Thursday, August 1, 2013

what pregnancy has taught me.

now, i am obviously no pro at pregnancy having this be my first child & all, but thats not here nor there. i think pregnant women are always learning something. whether its your first, second or even third.  every pregnancy is different & this is a time of my life i want to remember every minute of.

questions & comments: they dont end. they'll go from pregnancy comments to parenting comments. can you walk? are you sure you arent having twins? are you going to breast feed? i bet youre miserable. i know how youre feeling. blah blah blah.

modesty: such as breast feeding. i cant even begin to tell you how many women IMMEDIATELY asked me if i was planning to breast feed. strangers! a lady in target. a lady in the lobby at massage envy. prepare for this, and answer in any way you damn well please!

summers eve: i used to think this stuff was gross, and that it meant something was wrong with you. but now i know certain hormones can make your chach smell like something different every week. perhaps it means you are growing a human, & theres nothing more beautiful than that.

stretch marks: maybe you are one of the lucky ones & never had these. but me? i got my first teeny one on mothers day. week 32 a few more showed up. week 36 though? an entire family reunion decided to set up shop. and then with being overdue, that entire family reunion decided they didn't like their current location and moved up north.
i've got my fair share of stretch marks & then some. each single red road is a reminder of the journey and struggle i went through to get pregnant, to stay pregnant & to birth my son. together they all create a miracle.

no one's experience is the same: i've heard of waters gushing, waters trickling, waters not breaking at all. ladies having horrible contractions at 2cm, ladies not feeling them until 7cm! ive heard birth stories of ladies not being dilated at all. have bleeding at some point? could be a million things. DO NOT compare yourself to your friend or someone else's pregnancy. you cant go wrong if you follow your instincts!

dr. google: this shit is like the news, there is nothing but depressing bad stories and experiences. STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE. it will give you a million sleepless nights.

mucus plug: this fascinates me. but let me tell you. when you pass it - IT DOES NOT MEAN LABOR WILL SOON FOLLOW. boo hoo, i know. i spent an entire friday afternoon and night losing it. a week later, i lost some more on thursday morning. another week later on a wednesday, i lost glops all day long. 3 weeks of losing the MP. no blood, no labor. don't let losing your MP get your hopes up!

wives tales: schmives tales. two days after we got our BFP, i knew i was having a boy. i just had the feeling. at every OB appointment, his heart rate was high. usually in the 160's or 170's. never below 150 (until we got near the end)... isaiah thought this meant we were having a girl. nopers.

maternity clothes: awesome in the beginning. horrible at the end. i promise, you WILL get sick of them. and shopping for them. and spending money on them. you'll even outgrow them. imagine that.

its okay to say no: to guests, to missing a dinner party.. whatever. if you arent up for it - THATS OKAY!

symptoms: they are so weird. i was shocked at how it made my boogers always bloody. pregnancy has also given me my first bloody nose in 26 years. ive had about 3 now. my belly got hairy. the linea nigra line showed up. i got stretch marks even though many women in my family didnt. my boobs only hurt for the first 2 days. i never got sick. i didn't have to pee often... theres probably a symptom for everything. but again, not everyone is the same! but read up on them & welcome them :)

pregnancy brain: its real folks. just go with it.

sleep: HAHAHAHA. you think 'oh you are so tired when you're pregnant, you'll probably sleep great all the time' - WRONG. so very wrong. find a way you can get as comfortable as possible, and just accept thats probably the best its going to get for a very long time.

you cant be pregnant forever: hold on to that thought. enjoy those teeny hiccups. the thumps of the heart beat. the slow rolls. the quick jabs. the feet stuck in your ribs. every moment is so wonderful :)


  1. This is so hilarious and so, so, so true! I love it!

  2. So, can you walk? Are you going to breast feed? Are you sure you're not having TWINS??

    I kid, I kid. :) But seriously who asks a stranger about breast feeding? And are they planning to judge your answer?

    I love what you said about stretch marks and how they come together to create a miracle. Poetry!

  3. I love this post! So funny! I hated my stretch marks and I'm still not fond of them, but the poem you posted awhile back really helped me change my view on them...a little bit! You're doing great at staying optimistic these last few days (or weeks). :)

  4. So happy for you guys! I can't wait for your little man to make an appearance, m'lady!!!

    Also, I wanted to state that I'm pretty sure that Andrew & Isaiah have the same sense of style. His outfit in that last picture TOTALLY looks like something Andrew would wear.

  5. Love this!! Everything is so true! I hate my stretch marks & am so uncomfortable sleeping! And, there's nothing truer than the maternity clothes!

  6. omg i love this!! everything is SO TRUE!! oh man and especially the MP. i was like WOOOP! I LOST MINE... oh wait... still pregnant. here i am... still pregnant. you are awesome and hilarious, girl!

  7. Very true!!! I miss being pregnant...I can't wait to do it all over again :)

  8. You nailed this on the head.
    I heart you!!

  9. Hang in there baby boy will be here soon!

  10. I love this post! :) All of this is SO TRUE! I can't wait for you to announce baby boy! :)

  11. Yep. Completely!

    Good luck and I can't wait to see a picture of that sweet baby boy!

  12. Love this post. Baby boy is lucky to have such a wise mama.

  13. There are so many good things in this post!! The summers eve and bloody boogers surprised me the most. I swear, I thought I was losing my mucus plug out of my nose the other day. I was absolutely horrified. Same day had to change my underwear three times. What the eff is going on around here?!?!