am indeed, overdue.

maybe your due date is wrong: my dad keeps saying this. and time and time again. NO DAD. its not wrong. it cant be wrong. we worked with fertility specialists. i was on drugs and injections. had an HSG and 2 ultrasounds a week. i highly doubt they're wrong. "but you never know..." no... YOU don't know.

no news/no baby yet? no. do you SEE my belly? right right. we are currently dealing with the same situation we were in when you asked yesterday. i didn't casually pop out a baby in the last 24 hours and not tell you.

go walk/bounce on a ball/have sex/eat pineapple: ARE YOU SERIOUS? you think i haven't googled ways to naturally induce labor myself? you don't think i haven't been trying these techniques?! as if i don't want to meet my child already? puh-lease. been there. done that. doing these things still.

how dilated are you? whats your cervix like? why. just why are you that interested in MY vajayjay.

if it makes you feel better, i was late too. no maa'm. i do not give 2 shits cents about your labor experience. not making me feel better.

well, at least they'll be big and healthy! thanks. i love picturing how huge my child will be.

you're as big as a house. well thank you. you sure are kind.

your baby will come when they're ready. really? thats how pregnancy works? because i thought he'd still be in my belly when i turn 50. jokes on me eh!

can you even walk? {actually, this was said to me at 35 weeks} did you really just ask me that? smack yourself. you sound stupid.

and again leaving my 40w appt. lady in the elevator. "when are you due?!" "today." "what? no! i am surprised you are still walking!""oh?... yeah. i am still walking. a whole lot actually."


sleep while you can/enjoy your rest: i am already not sleeping. while i'm aware that yes, life and my nights will change {GASP. you mean things wont be the same anymore?? damn. why didn't anyone tell me this 9 months ago?!} don't make it sound like my nights are glorious now and i get 8+ hours of sleep a night. HA. i don't even get 4.

at least you aren't that overdue: as if anyone wants to be any amounts of overdue? doubtful.

majority of first time moms/moms expecting boys are overdue: i am well aware that many first time moms {women in general} are overdue. that does not mean i welcome the idea of it for myself.

well, keep me in the loop! yes. the first thing i'm going to do on my way to the hospital is text each of you individually and give you my progress updates. especially you, yeah you - the person i haven't seen in over a year. UM NO. JUST NO.

just go into labor/have that baby already! about that. I'M TRYING HERE.

no matter what, you're going to be miserable: NO. people have said this to me since week 35, maybe even week 32. but let me tell YOU. i'm not miserable. not in the slightest bit. in fact, i legit still have moments where i forget i am pregnant! my doctors tell me my body handles pregnancy like magic. comfort wise? i'm not miserable. physically i am doing awesome. now mentally? that may be a different story... i would like to see my son. see his face. does he have hair? i'm just another mama wanting to meet her child, so sue me.

and stop calling me 3x a day asking how i'm feeling or if i've made progress.  this is for the family. 1. i feel the same as when you last asked 5 hours ago or yesterday. 2. i'm sorry, but as much as i'd love to - i cant crawl into my own vagina and check out my cervix to give you that type of progress update. and 3. i promise you, we wont have a baby without letting you know its happening. ay yi yi.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

bump date! 40 weeks - FORTY!

our 40w doctors appt was ON OUR DUE DATE, 7/23.
stats from this appointment:
heartbeat -- 136
dilated -- 2cm {no progress from week 38}
effaced -- 80% {no progress from week 39, 10% increase from week 38}

low and behold, as mentioned in my 39 week bump date, dr. W doesn't want to schedule me for an induction. isaiah and i asked if we could get one in the books for the end of July and avoid me being an August mama, but no luck. apparently there is some chart and for first time moms they want you to score a 9 before they can go ahead and schedule an induction. I SCORED AN 8. AN EIGHT! the higher the number, the "quicker" the labor can progress and the less likely it is to result in a c-section. but alas, no induction scheduling for me. so now i go back to the doctor next week at 41 weeks pregnant and see if i score higher. then we will schedule an induction FOR THE FIRST WEEK OF AUGUST. 42+ weeks.
we don't even get an ultrasound to check on things! i asked my doctor about the babies weight - and thats also no issue. "some women are able to birth 12 pound babies and some women struggle birthing a 6 pound baby, we never know so thats not anything we can base it on". COOL. i'm honored that you think i can handle birthing a 12 pound child. 

lots of waiting for mom & dad this week!

my body couldn't get pregnant, but it sure loves being pregnant.

i'm finding out that its best i probably don't speak to anyone until August/my babes arrival. the comments and advice i get just make me want to lash out. i'm about to lose my marbles you guys. 
so don't tell me to go for a walk, because i can assure you {I AM}, often. with lightning crotch and all. having sex. bouncing on balls. doing jumping jacks & squats. eating spices. eating pineapple. eating chinese food and eggplant parm. nipple stimulation in 3 ways, INCLUDING breast pumping. {my doctor was shocked as shit when i told him pumping didn't bring on any contractions...} for now, i am giving it a rest. and trying to hold on to my marbles.

