Monday, October 28, 2013

a year ago today.

isaiah and i were getting ready to attend my cousins house warming party, on a sunday during the packer game. but before we could get there - we needed to pick up something VERY important.

our injection medicines. 
and the first 3 pharmacies didnt have any in stock. 

imagine the ants in my pants then.
"i need to inject myself, TODAY! WITHIN HOURS!"
my ovaries and single follie were waiting for me!

finally, we found what we needed. attended the party. and headed home so we didnt miss our shot.

my little beeb started with a poke.

and my single follie - turned in to this:

if you don't believe in miracles,
perhaps you've forgotten you are one.


  1. that quote is beautiful sarah. just like you!


  2. This gave me a big huge smile. Our little miracle boys are just the best.

  3. This is so amazing. Such a cute baby!

  4. LOVE!!! He is adorable! What an amazing blessing! Also, what app do you use for the writing?

  5. He is SO perfect and so is your story! I know that you have given so much hope to women who are still waiting for their miracle. XO

  6. HEART HIM!!!
    I love that you captured that tiny little needle poke... and then the follow up with his weekly pics. Crue is one blessed little man. :)

  7. Oh my goodness, I can't believe he's 12 weeks already! That 11 week picture is too cute for words!

  8. I cannot believe he is already 3 months! He is beautiful! That last sentence you wrote just gave me chills!