Monday, November 18, 2013

three month favorites

i can not believe we are 15 weeks into this mom thing! to tell people that my baby is 3 months old now is just absurd! where does the time go?!

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1. the toy is worth the money itself! the bebepod has wider leg openings and seems to fit better for chubby babies, not that crue has a problem in that area - i just like this entire package vs. the bumbo alone (i know they sell trays separately). isaiah loves having this in the morning when hes up with crue so he has his 2 hands to get things ready while crue hangs out and plays. crue LOVES this toy, so i toss it in my diaper bag often and bring it along with us on the go too. 
2. now that crue rarely nurses, we have used a lot of bottles in this household! we are constantly washing them and drying them. this rack is the bees knees. (our favorite bottles are born free and tommee tippee)
3. the ubbi diaper pail is the king of all diaper pails. i have nannied and babysat for many families, seeing my fair share of diaper pails and having my share of stinky smells lingering around. NO THANK YOU. i knew long before we were pregnant that i would not be using a diaper genie, ever. my sense of smell is outrageous and i never want to go into my child's room to smell poop or pee. were 3 months into using this pail and i have never questioned smelling anything! it doesnt require any special refill bags either. pure perfection. (did i mention it comes in the cutest colors?! it does.)
4. we introduced crue to sophie and it may have been love at first sight. he just began teething and he has a grand ol time showering her with love by chomping on her ears and feet. if she wasnt so expensive, i'd contemplate getting a 2nd one to have in my diaper bag all the time.
5. you always hear of dryers eating up baby socks. not in this house! i have our bag just draped over crue's hamper and in goes the socks at the end of every night. i just toss the bag in with our load of whites and bing bang boom. done. all socks remain friends :)
6. THIS. he looooves the o'ball rattle. it is by far the best creation. they have a football shaped one too, but i like that this one has the beads inside of some holes so it makes noise. this was the first thing we gave to crue after he found his hands and it has been so much fun watching him pass it back and forth between hands, bring it up to his face and shake it around. when he kept trying to get this in his mouth is when we decided to introduce sophie. 
7. we got this as a gift and my oh my i love it. its really plush and so soft. better than any blanket that we lay on the floor. i noticed that its really helped crue to roll over because the tummy time mat we have is really slippery and he gets a better grip on this lamby. i dont mind laying on it myself either ;)

8. our babyhome emotion stroller. i am really happy with it. its a lightweight stroller that folds easily and is compact enough to fit in the trunk of either car. this specific stroller of ours was a gift from my dad because he didnt want us traveling with the stokke and im glad we got it. it connects with our carseat and is SO easy to maneuver around. i drive my car like a nascar lady and thats exactly how i drive the stroller too! so heck yes for easy wheels, quick turns and being able to control it with one hand :) i will admit that what i dont like is that there isnt a cup holder. of course thats sold separately but i just didnt buy it. yet.
9. this calming seahorse was amazeballs for crue when he was in a wonder week. he is much better now at being able to entertain himself and contently hang out for longer periods of time but when he couldn't - this was a lifesaver. i brought it along on plenty of errands with us too. the seahorse lights up and plays calming lullaby music - crue spent so much time focusing on this! its definitely been known to put him asleep a few times too ;) 

i posted about our newborn favorites here



  1. We LOVED the bumbo and still use our lawn! Great picks!

  2. Love my 'lawn' drying rack!!! It seriously is so great and looks so cute on our counter!!! What does Sophie do to all babies. Seriously...Turner is in love with her also!!!!

  3. Dom has that rattle ball and he still plays with it...he also has a little car that is the same concept. :) And Sophie...we loved Sophie too! Dom left one of his up top the Hollywood sign. Thank goodness for amazon prime because it was a traumatic couple days in our house.

  4. I have a little mesh bag for baby socks (and mittens) too! It's a lifesaver.

  5. We have an Ubbi, of course we have yet to use it, but your right, they come in so many cute colors!! GENIOUS - I must find me a mesh bag!!

  6. I have to say the your little Crue is the cutest baby I've seen on any of these blogs!!

    That "grassy" drying rack looks like a great item. Wish they had those when I was washing bottles.

  7. I'm pretty sure I need that drying rack for round #2 (if and when that ever happens). I HATE they drying rack we had for M. It was huge, ugly, and never fun to clean.

  8. We use our grass rack to put mail in it. A friend even asked, "I love that green grass mail holder! Where can I get one?" Haha!

  9. At fifteen months we still are big fans of Sophie and the drying lawn! The o'ball company also makes little cars that Clay is obsessed with along with their football!

  10. I STILL use that dry rack like it's my job. Passies, sippies, you name it. All goes on there!

  11. I love that lamb pillow!!! And we basically own all the same things (: