Tuesday, July 30, 2013

41 weeks - wait, WHAT!? yes.

my body loves holding a tiny human hostage.

my number one pet peeve in life - is when people are late. i am one of those that tries to abide by the "5 minutes early is on time" gesture. my husband? is not. and what do you know... my son is not either.

{stubborn like his mama,
late like his daddy.}

the day i became overdue, i was going nuts. from our 40w appointment on tuesday until about friday, i was a negative nancy/debby downer, anxious pregnant woman.
& what do you know, in my group of 25 women due during july - i am the last to go! 1 other lady was overdue by 5 days, but went into labor naturally 2 days before her induction date. so now its just me, waiting waiting! {pam over at our love's nest also had the same due date as i & is being induced tonight... good luck mama!}

thankfully, by the time the weekend rolled around i was able to calm myself down while i spent time with isaiah enjoying whatever it was we wanted to enjoy or do, whenever we wanted to do it. going about our weekend as two 26 year olds without a newborn baby.
sunday night, we were on our 2nd trip of the day to dairy queen around 9pm and isaiah said "baby, wouldn't you love to be listening to music right now heading to DQ in your cool carseat with mom & dad?!"... but lets face reality. with a newborn, theres a high chance that DQ would have been taken by daddy solo dolo, or wouldn't have happened at all.

as i enter week 41, i am more calm than i was during week 40. i know that baby can not stay inside forever, and if i end up going to week 42 (august 5th) - i will be induced.
isaiah doesn't mind this too much, because it means he can plan out his work schedule and client meetings easier, as well as *knowing* that it will be our doctor who will deliver. i don't care about that so much. as far as i'm concerned, if you have Dr. anything in front of your name, you better be damn good at what you do.

i am completely ready and hoping for him to come on his own, because i'm pretty nervous about being induced. thats a new thing on my research list. im also not stoked about being an august mama. i've spent the last 10 months thinking that July was it. July would be the month. i feel kind of psyched out. {& there are a few other reasons i am not thrilled about having an august baby.}

have any POSITIVE induction stories?!

i am no longer wishing these days away.
i already miss my bump. this bump that i am still carrying around and lifting up.
this bump with stretchies that forms funny shapes.
this bump that is home to my son. his supply. his safe place.
i love this bump.

isaiah has mentioned a few times over the last 9 10 months that he thinks i may experience some sort of PPD about my bump being gone. :(

i absolutely love being pregnant.
yes, even though once i became "overdue" - my body knew it & im feeling the changes.
its what i always wanted, what i always dreamed of. sure ive always wanted to be a mom - but more specifically? its been my dream to be pregnant.
time & time again i've been told how impossible it was. i remember the struggles we (i) went through. i remember the tears that have fallen. the discouragement i felt in my heart.
and here i am.
thank you Lord for making my greatest dreams come true. i only hope i can experience this miracle again someday.

i know it will all be worth it when i hear his first cry & am holding him in my arms. <3

but for the record dear sweet baby boy, 
do not make a habit out of being late. it is not okay.
& it is not nice to keep a woman waiting.

our 41 week appointment stats:
heartbeat -- 143
dilated -- 2cm {no progress from week 38}
effaced -- 80% {no progress from week 39, 10% increase from week 38}

& so we wait.

how far along? overdue, were hanging out at 41 weeks!
size of baby? big. 
total weight gain? 31lbs. i apparently went up 4lbs between week 39-40, so i am REALLY happy to see that 40-41 i didn't change.

maternity clothes: they dont fit. i had two, three? breakdowns during week 40 when it was time to get dressed/go out in public. isaiah kept handing me his clothes... "you can wear this babe". NO. I DONT WANT TO LOOK LIKE A BOY. just one sob story after another. i was a mess. what didnt help was that the temperature all weekend were in the 50's with rain, so i was going thru my older warmer maternity clothes. we werent off to a good start.
stretch marks: growing like weeds. STOP IT ALREADY. i don't really care anymore what shows up on my tummy, i'm down to wear a one piece swimsuit for the rest of my life. but the ones on my thighs?! they have GOT. TO. GO. buhbye.
sleep: i can not complain. this is one thing being overdue has changed for me. i am so tired. all the time. and i have not slept so good or so hard in the last 9 months. {which is just going to make a harder adjustment when baby does come now!} lose/lose sitch.