come on baby. come on labor.

pray for me.

daddy does it again with the board! :)

how far along: 40 weeks. about full term as it gets!
size of baby: human sized. i'm afraid to find out.
total weight gain: 31 pounds. so much for that goal.

week 30 // week 40

maternity clothes: disgust me.
stretch marks: are starting to hurt. and get shiny. isaiah called them my reflectors .... =/
sleep: 2-4 hours a night.


best moment this week? isaiah met me at our dr appt with caribou coffee in hand and then told me to go get a gel mani afterwards. its the little things. <3 he keeps me sane.
miss anything? my due date.
movement: absolutely. i may be slower than a snail & often trying to pick my belly up off the ground, but you bet i'm still movin around! oh... you wanted to know about the baby. well yes. he is moving around too. and it effing hurts!

food cravings: nothing.
anything make you sick? peoples comments.

gender: stubborn. oh... that means boy. {though he gets that being stubborn thing from me}
symptoms: my feet are snug in my shoes. my eyes can barely see. rolling over is hard. going from laying to sitting is hard. i cant hold myself in the bathtub anymore. and even tho our bed is on the ground, its hard maneuvering around that too. 40 weeks in pregnancy sounds like 40 weeks in age... all downhill from here. over the hill?
labor signs: my doctor said i have absolutely no plug and no membranes left. my cervix is ridiculously soft and ready. yet NOTHING is happening.

rings? on/off: off
belly button? in/out: flat
mood? i am an impatient crabby patty
looking forward to: meeting my son. seriously. the anticipation is real.

20 weeks // 30 weeks // 40 weeks 

- gained 4lbs in a week. holyshitfuckpissballs.
- are fat face city
- have experienced chubby feet and snug shoes

your baby:
- get out get out get out
- apparently loves the womb
- is stubborn like his mama
- is late like his daddy

wanna know when baby G arrives?
follow me on instagram
{but if you're a blogger & we've been texting, i'll probably inform you the minute i lose my marbles}

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

the bun is ready!


can someone PLEASE turn the oven off now?! 

my bun is ready! 
we are cooked!

it is july 23rd 2013

i am

40 weeks 40 weeks 40 weeks

11:10am -- 40 week doctor appointment

7-8pm -- G&B!


7-9pm -- SYTYCD!

{who in the hell scheduled two of my favorite shows on the same day at the same time?!}

now if only i could add "giving birth" somewhere in that schedule...

Monday, July 22, 2013

39 week bump date!

our 39 week check up was on 7/17. 

stats from this appointment:
heartbeat -- 140
dilated -- 2cm {same as week 38}
effaced -- 80% {10% more than week 38}

dr. W says that since baby boy & i are both doing so well, he doesnt even want to talk about any induction or c-section dates until 7/30. WHICH MEANS WHEN i am 41 weeks. 41 WEEKS!!! then we'll chat? that makes me think i could be an august mama. and that happens to be our anniversary month. please oh please baby boy, dont make me a 42 week pregnant woman.
plus how much will my kid weigh then?!?!?! yeeeeesh.

pray for me.

i like waking up to see that daddy made a new board ;)
"remember how long the last weeks of school felt?!"
guess we know how daddy is feeling, too!

how far along: 39 hot diggity dog weeks!
size of baby: HUMAN SIZE.
total weight gain: 28lbs... and one week to go! i might really be able to keep this under 30! 

maternity clothes: expired.
stretch marks: purple angry mean faces.
sleep: doesnt really exist. i can never get comfortable it seems. or fall asleep. actually, every single night i have the worlds worst pain in my ribs. feels somewhat like a side ache as if i just ran a marathon. {HA!} but that keeps me up. i dont know if its his feet causing it or what. meh.

fully rocking husbands wardrobe

best moment this week: seeing yellow! {see below: labor signs}
miss anything? i was really jonesin' for a mimosa or some moscato this week. first time evs.
movement: yyyeeaaaaahhh. often times i see my belly moving, but dont even feel him moving. 

what else would i do on a Saturday besides find some shaved ice?!
{should be our last Saturday before parenthood!}

food cravings: green apples, occasionally with some caramel! and shaved ice. duh.
gender: a little good man!
symptoms: ive been feeling lots of "period cramps"
labor signs: I LOST MY MUCUS PLUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on friday the 19th. and my boobies are giving me colostrum ;) but you would already know that if you read this post.

lunch in hopkins after another stop at Baby Grand

anything make you sick? yes. the idea of being overdue. {before you comment about how many first time mamas or mamas expecting boys are over due, smack yourself}
rings? on/off: off. my ring is far to be pretty to risk having it cut off if my fingers turn to piggies.
belly button? in/out: it tends to be flat. but i had a surgery in the past where the doctors went in thru my belly button, so sometimes the top makes a little flap that pokes out. it makes me proud.
mood? ants in my pants.
looking forward to: meeting my son!!! oh em geee squee!!

