Tuesday, July 2, 2013

36 weeks!

we are now going to the doctor EVERY WEEK! i cant believe there are just 4 more appointments until our due date.
fundal height: 36cm. heartbeat: 135bpm.
got the lovely strep b test done & will find out our results at 37weeks. thankfully i didnt feel violated after that one! started our cervix checks, doctor felt little mans head. & i forgot to bring up placenta encapsulation.
so now we wait for our 37week appt on 7/2! i am really curious to hear if i am dilated or effaced at all.

how far along: recapping week 36! {im now full term in week 37!}
size of baby: i asked my doctor at our 36 week check up if hes already 9lbs and he said "oh i dont know!" ... uhh... 'SCUSE? im really hoping not! the phone app says a honeydew melon.

^ those things really lie.

total weight gain: 36w check up on 6/27 and 37w check up on 7/2 both confirm im up 25lbs!
maternity clothes: are seriously SO shitty. i also discovered this week that ive outgrown my maternity jeans. they cut off my circulation within the first hour of wearing them =/
stretch marks: YES. they have teamed up and formed a belt around my entire waist.
sleep? its getting better! ive been falling asleep around 1am and waking up around 10am.
best moment this week: all the time ive been able to spend with isaiah. he worked from home friday to get an online class done for work & come to the 36w check up with me. we went to the twins game, had lots of dinners outside on the patio, got some last minute baby shopping done to prep each of our diaper bags with the necessities, took a mid day afternoon nap, wandered around Pride and saw White House Down. i love that were soaking up this time with just the two of us!

miss anything? having some fashion sense & being able to shop for clothes easier without the hefty price tags.
movement: hes movin' & groovin' in there! its funny though i can definitely tell hes running out of room. the way the movements feel are very tight.
food cravings: shaved ice & slushies. my favorite minnesnowii booth was at the Twin Cities Pride this weekend & i walked one too many miles to satisfy that craving. it was worth it though!

gender: mommy & daddys little man!
symptoms: my cervix is soft & baby boy is head down - doctor says his head is real low & we probably wouldnt be able to see it on an ultrasound right now.... SERIOUSLY?!? that explains my massive amounts of pressure down there!
labor signs: contractions .... i think?
anything make you sick? no way jose!
rings? on/off: off. sometimes ill remember to put the fakey on, but meh.
belly button? in/out: its semi flat/semi in. but sometimes the top layer folds over and it might look out. i think because they went in thru my belly button when i had surgery, the stitches or something wont really let it pop out? i dont know. i was a deep innie to begin with though.
mood: happy and so very anxious.
looking forward to: life as 3! +2 with the pups ;) and the state fair.... i really cant take my mind off of it. {even if it is in august}

- losing amniotic fluid
- are afraid you wont know when real labor begins
- gained 25-30lbs according to the books

your baby:
- heartbeat of 135
- running out of room
- is packing on the pounds

we cant wait to see what you look like baby boy!


  1. EEK! :) SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE those pics of you and hubs with the glove. SO CUTE!

  2. Exciting!! I remember those days all too well last summer. At this point it's seriously just a waiting game!

  3. Oh my gosh, so exciting!!! You need to tell me where all your cute clothes are from!!

  4. Trust me you will KNOW when you are really in labor. And then you'll think wow I was such a baby with those things I "thought" were contractions. You go girl on the only 25 pound weight gain.
    And stretch marks- who cares! :)

  5. You're looking great Mama! I can't believe that little man is almost here! I'm glad you and Isaiah are able to spend so much time together just the two of you. I've never been to a baseball game, so I'm trying to convince Keegan we need to go sometime!

  6. OMG.....sooo close!!! How exciting!!! You look fab!!

  7. You always look great every week. I can't wait so see what he looks like when he comes!!!

  8. How exciting!! Happy 36 weeks!!! Yeah, the strep test was a little weird, but glad it's over, am I right!?! I'm nearly 38 and it's so fun knowing baby will be here sometime soon!

    ~Kassi @ Truly Lovely

  9. Oh, I am SO excited for you!!! Those fruits are a crock but I hope baby G isn't 9 lbs! I was hoping you would be sleeping better but seeing an email come in at 2am last night didn't confirm that, haha! And now I want a snow cone!

  10. Happy 36 weeks!!! You look great!!

  11. I'm so glad I could find your blog too thanks to Kaitlyn. How exciting that you are also so close to baby arriving!! It almost seems surreal to get this close. and I LOVED your maternity pictures, stunning!

  12. What exactly is "placenta encapsulation"? I've never heard of that. I cannot believe how close it is. I'm rooting for July 25th because that is Chloe's birthday. My bday is July 10 but I think that's a little too soon. I'm glad you had a fun weekend and had some quality hubs time!

  13. Still looking fantastic! SOOOOOOO close!!!

  14. Baby G could come aaaaaany day now!! WOOHOO!!

  15. Getting so close! Love those pics at Target Field.