Wednesday, October 30, 2013

so what wednesday.


- i want ellen degeneres' entire wardrobe.
- crue and i watch youtube videos every day. he goes nuts for "what does the fox say" and anything hip hop or dub step from SYTYCD. who am i to deny that smile?!
- i had my first drink in over a year. crue is teething. and that means mama needs some moscato.
- i want a new blog design. stat. i just dont have the time to learn how to re-do it myself.
- i am SO sick of car shopping already. somebody just get this altima out of here!
- i am changing my mind every week about what kind of SUV i want. isaiah will be taking my nissan rogue and i get a new something with AWD. its a happy breastfeeding and pump present to me :)) but really. one minute i want a honda element, a kia sorento, a land rover, but then ooo look at that mercedes... and hmm you cant beat the safety of a volkswagon, can you? AY YI YI SARAH SAM. GET IT TOGETHER. test driving cars with a baby is a pain in my ass. install carseat base. drive around with awkward salesman praying your baby doesnt scream. uninstall carseat base. walk around the lot in the cold. install again. and repeat.
- i sleep in for as long as crue does. you think i would get my butt in gear before and have some "me time" - but nawww. sleep trumps all. i love waking up to him blabbing and cooing away next to me.
- i miss being pregnant something fierce. im ready for round 2. "hi. what can i get you today?" "id like one big round belly, please"
- i keep waking isaiah up in the middle of the night and say "is crue breathing!!!?" he will tell me yes without even checking and try going back to sleep but that never works. i poke and pry until he checks and we see crue move.
- i am itching for a vacation. i dont think ill last until our cruise. there is chicago in january.. but thats cold. doesnt count. call me spoiled but i need the ocean!
- i suck at clean eating. i have THEEEEE pickiest taste buds, ever. le sigh.
- we arent going to/didnt win the 4moms origami contest. we got 300+ votes in 24 hours and id say thats pretty damn good! but i wish i would have found out about the contest sooner than later!
- today is the day we made crue. i kind of want to walk into our fertility clinic and gift our doctors with a fruit basket or something... weird, no?



  1. Clay is 14 months old and I still stare at the monitor every time I wake up til I see his chest rise and fall. And I'm super jealous of all the sleep your getting! Sleep is my "me time!"

  2. Every night before I can close my eyes I have to make sure I can either hear D breathing/see him moving or Ryan has to go in to check on him. AND sleep definitely counts as me time. When I was furloughed you bet your ass I was sleeping in until I heard a little voice calling for his momma. :) Enjoy it!!!

  3. If you need a vacation, you're more than welcome down here! It's supposed to be 80 degrees today.

    I'ts not an SUV, but I have a Mazda CX-5 and I LOVE it. It's a crossover so it may not be enough room for you guys, but it has amazing gas mileage (32 mpg average), and it's a great car. You know, just to add another one to your list ;-)

  4. BOOO! I wanted Crue to win!

    One tip with redoing your blog I have is to find some tutorials (i pin them on pinterest while nursing) & then just read about it while nursing or pumping and then do one thing with it while you have free time. Like I will design a header when Eisley is sleeping at night and everything is cleaned up & then I will wait until the next day when she's napping to install it and then so on. It might mean that I am 3 weeks into redoing my blog and only have a header, about me & a bloglovin' button, but I'm not missing out on time with bug and I figure it will get done eventually :P

  5. I hated car shopping too! too many decisions! And Ronan loves hip hop music too, I wonder when I will have to start worrying about the lyrics!


  6. We just bought a new (to us) Durango - IN LOVE with it. And, while we were going through hell, I mean, car shopping, we had someone watch Marcus. We brought him to a dealership twice, and each time was horrific.

    Um, I know where you can see the ocean, and stay for free. So, I'm pretty sure you need to start checking into flights. There, vacation issue solved. :)

  7. oooo that first drink is a good one! I had a pumpkin beer and it was divine! Hoping that the little miss wouldn't wake up before the 2-3 hour mark so that it was out of my system, not so fun. I thought I would be crazy checking that she's breathing but she's a loud breather, just like her dad, oh, and the snoring dog. You can imagine how much fun that is when I'm trying to savor my 2-3 hour stretches of sleep. oy!

  8. I had a Kia Sorento when I lived in the states and I absolutely LOVED it. My Dad still has it for when I come home. But who know if it's suitable for such precious cargo as Crue?! Ps: Cali is only a short daily flight (thru Delta) away for some ocean! We've been in October and March and the weather was nothing to complain about.

  9. I always come here and have a good laugh. I love Ellen's wardrobe too! And her eye makeup. Who woulda thunk?! And test drive a newer Toyota Venza. The inside is INSANE. Just like a Lexus but not as pricey... leaving you more shoppin' money. I hope you have a great Halloween with Cru!! Can't wait for pictures of the stud muffin..... And I think it's time to make our relationship official. TEXT BUDDIES!