Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween!

one year ago today:
isaiah and i were carving punkins, just the two of us.
we were 3 days post injections;
praying for a miracle & a sticky beeb.

i have an {almost} 13 week old beeb!
i am dressing up as a MOM. 
a MOM!
yoga pants. drool all over my arm. 
some breast milk on my tank top. and some pee on my pants.

its the best thing i've ever been.


  1. He is the cutest Frankenstein ever! Happy Halloween!

  2. Isn't it precious to look back and see all the things you didn't know? God had a great plan for you!!! (:

  3. Best costume ever you are wearing!!! So incredible. And oh my word - he is adorable. Love his hat!!! gah.

  4. so so so cute. OK i need to see you and him before he turns 5. Do weekends work for you? or weeknights? (since I work m-f during the day)...

  5. That sounds like the most amazing outfit. I know you're rocking that Mom costume. :)

  6. His little Frankenstein hat is adorable....maybe I am bias but Crue man makes the hat!!

    Being a Mom is the best costume E.V.E.R!! I can't wait to copy your style next year!!! :)