Friday, November 29, 2013

yay for holiday decor!

i hope you all had a wonderful turkey day :)

when we wake up from our thanksgiving food coma, it is time to DECORATE!!!

there won't be any black friday shopping going on this year for us, because we have a new baby and i am avoiding those crowds like the plague. rude people + germs + a stroller gives me serious anxiety. plus thats what the internet is for. online shopping! aaand have you heard of cyber monday? genius.

isaiah and i wanted to start the tradition of going to get a real tree every year with crue, perhaps making that happen on black friday every year. but this year we are cheating. were going to stick to our fake tree for the following reasons:
1. we already have it 
2. we already have all the ornaments for it 
3. the dogs leave it alone 
4. no pine needles to vacuum every five minutes 
5. no watering the thing, or lack of watering it and killing it before christmas even comes. 
6. i rather spend that moolah on things for cruemanji.
7. avoiding the outdoors with a baby since its been 20 degrees ON A GOOD DAY.

maybe next year i'll feel a little more courageous and be a little bit braver. 

i am so excited to start playing christmas music and see the holidays this year through cure's eyes. it may be like re-living my own childhood. maybe? i can't believe last year i was just 2 weeks into knowing i was preggo, and this year we have a 17 week old baby boy to share it all with!

i maaay or may not have jumped the gun a tad bit early this year and put this new bedding in our room the day before thanksgiving. sleeping while im hot is definitely one of my top 5 annoyances, but i couldn't pass up these flannel sheets. they are so perfect for the holidays! and the duvet cover? winter swoon.

the first night it took me forever to fall asleep and get used to them. but now i am hooked. (probably because i turned on my fan and a little a/c unit to stay cool!)

are you starting your christmas decorations today too?! 


  1. We did! :) Love those sheets! Hope you had an awesome thanksgiving friend!

  2. We just put up our tree tonight! The rest will go up tomorrow.
    Your bed looks like it is beyond cozy!

  3. Even your sheets are festive?! You just won Christmas.

  4. Totally agree about the fake tree. Our first year of marriage, we got a real one and it was $70!!! I was like, NEVER again.