best moment this week? my husband. he is wonderful. after our 40w appt of no progress, he told me to go get a fresh shellac. {of course by now it doesnt look so fresh.. why doesnt shellac EVER stay on my nails like it should!?} spending time with him makes my heart SO happy. i never want to take him for granted.
miss anything? would it be selfish if i said my nice smooth skinny legs?
movement? yyeaahh. tho i almost went to L&D twice because it took so long for me to feel them. i was getting paranoid. and the minute isaiah was able to talk to him, we felt some movements so we didnt head in. sometimes its hard to get/feel the suggested "10 in 2 hours". except for when were at the movie theater. baby boy loves that ish. we saw wolverine last night, and as usual - he was movin around like a mad man in there! {or maybe he just likes the icee?!}

food cravings? mango pineapple orange julius, chocolate malts, sprite, icee's... i am always thirsty. (but my iron is ok!)
anything make you sick? you mean besides the idea of birthing a 10+ pounder?! nah.

gender: boy!
symptoms: cramping, lower pressure, chubby feeties.
labor signs: while i havent felt anything, i've seen my tummy turn into a rock hard square. assuming thats a contraction of some sort.

isaiah had to hold me when i leaned over to peek at my feeties ;)

rings? on/off: off
belly button? in/out: about 80% out! it only took 40 weeks!
mood? i am hanging in there, but the moods are swingin.
looking forward to: surpassing labor & delivery. oye!

even luigi is waiting!
{updated nursery sneak peek!}


  1. Oh honey, my induction was positive! It really is not as big a deal as people make it out to be, and if you end up going that route, it will be okay! I'm going to direct message you my cell so if you go that route and have questions, you can text me. Thinking of you!

  2. hang in there mama :)

    p.s. with that lovely big belly of yours you should definitely take some silhouetted photos too.

  3. You look great! You'll have to teach that boy of yours to not keep girls waiting ever again! ;) Maybe he just knew that you were waiting a long time to have a belly and just wanted to make sure you could enjoy it as long as possible! :)

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  5. I think you look so cute pregnant, Sarah! We have already set up an induction date at 41 weeks, but I'm like you--I hope she comes before then! I have been having a crisis about my doctor maybe not being the one to deliver the baby, so your thoughts about people having "Dr." In front of their name made me feel much better!
    I'm praying for you--may you meet your baby boy today or tomorrow!!!

  6. Hang in there dear, you're almost done!!
    I have a great induction story. Less than 9 hrs start to finish with no c-section. 1 hr 20 min of pushing, but still fairly easy. Go check out my birth story if you haven't seen it already. And feel free to email me and ask any and all questions you may have!
    If you have to be induced, you got this!!!

  7. I had a positive induction experience and wouldn't have changed my labor experience at all. Sometimes you just have to get a little kick start!

    Hope all goes well for you guys!

  8. Look at that beautiful bump!!
    At 41 weeks you just get to enjoy that pretty tummy a little longer.

  9. I love the way that you've completely embraced being pregnant. Here's my outlook on being induced. (I don't have a positive story to share because I haven't done it yet!) Inductions are positive because baby does come eventually! :) Keep your eye on the prize mama! YOU CAN DO IT! :)

  10. Oh sweet Jesus...come on out Baby Boy!!! The positive news...you still look fab at 41 weeks preggo!! :)

  11. THIS is a beautiful post! IT REALLY is. I am glad you feel better about the whole thing. He will be here SO SOON. It is a miracle to carry a baby to term. I pray you have a wonderful delivery. His arrival will be more magical that you ever imagined.

  12. I was laughing so hard about Isaiah giving you his clothes to wear...The little one could still be a July baby!!! He just needs to get his act together in the next 36 hours (:

  13. I always love your photos!! I hope baby comes soon, I can't wait to see pics of him! :)

  14. Just recently started following your blog....I too was induced, at 41 weeks. Due to my son's head being at a "funky angle" and in labor for over 24 hours, they went ahead and did a c-section. Not the way I envisioned by "birth plan" but I had a healthy baby and that's what counts! (And as late as I was....I only had a 7 lb baby, haha)

    Also, the way they did my c-section, I was up walking around a few hours after I gave birth and back to myself in a week. Definitely not as bad as I thought! Good luck :)

  15. I have your same due date and no baby yet either. Hopefully they both decide to get a move on!

  16. I keep checking for a baby picture over here!! :)) And holy smokes do you look cute as ever!! Love love the first pic in that white dress!

  17. The best thing about this post is how freakin' adorable you are in EVERY picture!!! You are rocking pregnancy! Isaiah is pretty amazing. Lucky girl! And now I need to get me an Icee!

  18. Oh man, I was 41w1d when I finally gave birth! Being overdue stinks!! I hope he comes soon!

  19. yayyyy baby! I hope he comes soon!

    As for your nursery sneak peak, ohh my gosh I cannot wait to see it, it looks so adorable!

  20. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! I love visiting your blog and I’m sure others will too. :) You can find more info here: