Monday, September 2, 2013

crue: ONE M0NTH!

photo by rosy cheeks

i can not believe my sweet boy is 0NE M0NTH 0LD!

i will never forget what an amazing whirlwind of a day august 2nd (and 1st!) was.

spending all of those hours on the 1st watching over him on the monitors, laboring in the tub & soaking up those last moments with isaiah in anticipation of what was to come. 
and on the 2nd we spent the entire day with a new sweet baby boy in our arms getting to know one another!

as i type this out right now, its 11:15AM and crue is STILL asleep! so i am sure this post is going to get published at some rando hour... because i am waiting to take a picture of course ;)

weight: 8lbs 13oz

sleep: two 5-6 hour stretches! 11pm to 4/430am & 5/530am to 10-11am. 
we all go to bed at the same time together and thats totally okay with all of us :) isaiah wakes up for work around 4/430am 95% of the time and that is when he will wake crue up for his bottle. after that they hang out and walk the dogs before he puts crue back down for the second stretch. crue will sleep, so if theres a day isaiah doesnt need to be up until later (5/530) he will just wake crue then and it doesnt affect his second stretch at all. it is really nice having him sleep through the nights already. but i have to tell you that he does not nap during the day. hardly ever. hes taken a day time nap 4 times, and all of them have been on the weekend while we were out shopping... a moving stroller or shopping cart. at home during the day? no naps. and they are long days. so thank you jesus for a good nights rest! 
(last night he slept 11pm-7am when we woke him! & again 8am-12noon)!

eating: this boy, i tell ya! his first days in the hospital and week home were the perfect schedule. he was hungry every 3 hours ON THE DOT. and in between those hours? he would be awake for about 30 minutes then sleep. oh it was glorious. but now? he wants to eat - ALL. DAY. LONG. i feed on demand, but i would like that to be every 2 hours or so, and it kind of works out with our daily routine. although majority of the time - we dont make it every 2 hours. ill feed him at 2, he will stay on the boob until 3 and its not unusual if hes back on before 4. the things we do for our babies eh?!

*i am breast feeding and pumping. isaiah gives crue 1 bottle in the mornings so i can keep sleeping and they can have their daddy/son time together. it works out really well for all of us. (we also like to bring a bottle with us if were on the go incase of an emergency (ie: screaming session in the car). 
pumping was working out much better when crue was on his own 3 hour schedule, but these past two weeks or so it has been really hard to pump during the day with him nursing so often. & that is really stressing me out. i never hated pumping until now. it is giving me more mixed signals than a damn dude! this morning i woke up at 430am to pump, after 30 minutes of that i noticed not a single drop came out of my left, and i only got 1oz from my right. ive been having a hard time lately wondering if crue is getting enough and having actual nightmares about my supply going away so i started taking 6-8 fenugreek pills a day. i've been doing that for 6 days now and havent noticed a difference. :(( we've got one sad mama on our hands over here. BUT. isaiah is being really supportive, crue is having a good number in dirty and wet diapers while he appears to be nursing just fine. so i need to try and woosah over this stupid pumping issue. it plays mind games with me. 

breast feeding was a bit tricky in the hospital and they ended up giving me a shield to help with his latch. crue latched on to that immediately and we've been using a shield since. i really hope to wean him off of it though. i am offering him my nipple without it every day in the middle of a feed but it hasnt been working as much as he tries. hopefully going to a new lactation cafe next will help us both out!*

mood: my favorite moments of the day are when he wakes up & we just finished nursing. he is happy, content, alert and awake for a good 20 minutes or so. he is generally a pretty happy baby. he is very easy to calm down when hes upset. we havent been desperate where we've had to try things like the dryer or vacuum noise. thank the lord! he does not sleep through the day so if were not nursing hes pretty fussy (i swear hes hungry all day... going back to my supply insecurities). i do feel like hes a happier baby for daddy vs. mama though so theres some sadness going on because i think crue only sees me as a giant boob right now and not a provider of anything else :( we're all getting to know each other still and figure it out. doing the best we can!

milestones: hes had his first blowout (one and only one!) on daddy, made his first trip to the MN state fair (twice!), first bath, first shower, first car ride, first lunch out (to davonni's) after his first newborn photo shoot, attended church, first afternoon & late night restaurant outings (ole piper & buffalo wild wings), first nursing session in public, first date night out on the town with mom & dad, first trip to the doctors, target and the mall, first bottle from dad, met great grandma lucille, met great grandma madelyn, dipped his toesies into a pool, and he sleeps through the night!

loves: bath time with mama and shower time with daddy. i dont know which of us 3 love it the most but it melts my heart FOR SURE. crue is so snuggly, calm and at peace in either the shower or bath. he hated his first bath in his tub alone so since then one of us have always joined him. we havent tried his tub again yet but im in no hurry - i am loving those baby snuggles and wide eyes staring back at me! he also absolutely loves being in our wrap. specifically with daddy. love love love. im convinced his life would be 100% different without the A+A bamboo blankets. he swoons over those things. and the sound of rain! 

he does much better with getting buckled in and being in his carseat these days. both in the car and in the stroller. not sure he loves either but theres a whole lot less of fussy time ;)

i have not been away from him yet. isaiah and i are supposed to take some of his clients out for dinner and to see the show "Wicked" later on this month -- mama is not happy. lets just say i probably mention how panicky i am to isaiah on a daily basis. first babysitter? that milestone i am not eager to hit.

