Wednesday, October 2, 2013

crue: TW0 M0NTHS!

2 weeks

2 months

weight: 10lbs 13.5oz as of 10/11
height: 24in as of 10/11
head: 15in as of 10/11 - a big noggin!

sleep: were at rockstar status with this one. bedtime is 1030-11pm and he will sleep until isaiah wakes him somewhere in the 4-5am range. they spend an hour together and crue goes back down until he wakes up on his own (unless we have plans) and thats usually between 10am-noon! this weekend the boy slept until 1! finally at 1:04 we were like "OK buddy, wake up!" he is totally my boy. in other words, when he begins teething or has his first sleep regression, we will be in for a wild surprise.

eating: often. growth spurts galore! we did have a while where baby boy wasnt gaining enough weight, and were told to supplement with formula for a week. we didnt necessarily want to do that. i cried like a baby for 3 days straight and i began pumping like CRAZY to always have extra breast milk to feed back to him. he gained 1lb 1oz in 8 days so what were doing is working, despite it being a lot of work for me. i was super upset to not be able to nurse as often or as long since he usually needs a bottle afterwards for a little extra dessert, but. i am still giving him my nutrition. thank the lord i am finally figuring that out! he is thriving, growing and a MUCH happier boy to get a bottle if nursing alone doesnt fill his belly. if we give a bottle while were out & about, he will chow down 4-6oz. hungry babe!

mood: we are totally getting the hang of this and knowing each other. it helps that we get a good nights rest, because crue will not nap during the day. someeeetimes he will fall asleep in the car if we run errands, but wakes up within 1-5 minutes of being put down once we arrive to where ever it is we're going. thankfully though - we are happy and we have lots of fun. this boy is my new best friend.

loves: smiling! stretching out and putting his arms way above his head, taking baths and showers, being on his changing pad, listening to music and looking at his new (blue) sea horse!

wearing: we are mixing in some of our last NB diapers with our size 1's. finishing up our stack of pampers swaddlers and entering in our huge stack of honest diapers. we have about 3 cloth diapers and use them at random times, which isnt often. he is getting pretty long for some of his NB onesie's but absolutely drowns in 99% of his 0-3 month clothing. i never thought my 2 month old would still be in newborn! we've had to go out and buy MORE on multiple occasions, because we just didnt buy a lot of newborn clothing to begin with. im assuming he's high on the 9lb range or on the low 10lb range now - so when isaiah and i took a NB onesie off him the other night that said "7lbs and under", we had to chuckle a bit.

milestones: we've passed another growth spurt and wonder week. we left him for the first time with grandma and grandpa while we saw Wicked for our first date night since becoming parents, crue went to his first football game at daddy's high school for homecoming and was a champ the whole time! we ventured out to the apple orchard for his first hay ride and will be having MANY more fall firsts to come! tummy time is a bust because he rather roll over. he holds his own bottle for long minutes at a time. he's social smiling all the time and has found his hands. little beeb is constantly trying to put a fist (or two) in his mouth!

mama: i have not lost a pound since week 4. talk about plateau much?! im still 9 pounds away from pre pregnancy weight, with about 20 more to lose after that. either way, the countdown to our cruise is ON and i have GOT to get my booty goin! every tuesday from 130-3, crue and i head to our hospital for a new parent connection class, and it is okay. the first time i was the only mom who showed up... talk about AWKWARD. two weeks ago there were 4 moms, and yesterday only 2. its not really a good time - but we both enjoy getting out of the house. we've shared our birth stories etc and sing songs, which crue seems to love "wheels on the bus" - so for now, we will keep going. (although all the moms i have met are going back to work soon, and i refuse to be the only mom attending!)

i cant believe youre mine



  1. He is just the cutest!!! Love all the pics, the one drowning in the jacket is my fave!!! :)

    Happy two months!

  2. He is so adorable! My little one was long and skinny so we rocked some newborn onesies until 11 months :0

  3. He's too precious! Sorry about the lack of moms in your group, hopefully it gets better!

  4. Aww so sweet! Are you using cloth diapers? You go girl!! how did you choose which ones to use? There are so many options...

  5. He is so cute. My daugther turn two months old a couple weeks ago. How time is flying by. I really need to start blogging again.

  6. He is just the cutest!!! He reminds me so much of H - all skinny arms and legs. Don't worry momma, if he weren't getting enough, he'd let you know. He eventually filled out and so with Crue. But, I totally understand the emotions surrounding the not gaining enough weight thing. We were there and I was devestated. In fact, I may still be a little obsessive about making darn sure he eats every 3 hours during the day. Even if he could care less.

  7. I know I say it every time, but I am so in love with him. I need some Crue snuggles, ASAP!
    Isn't it so much fun watching them as they discover. It's like, "Hey, these hands are *mine*?! Whaaaat!!" It just keeps getting better from here. :)

  8. That's so awesome he sleeps through the night!! Lucky. :) I giggled at the pic of him in that giant coat. Too cute!! And I LOVE the pic of you in the hat with the furry vest! So cute. Your ombre is still lookin amazing, even though you said it fried your ends. Glad you guys had a date night!!

  9. He is seriously so sweet! I'm so glad to hear sleeping and nursing are going well now. My daughter has always been a great sleeper, we kept waiting for sleep regression and it never came, so there's hope!

  10. Happy 2 Months, Crue Shoe! You're so handsome! You're doing a great job mama :)

  11. ohh my gosh! I love love love your stylish mama looks, and Crue, what a lady killer, such a stud muffin:)

  12. so cute, small like my little dude!

  13. So Cute!! My 3 month old daughter still wears newborn and isn't growing out of them anytime soon, so I wouldn't worry. We just started size one diapers! :)

  14. Ooooh his smile!! I can't get over how CUTE he is!
    Mia stays in each size forrrrrrever! We went from newborn to 0-3 month sizes when she was 6 weeks ONLY because she was too long for newborn. But the 0-3 month wouldn't stay on her waist, ha! Thank goodness it was winter so she just pretty much wore sleepers every day! Mia is 9 1/2 months now and she just barely started wearing 6-9 month clothes a couple weeks ago and only because I wanted her to wear the summer outfits before summer ended!
    p.s. You look AMAZING, mama!!

  15. LOVE seeing all of these cute pics! What a precious little man! And I love that disposable anchor diaper. I've never seen anything like that!