Thursday, July 25, 2013

bump date! 40 weeks - FORTY!

our 40w doctors appt was ON OUR DUE DATE, 7/23.
stats from this appointment:
heartbeat -- 136
dilated -- 2cm {no progress from week 38}
effaced -- 80% {no progress from week 39, 10% increase from week 38}

low and behold, as mentioned in my 39 week bump date, dr. W doesn't want to schedule me for an induction. isaiah and i asked if we could get one in the books for the end of July and avoid me being an August mama, but no luck. apparently there is some chart and for first time moms they want you to score a 9 before they can go ahead and schedule an induction. I SCORED AN 8. AN EIGHT! the higher the number, the "quicker" the labor can progress and the less likely it is to result in a c-section. but alas, no induction scheduling for me. so now i go back to the doctor next week at 41 weeks pregnant and see if i score higher. then we will schedule an induction FOR THE FIRST WEEK OF AUGUST. 42+ weeks.
we don't even get an ultrasound to check on things! i asked my doctor about the babies weight - and thats also no issue. "some women are able to birth 12 pound babies and some women struggle birthing a 6 pound baby, we never know so thats not anything we can base it on". COOL. i'm honored that you think i can handle birthing a 12 pound child. 

lots of waiting for mom & dad this week!

my body couldn't get pregnant, but it sure loves being pregnant.

i'm finding out that its best i probably don't speak to anyone until August/my babes arrival. the comments and advice i get just make me want to lash out. i'm about to lose my marbles you guys. 
so don't tell me to go for a walk, because i can assure you {I AM}, often. with lightning crotch and all. having sex. bouncing on balls. doing jumping jacks & squats. eating spices. eating pineapple. eating chinese food and eggplant parm. nipple stimulation in 3 ways, INCLUDING breast pumping. {my doctor was shocked as shit when i told him pumping didn't bring on any contractions...} for now, i am giving it a rest. and trying to hold on to my marbles.

come on baby. come on labor.

pray for me.

daddy does it again with the board! :)

how far along: 40 weeks. about full term as it gets!
size of baby: human sized. i'm afraid to find out.
total weight gain: 31 pounds. so much for that goal.

week 30 // week 40

maternity clothes: disgust me.
stretch marks: are starting to hurt. and get shiny. isaiah called them my reflectors .... =/
sleep: 2-4 hours a night.


best moment this week? isaiah met me at our dr appt with caribou coffee in hand and then told me to go get a gel mani afterwards. its the little things. <3 he keeps me sane.
miss anything? my due date.
movement: absolutely. i may be slower than a snail & often trying to pick my belly up off the ground, but you bet i'm still movin around! oh... you wanted to know about the baby. well yes. he is moving around too. and it effing hurts!

food cravings: nothing.
anything make you sick? peoples comments.

gender: stubborn. oh... that means boy. {though he gets that being stubborn thing from me}
symptoms: my feet are snug in my shoes. my eyes can barely see. rolling over is hard. going from laying to sitting is hard. i cant hold myself in the bathtub anymore. and even tho our bed is on the ground, its hard maneuvering around that too. 40 weeks in pregnancy sounds like 40 weeks in age... all downhill from here. over the hill?
labor signs: my doctor said i have absolutely no plug and no membranes left. my cervix is ridiculously soft and ready. yet NOTHING is happening.

rings? on/off: off
belly button? in/out: flat
mood? i am an impatient crabby patty
looking forward to: meeting my son. seriously. the anticipation is real.

20 weeks // 30 weeks // 40 weeks 

- gained 4lbs in a week. holyshitfuckpissballs.
- are fat face city
- have experienced chubby feet and snug shoes

your baby:
- get out get out get out
- apparently loves the womb
- is stubborn like his mama
- is late like his daddy

wanna know when baby G arrives?
follow me on instagram
{but if you're a blogger & we've been texting, i'll probably inform you the minute i lose my marbles}


  1. Oh sweet girl, I've been praying and thinking about you lots! I hope your little guy decides to show his face sooner than later. XO You might not being feeling it, but you look fabulous...truly!

