Wednesday, November 13, 2013

talking in numbers.

o1. very happy baby
o2. the number of nights we've been away from home, as a family!
o4. the number of hours i've been away from crue
o6. ounces per feeding
o7. the least amount of hours crue will sleep at a time. this can go anywhere from o7-11!
o8. pumping sessions per 24 hours
1o3. days old
endless. amounts of love 


  1. I love this, he is just so handsome!

  2. I know I say this all the time...he is TOO sweet. I could just eat him up with a spoon. Too. Sweet!

  3. I seriously need to hold that little man. He gets cuter and cuter with each passing day.
    HOW has it been 103 days since his arrival?!

  4. Ahh! He is so adorable! It makes me miss Clay at that age...but then I remember that he never slept and I change my mind!

  5. He's so cute, Sarah, I'm in love with Crue still. Y'all are an adorable fam!

  6. way to go Crue! He is sleeping great, so happy for you guys! He is so styling for a baby boy, love him!!