Sunday, November 3, 2013

halloween as 3!

Halloween with a 13 week old is kind of awkward. We weren't sure how we felt about showing up at people's doorsteps with our baby like "hey give us candy, because he clearly wont be eating it..." and we didnt expect the weather to be very awesome for Zoo Boo, which we ended up being right on with that one because it was pretty chilly with plenty of rain. we debated trick or treating at MOA, until we realized we left our stroller in my grandmas trunk when we were out of town visiting last weekend.

so instead, when isaiah got home from work - we went and test drove more cars. we finally got home around 8pm when i decided we HAAAAAD to do SOMETHING! it was Crue's first halloween! sure he wont remember anything, but his first only happens once! and how many halloweens are we going to have before he goes out on his own with some friends and decides what he wants to be? 10? ..... 

i dont wanna talk about it.

we heard about a punkin gallery on the news that was indoors and free, so we thought sure - we will go there. crue had skeleton pajamas, we'd look at some punkins by some amazing artists, snap a few pictures and call it a day.

until i wasnt happy with doing that either and tried to make a costume in 20 minutes. id be lying if i said 20 minutes was all it took. it didnt take much longer, but during that time - crue got really hot and frazzled. so did mama. i could NOT for the life of me figure out how to make a freakin mask. A MASK. how hard could it be?? apparently, hard enough. before i knew it, it was 9pm. well shit. i dont wanna go to the gallery at 9pm when it closes at 10!

so our night was spent running around like chickens with our heads cut off, the last half in costumes. 

we have a crappy picture to show for it {i really need to get a DSLR, quick!} and big bellies from our $3 chipotle. 
at least that was a success.

i promise we will be better planners next year.


  1. Lovin' that costume! So cute! You get an A+ in last minute costume design!

  2. hahaha SO cute!! We had a costume party with Noelle and I felt lots of pressure to get it right. Why don't they make good costumes, or any costumes really, for small babies?! Jealous that missed Chipotle, though!

  3. I thing your costumes are freaking genius!!!

  4. That is a brilliant idea for last minute and it looked really good!

  5. Awesome costume! We took Jacob to a couple of our neighbors who are friends of ours. We enjoyed our candy! :) I wanted to do ZooBoo near us, but it didn't work out.