Friday, September 27, 2013

parents night out.

crue turned 7 weeks last friday. {8 weeks today! WHAT?!}

it was also our first night out as parents!

i spent all week in pure panic for this night to come and for me to leave crue. it was going to be the first time i had ever left him. period! i havent even left him alone with isaiah yet, other than to take a quick shower. isaiah kept telling me that i could stay home, and id be lying if i told you that i didnt contemplate the idea. every. single. day.

date nights for isaiah and i have always been so important to us. they've been a part of our relationship since we first met and we try to do them on a weekly basis.

just because im a mom now, that doesnt change the fact that i am a wife also. just because i am so in love with crue, im also still so in love with isaiah! it was important to me that i always make isaiah feel important. as a father and a husband. so i put on my big girl panties and got ready for date night. just the two of us. 

isaiah got home from work to come shower crue with quick kisses, pick me up and head right back out the door for our night. it was all organized by his work company as a chance to take out some clients. i cried before we got off our street. and bawled until we parked our car at our destination. oops.

we went downtown to Solera for a cocktail hour and dinner, then out to the Orpheum for the broadway play Wicked. isaiah brought his clients Andy and Sophie -- loved them! cocktail hour was meh. its been quite some time since i had worn heels and i was surprised by how quick my feet were hurting in one of my favorite pairs that i could have ran a mile in a year ago! AND. i didnt even have a drink. i know that i can, but i am just too afraid to pump & dump. even though it would have been hours before getting home, i really wanted to nurse crue before bed and i suppose that just took priority in my mind. (so whos taking me out for my first drink!?) dinner was my favorite part. and it was nice to be around some other adults but Andy and Sophie were by far my favorite. we had really good conversations. they just got married 2 weekends ago! i remember those fun times :)

i have to admit. i didnt like wicked. so sue me. maybe its because i couldnt see due to the big heads in front of me? that was annoying. the lady that played glinda was really ditzy and while everyone thought she was funny, i thought she was annoying. and THEN. my boobs turned frankenstein and got really hard. so that was painful. the first half of the play was not going well for me. i had isaiah feel my boobs at one point, and wide eyed he said to me "i totally forgot about those! do you want to go express in the bathroom? we can go home. you and crue are first, lets go home at intermission". while i didnt want to go home because had clients and potential clients with us, i knew i didnt want to express myself and waste milk in the bathroom either. i was told the play was 8-10, so i looked at my phone and told isaiah it was okay, i could wait until the end. then intermission came. it was 9:40. no way this thing was ending at 10! i headed out to the bathroom, only to be caught in a mob of rude rude ladies. my lord! isaiah found me and needless to say, we left at intermission. my boobs were painfully hard, i had to pee, and we missed our beeb. Andy and Sophie were SO understanding. we have plans to hang out with them next weekend for the parade of homes tour - so thats good!

we got home and i was so so happy to get my hands on crue! our night didnt last as long as we had planned for, but it was a good start. there will be many more chances to attempt another date night and slowly stay out longer hour by hour.


  1. yea I would rather be home with the baby than be at wicked too! glad you were able to get out for a little bit at least! :)

  2. Good for you, mama! We have a wedding to go to in three weeks and since baby still isn't here, she will be itty bitty when we leave her, but luckily we're leaving her at our house with my mom and the wedding reception is literally 5 minutes from the house, so I can leave if I need to. Crazy all that needs to go into a date night after baby! On another note, I'm so sad you didn't like Wicked. It is one of my favorites!!

  3. You look FAB!!!!! I hate to say it, but it took me months to be able to comfortably wear heels again. Hopefully your feet bounce back faster than mine!
    I can't even stand how sweet your little dude is!!! He makes my ovaries hurt even though they're closed for business!

  4. I totally feel your pain! Just when you stop thinking about your baby for a bit then your boobs remind you that he is not with you! :) I have been there. One thing I learned was to buy a cheap single manual pump (medela was my fave). It fits into a bag (inside a zipploc) unless it is a clutch. And pump in the car (bathrooms are gross) and then bring a cooler to store the milk. Even if you just pump 5 minutes on each you will feel better. Just a recommendation. I did that EVERYWHERE. Even when I was a bridesmaid at my friend's wedding. The milk will be fine in a cooler... You look GREAT btw!

  5. Tate and I have yet to have a date night. I feel like I don't trust very many people to care for Turner so it's hard for me to have one of us away from him @ night. I think our first date night will be for our 2 year anniversary in a few weeks. Already nervous thinking about it! looks super fabulous and love lil' Crue's smile!!!

  6. I'm glad you and Isaiah got some couple time, even if it was only for a few hours. I'm a huge musical nerd, so I loved Wicked, but I can totally see why you weren't a fan. Once again, you look beautiful! I love Crue's gummy smile <3

  7. You are so gorgeous.
    Our first date night lasted all of two hours, and Marcus was about 8 weeks. When I say date "night," I mean we had dinner at 4:30PM, walked around for a bit, and jetted home. It gets better, and dates last longer. Ease into it. :)

  8. Love your sweet, cute pics. Date night is the best!

  9. I know how ya feel, mama! I hate having to leave Eisley the couple days I work during the week and that's just with Andrew. Crue is so lucky to have a mama who loves him so much!