 & were off to the 39 week dr appt!

- are praying every night to not be an August mama
- are SHOCKED at how many people seem to be interested in my chach. like everyone expects to be in the delivery room or appear in there the second i pop a watermelon out of my lemon? lemme think... no.
- absolutely hate being crampy... uh oh.

your baby:
- is about 20 inches long
- is over 7 pounds 
- is about a "medium well" on the burger scale

the royal baby was born today! a boy! {i knew it} - apparently kate's due date was 7/13... so if her baby is 8lb and 6oz at 9 days overdue, there is hope for me you guys. i am relishing in that. & thats all i care about royal baby {until they share the name}. 
im trying to birth my own baby over here!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

waiting for labor.

40 Things To Do While Waiting To Go Into Labor
Hoping reading this list will count as one, and maybe if we’re lucky a couple of you will actually go into labor by the time you get to the end.

1: Go out for dinner and a movie with your partner. Every night. See every crap movie out there if you have to.
2: Cook and freeze meals, or place orders for meal delivery service. Or drop hints to people who call to see if that pesky baby is here yet that FOOD IS APPRECIATED.
3: Bake cookies, breads, brownies.
4: Pamper yourself with a face and hair mask. Overly lotion feet, wrap in saran wrap, don socks. (Don’t walk though, you’ll slide.)
5: Scrapbook and organize all the photos you’ve been meaning to scrapbook and organize.
7: Walk the mall and eat your weight in pretzels.
8: Stock up on liquor. You know, “for the family to celebrate.”
9: Read a book that has absolutely nothing to do with babies or pregnancy.
10: Get a manicure and pedicure. (Also suggested: chew all your nails off…then go get tips put on…then chew THOSE off.)
11: Get a pregnancy massage.
12: Create and listen to your labor music mix. Practice finding your happy place.
13: Mow the lawn.
14: Give the pets baths and toenail clippings.
15: Wash your car.
16: Learn to knit and make a hat.
17: Cover mattress in plastic in case water breaks in bed.
18: Decide plastic is too noisy when rolling huge ass around to get comfy, take chances.
19: Clean out forgotten cabinets — under the sink, the Tupperware drawer, etc.
20: Lie on nice cool bathroom floor and clean the grout with a toothbrush.
21: Have sex. It’ll be your last chance for weeks, such as it is.
22: Window shop for a celebratory “you’ve lost at least some of the baby weight” outfit for later.
23: Take a nap without apology or hesitation.
24: Hide things in house that may be inappropriate for visiting grandparents and family members.
25: Get a carseat inspection at the local firehouse.
26: Charge anything and everything that resembles a phone or a camera.
27: Make a decision regarding your nether regions: get waxed? get help from partner? or decide that if you can’t see it, it clearly no longer exists or matters?
28: Alphabetize your CDs and arrange DVDs by genre.
29: Buy some guilty pleasures on iTunes and make a kickass one-hit-wonder playlist.
30: Write thank-you cards for any gifts you’ve already received.
31: Re-wash, re-fold, re-organize the baby clothes.
32: Assemble swings, bouncy seats and other battery-operated baby gear, make sure you have at least one full set of (RECHARGABLE) batteries for everything.
33: Pack a diaper bag.
34: Start an ambitious new project that is guaranteed to remain unfinished for the next six months once you go into labor halfway through it.
35: Go out for ice cream cones.
36: Clear out one shelf in kitchen for bottles, breastpump parts, baby food and plastic dishes.
37: Fill and re-order Netflix queue.
38: Sign up for an infant CPR class.
39: Take a dry-run test-drive to the hospital (or several, at different times of the day.)
40: Knit an umbilical cord cozy.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Are you a college student?!

I absolutely loved college. I definitely had waaaay too much fun during my years as a college student. That is something i have no regrets about.

But thinking about those college bills? All that money spent on tuition, room & board, meals AND textbooks to boot?! I don't exactly miss all that {or any of it}!

If you are a college student, it pays to save! I remember spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks every semester it literally made me cringe. What was worse was selling them back! You could easily spend $500 on your books and get $22 back at the end, i kid you not. Not awesome.

Why buy your textbooks when you can RENT them?! GENIUS!

Campus Book Rentals is an online company that offers you a large variety of perks when renting your textbooks!
- save 40-90% off of your average bookstore prices
- free shipping - BOTH WAYS!
- highlighting IS allowed
- flexible renting periods
- 30 day risk free returns
and my favorite...
- with every book rented, money is donated to Operation Smile!