mama: one month pp. havent had a single crying session {yet}! i feel like thats a big deal. still dont fit into any prepreg pants, cant even get them over my butt. not fitting into many prepreg shirts or dresses either due to my milk boobies. super super frustrating and leaving the house is hell when it comes to finding an outfit. i can't even get some maxis on that i wore 9 months pregnant. THE HELL???! i have my 6 week check up on sept 13th & i think i am healing pretty well thus far. ive got 9-10 pregnancy pounds left to lose. and hopefully an additional 20 more after that, at least the 10 i gained pre pregnancy due to the metformin and infertility meds. heres to praying that shedding 20-30 more pounds is do-able! but even more frustrating than the pounds? is the saggy skin fold ive got. i still cant see my incision and i have a fupa. i dont care what the scale says, but please oh please go away extra skin. i also have stretch marks on the back of my legs to my knees. MY KNEES! ugh. we have a cruise in 5 months and i dont think i'll be getting in any sort of swimsuit... or shorts. :(

time is really flying.


  1. I hear you on the breastfeeding. It didn't work out well for us at all so I was exclusively pumping and having to supplement. Then the pumping and bottle feeding became too exhausting to do both every 2-3 hours so we decided I would pump 3x/day and do mostly formula. It was a hard decision, but one that was best for us.

    I'm so glad he sleeps well for you at night already! Hopefully his daytime naps will come soon, but he is so cute! You're doing a great job, mama!

  2. He is so cute!! I can't believe how good he is sleeping.

  3. He is too cute in that big ole' diaper! Can't stand it! Are you doing cloth, too? And that's awesome that he sleeps so long at night! Try not to stress about some of those little things, Crue loves his mama so very much and you both have a lot to learn about each other still. I feel you on the stretch marks, though. Mine are all over my hips and thighs and have now decided to show up on my belly. Swimsuits will be interesting, indeed!

  4. I can't believe Crue has been here for a month!
    So jealous that your little man sleeps so well at night. You are lucky!!

    Speaking from experience, the extra skin around the c-section does go away! The only way you would EVER know I have an incision scar is if you pulled down my undies. :)

  5. He is adorable! I cant believe he sleeps that much!!!

  6. Sounds like a pretty good first month! :)

  7. 1 - I didn't know you were cloth diapering! His bum looks too cute in that green one :)
    2 - Breastfeeding is SO. HARD. Don't beat yourself up - it sounds like you're doing great. I never responded well to the pump, but it seems like you do, for the most part. If you're worried about your supply, look up the motherlove supplements. They have extra herbs in them in addition to the fenugreek that might help (blessed thistle, goat's rue, etc.). Also, if you like oatmeal, that helps with supply too, and mother's milk tea. I also ended up making a batch of lactation cookies while I was nursing with oatmeal, brewer's yeast, and ground flaxseed.
    3 - He is such a cutie. You're doing a FABULOUS job - he looks so healthy!

  8. Gah he is so stinking cute!!!!!
    As others have said, mothers milk tea helps. I gave up on bf-ing but the tea helped my supply com in. Also, if you're a drinker, a daily beer helps too. I've also heard people swear by lactation cookies. There's a lady on facebook - Bessie's Best Lactation Cookies - that has great reviews. I was going to order from her, but it just got too crazy and hard and I threw in the towel before I could. Your little dude would tell you if he wasn't getting enough!

  9. Awe he is so cute! 1 month already - how??

  10. Love those cute little cloth diapers. You are doing a great job on all fronts, Mama!

  11. There's a good chance he is feeding so often to increase your supply. As long as he's growing and wetting enough diapers don't worry about not having enough, I know it's really hard, my baby does the same thing wanting to feed all the time. You might look up 'cluster feeding', he might be eating more during the day to sleep longer at night.
    One thing I found helpful when starting to pump is to pump one side while the baby eats from the other, keeping them on one side for longer lets them get more hind milk (fattier milk than fore milk which is more lactose) and I found that the natural let down led to more successful pumping for me although it's hard to juggle both baby and pump!
    Don't get discouraged, look for a local La Leche League or continue trying new lactation consultants until you find someone who can help.

  12. Oh my goodness, I hope my daughter is as good of a baby as him! I can't believe he is sleeping so much!!!

  13. he is so so so so so cute!!! way to go on the sleep!! i'm hoping my lilly is sleeping like that soon! and i am with you on the post-preggo body and clothing issues. i'm having the SAME issues. nothing fits me :( you are doing awesome, mama!

  14. Oh my goodness he is so cute! And he is rocking the sleep! I promise you, the nursing does get better and waaay easier! I think it took 6 weeks of pumping 24/7 (plus nursing) before I thought it was easy! I hope you stick with it because honestly you're miles ahead of most women already.. even though I know it doesn't feel that way :) On another note, I'm not quite sure the skin goes away. boo... 13 months later and I still hate every pair of jeans. :(

  15. He is so cute and I love all your photos! I used a nipple shield too and I didn't think I'd ever be able to wean him, but then one day I just said no more nipple shield and he figured it out! He didn't like it the first few feedings but he got the hang of it that same day! Good luck - I'm so happy to be done with it.


  16. Eliminating that night time feed could be what's affecting your milk supply. Overnight is too long a stretch not to pump or feed him directly. It gives your body mixed signals.

    Try feeding him at night instead of giving him the pumped milk for a couple of nights & see if it helps.

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  18. Sad to say that it only goes faster as they get older. I look at my daughter and can't believe she's 2 already. He's adorable!

  19. adorable!! we struggled with infertility too and have a baby boy who is almost 3 months old. :) love your blog. Congrats momma. I am over at