Tuesday, August 6, 2013

a whole new life.

we are home!

we went in to the hospital thursday early morning and were discharged monday afternoon. i was SO ready to be out of there when monday came, but now i think i could have taken the extra day i was offered.

our first night home was rough. to be expected with a newborn adjusting to new life, as well as mom and dad {and our two dogs}. i ended up needing an emergency c-section. if were being honest, the recovery absolutely sucks. i got sick late last night/early this morning and throwing up kills my incision beyond belief. using my abdominal muscles happens in more movements than i have ever noticed.
for some reason crue would not sleep anywhere but on/next to me after the feedings. each time we moved him to his sleeper, he'd immediately wake up in a screaming tantrum. the cycle was never ending. but during the day? he's been fine falling sleep anywhere. uffda.

i dont know what i love more.
his blue grey steel eyes,
the way he crinkles his face up with confusion,
or the way he suckles on his lips.

i need to brag about my husband.
crue is 4 days old -- i have yet to change a diaper.
i have yet to grab him when hes crying.
isaiah has already baby worn him around the house while doing the laundry.
& he's already taken crue on a walk with the 2 dogs.
these things mommy hasnt even done yet!

isaiah wakes up with us during the night and gets crue from his rock & play sleeper so i can stay in bed and not move around any extra with my incision. he will calm crue down and then hand him off to me for a feeding. when he's done, i wake isaiah up so he can grab crue and lay him back down in the sleeper next to our bed.
he is a PRO with the 5 S's from baby wise. isaiah can shhh crue faster than mommy, or anyone else.
he is so brave and interactive. i couldn't be more thankful or lucky.
{i give mad props to the single parents}

my milk came in last night! thankfully. because isaiah let me get some extra sleep this morning and was able to bottle feed my milk to crue as i got in some more sleep.

for now, i am trying to heal/survive. we are all learning!
tomorrow we have our first peds appointment.
we do know that crue lost 13oz in the hospital. now that my milk is in, i hope we'll be back on the upscale to his weight gain!

i hope to write up my birth story soon!

meeting lambeau

meeting lucy

isaiah's mom // grandma ellen

my dad // grandpa gregg

my cousin lexy // crue's godmama

thank you for all of the love :)


  1. Awww congratulations!! He is absolutely precious!!

  2. Yay! So happy you're doing well, other than that incision. Hopefully that heals up soon! So sweet that Isaiah is so helpful!

  3. i am in love with that baby and he isn't even mine. congrats to you both!!!
    so proud and happy for you guys!


  4. crue is absolutely perfect! i can't wait to read the birth story!!

  5. Way to go Isaiah!! Can't wait for your birth story!

  6. He is perfect! Don't worry too much about the weight. During labor and delivery (c-sections in particular) they pump you full of fluids and that is transfered to the baby. Almost creating an "artificial" birth weight. Which means that it is completely normal for the baby to lose the water weight. Keep nursing him on demand and he will gain weight easily.

  7. Your husband is adorable (so is the baby!).

  8. What a perfect little man! He is so damn cuteee!! I know I say this all the time but Isaiah is AMAZING!!! Lucky girl you are!! And is this weird that I miss your belly?! haha so glad to see what was in it, though! xo

  9. You look so put together in all of your hospital pics! I was a hot mess the whole time we were there.
    I can't wait until there's a picture that says "Crue meeting Desiree'!" :)
    Serious props to Isaiah. What a great daddy!

  10. He is SO PRECIOUS! :) I am so glad that Isaiah is there to help you out! Hopefully you all get into a routine quickly!! You look great mama! Can't wait to hear all about the birth story!

  11. congrats to you both! He is sooo handsome.

    PPS. you look so little already.

    I love him with the dogs so cute.

  12. So precious! What a great husband you have got by your side :)

  13. Again, Crue is soo adorable and perfect!! You are looking great!! Can't wait to read the birth story, even though I am avoiding those thoughts for now!

  14. Welcome to mommy hood :) I hope it's everything you imagine and more!!

  15. Yes I've been waiting for this post!!!! And can't wait to hear the birth story. Crue is so adorable! The way he scrunches his face, OMG. I love that you got some more use out of that robe, I remember it from your wedding video. :) And I'm so happy that Isaiah is so awesome!

  16. Your husbands excited smile in the first photo is adorable! He looks and sounds like such a great proud daddy. Glad you are all easing into the adjustment of the sweet new guy.

  17. Best of luck as you adjust to your roles as mom and dad. Congratulations!

  18. He is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! You can always picture how motherhood is going to be but it's never fully understood until that baby is in your arms. Enjoy every. last. second. :)

  19. how cute! Love those last pictures and love to hear of your husband who serves you so well!!! What a blessing!!! Congrats again

  20. He is the CUTEST little guy! Sounds like you're starting to adjust and things are going well :)

  21. Congratulations! You look great for just having a baby and I can't wait to hear the birth story!

  22. Those first days are such an adjustment! I am so happy your hubby is taking such good care of both of you! Crue is just adorable! CONGRATULATIONS lady!

  23. Congratulations...he's perfect!!

  24. You got so small by the time you left the hospital!!!! And I am so happy that both you and crue are doing well. I love you mama and can't wait until I join you and have one of these posts to write (:

  25. Oh dear friend, my heart goes out to you! Those first few days are tougher than tough! So glad you're milk came in and so glad you have such a great guy to parent with!

  26. This is just so so so wonderful! You are so lucky to have such an awesome guy to help you while you are recovering! Take care and enjoy your sweetie pie!