Monday, July 22, 2013

39 week bump date!

our 39 week check up was on 7/17. 

stats from this appointment:
heartbeat -- 140
dilated -- 2cm {same as week 38}
effaced -- 80% {10% more than week 38}

dr. W says that since baby boy & i are both doing so well, he doesnt even want to talk about any induction or c-section dates until 7/30. WHICH MEANS WHEN i am 41 weeks. 41 WEEKS!!! then we'll chat? that makes me think i could be an august mama. and that happens to be our anniversary month. please oh please baby boy, dont make me a 42 week pregnant woman.
plus how much will my kid weigh then?!?!?! yeeeeesh.

pray for me.

i like waking up to see that daddy made a new board ;)
"remember how long the last weeks of school felt?!"
guess we know how daddy is feeling, too!

how far along: 39 hot diggity dog weeks!
size of baby: HUMAN SIZE.
total weight gain: 28lbs... and one week to go! i might really be able to keep this under 30! 

maternity clothes: expired.
stretch marks: purple angry mean faces.
sleep: doesnt really exist. i can never get comfortable it seems. or fall asleep. actually, every single night i have the worlds worst pain in my ribs. feels somewhat like a side ache as if i just ran a marathon. {HA!} but that keeps me up. i dont know if its his feet causing it or what. meh.

fully rocking husbands wardrobe

best moment this week: seeing yellow! {see below: labor signs}
miss anything? i was really jonesin' for a mimosa or some moscato this week. first time evs.
movement: yyyeeaaaaahhh. often times i see my belly moving, but dont even feel him moving. 

what else would i do on a Saturday besides find some shaved ice?!
{should be our last Saturday before parenthood!}

food cravings: green apples, occasionally with some caramel! and shaved ice. duh.
gender: a little good man!
symptoms: ive been feeling lots of "period cramps"
labor signs: I LOST MY MUCUS PLUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on friday the 19th. and my boobies are giving me colostrum ;) but you would already know that if you read this post.

lunch in hopkins after another stop at Baby Grand

anything make you sick? yes. the idea of being overdue. {before you comment about how many first time mamas or mamas expecting boys are over due, smack yourself}
rings? on/off: off. my ring is far to be pretty to risk having it cut off if my fingers turn to piggies.
belly button? in/out: it tends to be flat. but i had a surgery in the past where the doctors went in thru my belly button, so sometimes the top makes a little flap that pokes out. it makes me proud.
mood? ants in my pants.
looking forward to: meeting my son!!! oh em geee squee!!

 & were off to the 39 week dr appt!

- are praying every night to not be an August mama
- are SHOCKED at how many people seem to be interested in my chach. like everyone expects to be in the delivery room or appear in there the second i pop a watermelon out of my lemon? lemme think... no.
- absolutely hate being crampy... uh oh.

your baby:
- is about 20 inches long
- is over 7 pounds 
- is about a "medium well" on the burger scale

the royal baby was born today! a boy! {i knew it} - apparently kate's due date was 7/13... so if her baby is 8lb and 6oz at 9 days overdue, there is hope for me you guys. i am relishing in that. & thats all i care about royal baby {until they share the name}. 
im trying to birth my own baby over here!


  1. WOOOOO!!!! Love love love!!! That is so exciting that you're progressing (even if it doesn't feel that way) and that baby will be here SO soon! Can't wait!

  2. EEEK!! ANy second now.. How exciting! You are beautiful!

  3. Yay! Waiting anxiously (as I'm sure you are even more)! You're progressing so hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer!

  4. I was overdue (40 weeks & 2 days) and I hated the "pressure" from others to deliver. Like someone wanted the baby to come more than me, you know... Hang in there! You are almost there... You have made it through 39 weeks... the end is in sight!

  5. Happy 39 weeks!! Praying your little one comes soon :)

  6. I hope that you don't have to be induced and that he comes sooner rather than later. Thinking about y'all! On the bright side...super exciting that you lost your mucus plug...that means things are progressing. Almost there, friend, almost there!

  7. so so close!!! I pray your not an August Mama too!!

  8. Haha, human true! When my daughter was born my first thought was "holy crap! how did you fit inside me??!" It sounds like things are moving in the right direction....I would be surprised if he's not here in the next few days. Either way, it'll all be done soon!

  9. The last week of school? HAHAHA! Your hubs is hilarious.
    Hang tight momma. You're so close to the finish line. I'm praying Baby G comes soon, though!!

  10. You woke up and he already made the sign?? Where did you find this guy?!

    As usual, you two are adorbs. Can't wait to read your next updates!!!!!

  11. Why has no one announced the royal baby's name? I thought that they put it up on an easel at the palace. I've been googling off and on all day.

    I totally think that you should put your birth announcement up on an easel in your driveway. (-:

  12. Yay for 39 weeks!! You are progressing so you will be there in no time! Can't wait for your big announcement!!