Thursday, November 28, 2013

a thankful thanksgiving.

i am thankful.
my heart is full.

i am thankful for my son; my greatest accomplishment
his morning coo's and happy smiles
to watch him cross milestones- thrive & grow
i am thankful that i was able to carry him for 9+ months
to experience pregnancy, to watch those baby kicks move across my tummy.
i am thankful that he is healthy
and sleeps through the night.
i am thankful to hear his belly laughs
that i can soothe him in the midst of a cry.
to be the mother of this sweet boy.

i am thankful for my husband; for none of this would be possible without him.
that i was lucky enough to marry my best friend
i am thankful for his hard work and dedication,
the reason i can stay home with our baby.
i am thankful for his smile and calm nature.
his morning emails and good massages.
i am thankful for our date nights & spontaneous outings.
i am thankful for his patience.
& his annoying tickles when im a grump.
that he's an amazing husband AND dad - all in one.

our dogs
lambeau & lucy. 
our fur babes, our first 'babies'.
the ones who taught us how to wake up in the middle of the night and prepare us for a human baby.
the warmth they provide from their snuggles.
i am thankful for their loyalty.
the unconditional love they have for isaiah and i as their owners.
how they made us a family before we knew we would be a family.

my family
my mom & dad
the gunthers & the vreelands
the grandparents & great
im thankful for their support
that they taught me to have a voice of my own
make my own choices, choose my own path.
im thankful that they get to watch me with my family now.
to keep growing & becoming.

the seasons
i am thankful for the red colorful leaves that comes with october
to be able to dance in the rain with its fresh scent & look for rainbows
the ocean breeze
the bright sunrise reflecting on the fresh snow
to watch crue's eyes light up as he sees his first snowfall
to take our son sledding for his first time
the sunset against the sea from a ships balcony
i am thankful for cruises, for our family vacations
i am thankful to create these memories.

i am thankful to know God
to have hope that i will one day see my lost loved ones again
i am thankful that he teaches me about faith
to believe in miracles and to keep going
for without him i would have nothing.

i am thankful for a camera of our own, and photographer friends to capture our memories
i am thankful for sales at j.crew and gap that make it possible to afford those things.
i am thankful for this blog and the friendships it has created
the wonderful ladies i have come to know.
i am thankful for our cars that take us from place A to B
and help us avoid getting stuck in the minnesota snow.
i am thankful for the 24 ladies who were also due in july
the things we have taught & shared with one another
i am thankful for caribou coffee & chipotle
tasty treats that fill my belly.
 i am thankful for my little cousin
who is the most wonderful godmama to my son
i am thankful for the home that we own, the roof over our heads
and everything inside of our home.
whether it be our dining room table, my little mermaid dvd or even our toaster.
the simple things that we take for granted.

i am thankful for my life.
and each person or part that fills it.

happy thanksgiving


  1. Such a sweet post. So much to be thankful for. Enjoy your day!!