Tuesday, October 1, 2013

fall favorites.

fall is DEFINITELY here in MN. are we surprised?! probably not. good thing fall pretty much rocks.

it seems that fall is always welcomed here in MN (or really, anywhere in the world) and i think its because we'll take as much fall as we can get before the snow arrives. as much as i enjoy summer, i wouldnt mind having legit fall weather for 3 months. its a bummer that snow is whats headed our way next... so for now, i am soaking up all things fall related!

over the weekend we hit up Pine Tree apple orchard because its not as far from our house as some others. it was, meh. crue did well! he was awake for 90% of the fun just looking around and squinting from the sun. we did enjoy a hay ride (minus the hay) but the driver didnt stop to let us get off and pick apples! what the heck is that all about! ive never been to an apple orchard before where we couldnt pick our own apples! AND. they had no punkins yet! oh my waaaaaah. not cool.

the good news is we had a good time and the weather was beautiful :) {plus now, we just have to go visit a better another orchard next weekend!}

nevermind that i still look pregnant or pregnant again.
tho i wouldnt mind the latter ;) HA.



  1. you might quite possibly be the cutest person ever! you look fabulous! our fall weather is high 70s and a little more windy...i crave the midwest the most in the fall.

  2. I love your scarf and Crue looks so cute all wrapped up and snuggly next to Mama. I'm glad you guys had fun!

  3. I miss Fall!! It's seriously supposed to be 90 degrees this weekend. No, thank you. GIVE ME FALL DAMMIT!
    Though the orchard sounds kind of silly (who can't pick apples at an orchard?!) it still seems like a fun way to spend the weekend.
    You look fab, momma. Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I LOVE your fall outfit! You're such a fashionista.

  5. You two look like the happiest parents in the world!!

  6. you look amazing, sarah! you're ROCKING the fall wardrobe!

  7. We've been to Pine Tree a couple times this year. It's a weird orchard in that you can't do a whole lot, but I do still like the atmosphere. And I love your outfit in these pics!