Monday, July 15, 2013

38 week bump date!

our 38 week check up was on 7/10.

stats from this appointment:
heartbeat -- 138bpm
dilated -- 2cm (AFTER my doctor shoved his hands around and said "there we go... you're at 2cm now") out came a huge glob of yuckie white stuff on his gloves. he mentioned i may have bleeding or cramping afterwards, but i had neither. im wondering if that was my plug & if he did a sweep? or if he was even successful in stretching me since i had 0 cramping and 0 bleeding after. meh!
effaced -- 70%

our 39 week appointment is on 7/17, and dr. W said he thinks ill still be pregnant then. im eager for wednesday to arrive because if he assumes ill still be pregnant at our next appt which falls on my due date of 7/23, i might cry.
its a weird feeling being so anxious for him to come since i am still 98% comfortable during my days and doing just fine. + im loving all this down time with daddy on the weekends.

board made by daddy!

how far along: 38 weeks
size of baby: fruit comparisons say a watermelon week 37-40... so thats awesome. the daddy comparisons say a beach ball. the app says "he or she weighs about 6.8lbs and is over 19 inches long" ... pretty sure baby G is 9+lbs. WOOF.

total weight gain: +27lbs.
maternity clothes: ugly and uncomfortable... so. over. them.
stretch marks? they're angry.
sleep: when im asleep, im asleep. and its heavenly. finally.
best moment this week: erm... i dont even know? things are so low key and non chalant. perfect boring pregnancy. basically the usual date nights with isaiah before babe arrives. we went out to dinner where i had the most amazing banana pudding shake, saw monsters university, hunted down minnesnowii for another icee and stopped by a random county fair. mmm fair food. add in some movies at home, naps and evening walks & youve got a good look into the life of momma sarah. lol.

miss anything? i REALLY miss shopping.
movement? yes. baby boy has no more room. im convinced. the movements hurt. who woulda thunk?!
food cravings: shaved ice and mixed icees!

gender: baby eetsaboy!
symptoms? notta.
labor signs? IN MY DREAMS.
anything make you sick? noooo.
rings? on/off: off
belly button? in/out: its FLAT. but you know what? it did come out for about 9 hours!!

mood: while happy, i am exhausted. waiting for a baby is hard work you guys.
looking forward to: labor signs. contractions. something. ANYTHING!! and the MN state fair. because he HAS to be here by then.

- still havent had any swelling! ::knock on wood:: {which makes me think after delivery, i will swell like a balloon}
- are anxious
- are 110% ready for baby boy to make his appearance

your baby:
- organs and lungs are matured // is ready for life outside the womb
- has a firm grasp
- continues to build layers of fat

weeks 18 & 38


  1. Pretty soon!

    It makes me laugh when people think a 9lb baby is huge...DH was 11lb 12.5oz. I'm already measuring above average, so I'm waiting for a daddy sized baby.

  2. Hi Sarah -

    I worked at W&L (am also an alum) when Isaiah was there and have been shamelessly following your blog - I love your candor!

    My partner is also pregnant and we are due the 27th! I think you and she are in the same boat when it comes to being ready for this to be OVER. You don't even want to know what happened when the midwife said, "just think you could be pregnant til August 10" :) Anyways -- best of luck to you and yours. I look forward to reading more in the future! And, maybe to having these MN July Baby Boys meet someday.


  3. I had my IUI last year on July 23, so that date holds a special place in my heart. Maybe baby G will arrive on his due date so it can be special to you too! :) Hang in there momma, you're almost done!

  4. Girl any minute! I hope your appointment brings you good news!!!

  5. You are almost there - i remember those last couple weeks being THE WORST!! Also, I loled at your doctor dilating you. bahaha.

  6. Getting closer! These last few days/weeks will seem incredibly slow but try to soak it all in! Life's gonna change dramatically!

  7. You are doing great mama!!! Hang in there. You look awesome and are so close! So excited for you!

  8. I'm stalking!!!! Holy moly I cannot wait for the next week! Will they wait to 41 to induce you? Yay for shaved ice and all those other yummy things. You are so so close and I can't wait to see him!

  9. You look great Mama! Hopefully he won't wait to be kicked out at 41 1/2 weeks like Abbie did...

  10. You're so dang cute! :) I'll keep my fingers crossed that baby comes before the due date. But either way... you're so close! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  11. Come on Baby G! I swear I'm stalking your blog and Instagram now. Um, I may need to hunt down a minnesnowii. They look SO good! I can't even deal with your dr digging his hands around in there. I guess if it brings you closer, then dig away! You look awesome and that 18/38 week comparison is amazing!

  12. love all the pictures, esp the fruit cartoon, haha

  13. The very first picture is my favorite (though you're adorable in
    Be patient momma. He'll be here before you know it!! Just soak up all this time before he gets here.
    And, you really do want him to cook till at LEAST 39 weeks. LOTS of good stuff is happening for him in your tummy right now.

  14. EEeeeekk any day now! I wonder what you'll find out tomorrow at your appointment. I am so excited, I feel like I've been watching a reality tv show this whole time, and I'm at the edge of my seating waiting for baby boy to arrive!

  15. Ha! That pumpkin thing made me laugh. Why is it always fruit they compare it to anyways? What about "your baby is the size of a toilet paper roll" or "your baby is the size of a Chipotle burrito" or "your baby is the size of a chihuahua"...