  2. I'm not going to give you any advice honey...but I've been there. Hang in there! Let me know if you need anything!

  3. At least you still look adorable :)

  4. I've been thinking of you & wondering. Good luck...I'm sure it will be soon!!!

  5. Dang it! I was hoping this would be a "he's here!" post! :( Hopefully little guy comes soon! If you need another sanity texter, feel free to text me! :)

  6. Oh I love you! I check on you every morning I wake up and before I go to bed! ::stalker much?!::

    I hope he comes soon...aka like today....Love you!!

  7. You're looking great mama! Let me know if there's anything you need me to do <3

  8. I think we all need to come karate chop your dr in the throat!!

  9. Yeah, at birthing class they talked about how mom size and baby size doesn't matter. DH's mom is tiny...smaller than me (like 5' and thin) and had DH natural...he was 11lb 12.5oz. That stinks that you can't even get scheduled to be induced yet! Hopefully you've progressed next week!

  10. love all the pictures!!!! You are such a cutie

  11. got my fingers crossed! i can only imagine the suspense and annoyance ;) get outta there baby G!

  12. New reader here! You poor thing! I remember the end of pregnancy. I started feeling anxious and getting pissy at, like, 38 weeks so I can imagine how you feel! Just know that there really is an end in sight even if it feels like FOREVER...which it does... ;)

    P.S. Maybe God is making you stay pregnant because you're so cute!


  13. I love the purple shirt 3 picture series! Can't wait for that little guy! Xoxo

  14. Don't lose your marbles. It won't be good for the baby when he arrives. Baby G needs all of Mommy's marbles in tact. :)
    I'm praying for you!!!

  15. I love reading your updates, crabby patty and all! I think I tell you your husband is adorable more than is normal, but he really is. What an awesome guy you have! You have rocked this pregnancy, almost can't blame Baby for wanting to stay snuggled up with his mama! Oh, and I love the comparison pics in the same outfit! I'm checking IG like a fool but hang in there girl! xo

  16. Oh girl you crack me up. I love your posts, I am sorry you are feeling crabby! :( I don't blame you!! Hang in there and eat TONS of ice cream!!

  17. I love reading your posts and keeping up with you! I came across your blog searching for all things pregnancy and you're a pretty momma to be! Don't lose your marbles and I'm sure everyone's two cents are eating at your last nerve. :-) Hang in there! Your hubby is great, he's been involved, showing/typing his excitement just as much as you. Thank you for keeping pregnancy real, not glamorizing it. :-)

  18. holyshitfuckpissballs... cracked me up!!! I hope baby boy comes out soon so you can regain a little sanity :)

    P.S. I got my box yesterday! You rock! I have been looking for a hat just like that. You read my mind!!!!

  19. aww, you poor thing! I hope it happens real soon!

  20. I have been checking IG and Twitter waiting to see an announcement from you about as much as I checked waiting on the birth of the royal baby! Come on out little baby G! And, make it easy on your mama! :)

  21. I cringe a little every time someone leaves my SIL (Pam from Our Love Nest) some advice on how to get the baby out or what worked for them, etc. I've never gone any longer than 39 weeks and 3 days (both of my boys were scheduled c-sections) but I do know the crazy anticipation of wanting to see your sweet baby's face SO BADLY that it literally drives you insane. The best news? You can't be pregnant forever. It's impossible ;) That's my light at the end of the tunnel for you. And I swear to you. I promise you- as soon as that boy is placed in your arms- you will forget this waiting. Okay fine, maybe like one week AFTER you meet your son ;) Carter, my first, was 9lbs 10oz at 39 weeks when he was born.. I love me a big baby ;) XO!

  22. Aww look at you!!! Can't wait to meet baby!

  23. Maybe your Cara Box should have included some extra know just in case you lose some...or throw them at people. LOL

    I'll pray for you!

  24. Oh hunny....I'm sorry he is so comfy in there and your doctor won't give you a break. The good news is, once he is here you will forget all about these miserable last days.

  25. Love these pictures. So glad you're keeping your sense of humor in the midst of all this patience-testing!