Wednesday, September 4, 2013

new mom = busy mom!


we are still in the swing of this new mom business, and staying home with a baby is a full time J-O-B! my husband has time to shower, brush his teeth and eat on a daily basis... but me?! i think majority of the days i am brushing my teeth for the first time when he gets home. and eating? too bad crue man shoe just cant share his milk with me.

our last grocery trip consisted of buying anything that was simple for me to eat while not being complete junk {im no longer eating for 2 after all}. i've grabbed oatmeal, pop tarts, and things for making sandwiches. but ive quickly come to realize not even THAT is quick enough!

want to know what has worked best for me to be able to eat something during the day?

yogurt. yoplait yogurt. fruitful!
THANK GOODNESS. its not plain, it tastes delicious, and i can eat it with one hand to avoid a screaming baby. win-win-win!

before getting pregnant, i hated yogurt. but this yoplait stuff is the bees knees for so many reasons. yoplait has over 40 flavors so i am constantly able to switch it up day in and day out. they even have greek yogurt in their line! {if you are a fan of that healthy stuff, haha}

yoplait fruitful's are my favorite of the bunch. they are a brand new product only available in some state, have no artificial flavors or sweeteners. and the best part? they have 1/3 cup of fruit in 6 different flavors!

click here to get a coupon and try your very own flavored fruitful!

this post is sponsored by yoplait - all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I eat a lot of protein bars for a quick meal replacement (not sure how you feel about those). But the Target brand ones have 20g of protein and just 2g of sugar.

  2. Oh man! The busy mom lifestyle! :)

  3. Holy moly, this brought back memories, the struggles of learning to eat one handed, ALWAYS eating cold food, and losing so much weight from lack of food. I ate protein or granola bars most often and grapes.

  4. Ha! This is all so true. As the little man gets a little older you'll find time for other foods - but all must be ready to eat, and then inhaled within 3 minutes. :)

  5. Sorry its been hard finding time to eat. It does get better!

    I remember when my daughter was a newborn. My hubby came home from work to me crying. He asked what was wrong and I sobbed "I just want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich."

  6. Ha ha! Glad you found something that works!