{Operation Smile is a children's medical charity that provides reconstructive surgeries on children who have cleft lip}
*Isaiah and i hope to someday adopt, and this is so heavy on our hearts. We've also learned that adopting a child with special needs, disabilities and abnormalities such as cleft lip can help speed up the adoption process. Every child is so sweet and someday we may be dealing with this ourselves!*

Not only are you SAVING $$$ with Campus Book Rentals, you can enroll into their new program called Rent Back and MAKE $$$! Rent Back allows you to rent out books that you already own allowing you to make 2-4x more money than would with your average bookstore on campus... because no one is excited about getting $22 back after spending $500!

1. save money
2. make money
3. help children with cleft lip

Those sound like 3 really good seal-the-deal reasons to me and i only wish this around back when i was in college! Keep them in mind as you are registering for your new semesters coming up this school year!

Friday, July 19, 2013


{or rather colostrum}

i may not have a baby, but i have some freakin' colostrum!! 


since November, i have been in a July mommy group with 23 other ladies that are also due this month, all whom have experienced some leakage with their boobies. some have been wearing nursing pads already! so you can imagine my disappointment when NOTHING was happening to me. my body has been so boring in terms of symptoms and progress. i couldnt even symptom spot if i wanted too! {which is something very new to an infertile lady}

so yesterday, i woke up with THREE people telling me that they had a dream i went into labor or texted them saying it was time. they swore the dreams were so real! i also received an email thinking that baby was here because ive been quiet on the blog AND a tweet thinking that baby was here because i havent tweeted in 24 hours... LOL.

we are all on operation Baby G - come out come out wherever you are! {even isaiah plays MJ's "im comin out" do do do do do do}

i get out of bed. go downstairs. take the dogs for a walk and come back inside to ball bounce. then i decide to pump for some nipple stimulation. 

10 minutes later THERE IS YELLOW STUFF IN MY BOTTLES. the flanges look like someone spit all over them. and two huge wet spots appear on my tummy/around my bra. 

i obviously took to texting Brin to share my excitement. 
dont worry, ill spare you guys the pictures.

so maybe im not leaking on my own. but who the heck cares. MY BOOBIES ARE WORKING!

come on body. keep it going. and come on baby.
this is liquid gold, i cant be washin it down the drain here. 

t-4 days until we're due!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

cruising with a baby

it is no secret that isaiah and i are OBSESSED with royal caribbean. we are total "cruisers for life".

we first cruised together in November of 2011, two months after we got engaged. we left on 11/11/11 & that alone makes my heart melt. {i always make a wish at 11:11}. when isaiah and i started dating in december of 2010, he requested that he have my presence on 11/11/11. what a romantic ;)
i had already cruised once before in 2007 for spring break while in college and i fell in love with it. so taking isaiah for his first time had me like a kid in the candy store while we waited for the day to come. SO. EXCITED. we sailed with royal caribbean on the Mariner of the Seas -- and isaiah LOVED it!!!
he even won the sexy man contest ;) LOL!

we also had some engagement pictures done while we were docked in cozumel, you can see those here

after that cruise, we were pretty sure that we would do it again for our honeymoon. we spent a lot of time researching other options and checking out all inclusive resorts, but the more i read the more nervous i became about taking the risk for something as special as our honeymoon. SO. we turned back to royal caribbean for another cruise. & it really worked out well for us. {isaiahs dad passed 2 days before our wedding, so we had to cancel and delay the honeymoon}. 
we ended up taking our honeymoon at the end of September in 2012, about 5 or 6 weeks after our wedding. this time we sailed on the Oasis of the Seas which was their newest and largest ship. HUGE.
AAAND. he won the sexy man contest, AGAIN.

needless to say, it is a goal of ours to cruise every year. we would like to try some AI resorts and go on 2 vacations every year - but without a doubt, cruising once a year is on our list.

royal caribbean has a rule that you can not cruise AFTER you are 24 weeks pregnant, or before your child is 6 months old. aka -- we didnt cruise in 2013. we found out we were pregnant in November (which still makes me smile considering our RE had me on birth control during our honeymoon) and cruising again before i hit the 24 week mark was just too soon considering we cruised at the near end of 2013. 


as soon as baby G is 6 months old, were hittin the ships!
his due date is in 5 days and i dont think he'll be here by then, so we havent booked the exact date of our cruise in fear of him missing the "6 month" age rule, but were looking at march 1st or march 15th of 2014. this trip is $609/pp - SERIOUSLY? amazeballs. you know you wanna come with.

the itinerary: 8 nights!
leaving from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
St. Maarten {isaiahs fav}
St. Kitts {we never been}
San Juan {we never been}
Labadee, Haiti {my fav!}
back at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

having a baby wont stop us! 
and i am already having so much fun buying beach & nautical outfits for little man to wear on this vacation!!