Tuesday, July 9, 2013

37 weeks = FULL TERM!

our 37w check up was on 7/2, a few hours after my 36w bump date was posted!

stats from our FULL TERM dr appt:
heartbeat -- 144bpm
dilated -- 1cm
effaced -- 50%
station -- -2

& i forgot to ask about the hospitals way of placenta encapsulation, again. i am a complete space cadet when i get to the doctors office, every. time. doctor W went on vacation until july 9th, but he said "you'll still be pregnant then" -- so we are just WAITING. and it is KILLING me. our house is completely ready (for the early months) and of course our hearts are too. i am still feeling really well so i dont mind letting beeb cook a bit longer, but i am getting so anxious to see his face! and tickle the toes that spend so much time in my ribs.

how far along: 37 weeks - FULL TERM!
size of baby: a watermelon? also anywhere from 6.2-9.2lbs?? AWESOME.

total weight gain: 25lbs! and after bebe, i wanna lose 40.
maternity clothes: see: target maxi's

stretch marks: yes. last week they must have decided to have a family reunion & meet right on my belly because lots of have popped up out of no where :(
sleep? SO MUCH BETTER! i consider sleeping 1am-4am a huge success.
best moment this week: the heart beat at the check up. i dont know if it was my mood or what - but it was so nostalgic. i always love hearing it but this time.. ahh. :) isaiah also got thursday AND friday off of work since it was the 4th of july & this long holiday weekend has been grand. we saw despicable me 2 (which i thought was a thumbs down) but i was completely in my happy place slurping on a mixed icee. ps. we also got our maternity photos back! 

miss anything? MY LEGS. which are now stumpy tree trunks. woowhoo for being 5'2!
movement? yesss. and they hurt! my oh my do they hurt!! hes been much more active than he was in week 35 and 36. or at least im feeling them more easily again.
food cravings: smoothies, icees and slushees. Dr. W said my irons a bit low (11.6 and they like to see 12+) so maybe that is why? thank you movie theaters for your large mixed icees, they are delicious.
gender: a good man like his daddy!
labor signs? seriously nothing. i dont think this baby boy is ever going to come!
anything make you sick? nada!
rings? on/off: off - thankfully! we were at the farmers market & my piggies got swollen real quick from walking in that heat! 
belly button? in/out: flat. i really want that sucker to pop! isaiah thinks the skin is super soft, you can often find him rubbing it, lol.
mood: i am getting antsy! patience is not my thing.
looking forward to: seeing his face! oh em squee!!!!!!!!!

i am so thankful to be full term. getting pregnant was one thing my body couldnt do on its own (or with my husbands help either) - but carrying this baby? pregnancy? my body has surprised me. and i am so grateful to have carried this little man all this way.

- are relaxing! even got mani's & pedi's with isaiah... probably the last before baby G arrives!
- are not nesting. so done.
- are STILL outgrowing maternity clothes. (that explains the new stretchies, hmmm)

your baby:
- is an avid booty popper. ass out. always.
- loves tapping his feet on mamas ribs
- is apparently packing on about 1/2lb a week... please dont be 9+lbs little boy! 
{he totally is going to be, i just know it!}
- inhaling & exhaling amniotic fluid in preparation for his first poop... aka, meconium.

next up: we have our 38w appt on 7/10!


  1. Oh, I couldn't love this more!!! You look fantastic! As usual, the fruits and measurements are all over the place 6-9 lbs is kind of huge range when you're considering pushing that out your hoo-hah. I went to the movies this weekend and had a large icee, too. SO good.

  2. So so so exciting!!! Yeah, I totally feel you on the stretch marks. It's like once one decides to show up, it brings all its friends, family, co workers, facebook friends, twitter followers, you name it!

  3. OMG, your outfit is SO.DANG.CUTE! Yay for being dilated & effaced! So soon! The end is in sight my dear! :) Oh, and I CANNOT wait to see your maternity pics!

  4. I hate being so short, too! I was going to start to lose weight before I got preggo, but that didn't really happen. I'll have my work cut out for me, because I had like 30lbs to lose before I got preggo!

    So exciting that you're full term! And starting to efface & dilate!

  5. Eeek! Cant wait for the announcement that he is here! Isn't it funny before you start showing you are like whooaaaa this maternity stuff will never fit me... now my shirts are belly shirts!

  6. ugh you are so stinkin cute I can't even take it - i know this has probably been said before in another post. sorry im not sorry!!! :P

  7. I love that black dress! We saw Despicable Me 2 as well this weekend and I liked it. Not as much as the first one, but it was ok. Why didn't you like it?

    I cannot wait until we get to see Baby G!

  8. Well there goes our plan of you having him on my birthday, which is tomorrow. Seems unlikely now! Maybe next week?!? I love that black dress in the first photo, it's so pretty! You have to be one of the cutest & stylish preggos ever. :)

  9. Super smart to do the encapsulation. I wish I would have done it. Next time.

  10. Oh my gosh, you're so close! A week before my due date I wasn't dilated or effaced AT ALL! You're going to meet Baby G before you know it!!

  11. You are so dang cute! And so dang full term! YAY!!! :) I can't wait to see the little guy!!!

    And you have some pretty cute red pants too. Just saying. :)

  12. you have such awesome maternity style. i can't get over it. kfjasldfj;asldjf love. can't wait for baby boy.

  13. Any day now... And you still look gorgeous!!

  14. I'm a shortie like you!! You look awesome though! SO close. You have awesome outfits - I know, saying it again!!