Monday, November 4, 2013


my sweet crue mcgoo

weight: ohhh i dont know. no doctors appointment this month. but as of 10/11 he was 10lb 13oz, so my guess is definitely 11+lbs now!
height: 24+ inches. i should measure him today.
head: BIG!

- this boy is a dangerous one. he loves having something soft up by his face. he'll pull blankets up, his hats down or nuzzle with his stuffed animals. 
- at night he sleeps swaddled (nothing near his face) and i am dreading the transition to un-swaddling. lord help me. perhaps being so overdue & having no room in my belly had something to do with it, but being swaddled immediately soothes him and makes him happier than a clam. 
- we just set our clock backs on saturday night, the same day he turned 3 months and i wasnt sure how daylight savings would go.. but there is no tricking this boy! he slept 9 hours straight. friday the 1st we stayed at a hotel downtown because isaiah was speaking at a huge event in front of 500+ people & crue slept 11 hours straight! i am betting i will have to drag him out of bed for school, like my mom did me ;)

- about 30oz of breast milk // 5 or 6 bottles a day
- acts like the boobie is so last month  =/
- i am pretty much exclusively pumping. im pretty bummed about his nursing strike so i make an attempt to nurse him 1-2x a day, and it just doesnt last very long. it is what it is.
- im having a heart attack thinking next month he will be 4 months old and our ped could tell us about starting solids. there is so much hype about yay or nay. "dont do it because it'll make your kid obese, yes do it because it helps prevent food allergies..." ay yi yi. i just cant see myself being ready for that yet. {to each their own -- no judging here!}

- he is seriously the happiest baby on the block. he pretty much only cries when he is fighting a nap and is overly tired, which usually happens on the weekends while were out running errands. the boy doesnt want to miss anything! 
- i've noticed him become a bit more clingy over the last month and wants more attention from isaiah or i. been able to recognize us more apart from others and can decide when he doesnt like being held by someone he doesnt know. however, after the event on friday, he was held by about 6 brand new people and did great! 

- DADDY. are we surprised? im not. 
- test driving cars. he is the perfect angel every single time and we havent heard a single peep outta him while doing so! which is awesome, because test driving cars is no quick task.
- bath time. its really relaxing for him. 
- chewing on his hands.
- blowing bubbles. 
- the fox song.

- size 1 honest diapers. we're finishing up our last package and then we'll be moving on up to size 2.
- he is still fitting into and wearing some newborn clothes, but he officially just outgrew all of his newborn sleepers :( ::sniffle sniffle::
- 0-3 month outfits

- he found his hands
- he is teething
- he makes more sounds 
- blabbles and coos
- gives THE BEST belly laughs
- had his first halloween
- took his first road trip (2.5hrs) to visit great grandma
- slept away from home for the first time
- first hotel trip
- holds the bottle on his own & is able to take it out of his mouth and put back in again
- rolls from tummy to back

- i gained 2lbs. and then went down 3. still not at my pre-pregnancy weight. 
- i can NOT believe how much my entire body has changed. even my shoulders are more broad. seriously? 
- i am so fed up with my boobs. i cant wear any of my pre-pregnancy winter coats. my sweatshirts are all wonky. my vests dont zip up anymore and ive tried on about 1000 flannels from 100 different stores and they all look a hot mess.
- love love looooove being a mama. especially a mama to crue.
- ive got baby fever like a mad woman.


we are so lucky to be your parents



  1. He is the cutest little boy! He's really filling out! You're doing such a great job. Try not to be too upset about the pumping. I'm sure it's hard. The pump never worked for well for me, but I can imagine not being able to nurse is so frustrating.

    And your clothes will eventually'll just take a while. Your body changed, but it's for the better. Have a great week lovey!

  2. SO adorable!!! Happy 3 months to Crue!!! Turner went on a boob strike around the same age. I was devastated. He now nurses 2 times a day. Hopefully he will get out of this phase soon for you!!!

  3. I'd say after 4 months my boobs went down at least a size! There is hope.
    He is such a good eater

  4. I can not get enough of him!!!!
    I hate to tell you, but my boobs grew a whole cup size and show no signs of going anywhere. Perhaps it's the 20 lbs of "baby weight" I'm still lugging around...

  5. He is SO stinking cute and HAPPY!!! Love him.

  6. What a sweet, sweet boy. ENJOY that sleep stuff! My girl is like WAY older than him and has been waking up at 3:55 for the past few days. Driving me crazy! But always, love all these pics.

  7. She is too cute! I love his smiles.

  8. Ahh! Can't believe he's 3 months! We usually swaddle Jacob using a sleep sack (arms out). Sometimes we don't swaddle but put him in a sleep blanket. He doesn't sleep well unless he's in one.

  9. Let me just tell you how jealous I am Crue is already owning that bottle. M didn't even bother to hold his until he was 7-8 months. GAH! Way to go Crue-man!

    As for solids, do what feels right for you and Crue. If you're not ready then it can wait. Little Man is getting exactly what he needs right now anyway. Introducing solids (rice cereal, etc.) at this age is more for practice and not nutrients.

    Can he come visit me now??

  10. SERIOUSLY you're growing so fast crue shoe! ahhhhh! love our littles. can't believe how fast time is flying by already!

  11. He is seriously the CUTEST! He changed so much from month 2 to 3. I'm so happy for you and your little family.

  12. Oh my gosh! His smile is the best! And seriously - 3 month?? No can't be!!

  13. What a little cutie! I love his fox shirt - and Rilynn is the same size as him...and she's 6 weeks lol

  14. Such a cutie!! I can't believe he's three months already! So crazy!

    Question - how is cloth diapering going? We're getting ready to start and I'm NERVOUS! Haha!