Tuesday, December 31, 2013

christmas 2013

our first christmas as a family of 3 was overwhelming in all the ways. there was so much love and magic, but so much running around too! we spent the last 2 years hosting but this year it was go-go-go. why did we not host when WE are the ones with a baby? never again! though the good thing about not hosting is that we can leave when were ready rather than dealing with those that never.want.to.leave.

christmas eve (tuesday) isaiah worked and then we headed north about 40 minutes to my dads house for the evening. it was snowing SO BAD in all directions and the wind was wicked crazy. i was so glad to get there safely! dads house was super casual with lots of appetizers & hanging out over some christmas movies. my grandma came down to be with him for the week so it was nice to have her around for the holiday. it was our first christmas without grandpa and i think we all felt it but no one wanted to say anything. thankfully crue is here and i think thats a great distraction for my grandma right now.

christmas morning was my favorite part. we all slept in (til noon!) and it was just the 3 of us. crue wakes up every morning just chatting away and it melts my heart. i can never start a day off on the wrong foot with him doing that! we came downstairs to watch crue open presents and he did SUCH a great job! his favorite ones to open were from aislinn, he loves his rattle and was able to open the whole thing by himself! he loved that wrapping paper. after crue opened gifts from aislinn, santa, and my mom - it was time to open them from us and he was kind of over it by then so we helped. it was kind of funny to unwrap things i had just wrapped days before. christmas as a parent! 

crue learned how to sit all by himself on christmas! we've been trying here and there but come christmas morning it was just like WHAM. I GOT THIS MOM!

after we opened our gifts at home with just the 3 of us, we had to rush and get ready to go to isaiahs moms for the day. i am IN LOVE with the outfit crue wore for christmas day! so cute. once we got to MIL's, he was more into all the people instead of the presents. isaiahs two older brothers were in town from colorado so there were plenty of people at her house for christmas day! crue loved the attention though being passed around all day meant no nap and he was soooo ready to sleep by the end of the night! 

thursday was ANOTHER day of running around, but probably my favorite day of the week!!
crue and i met up with lindsey at caribou and sat there for 2 hours! seriously. i can't get enough of caribou. or lindsey. probably why we hung out again on sunday! after our time at caribou we headed over my aunts house for christmas with them. i love hanging out with my aunt & uncle. my cousin lexy was in town & that always makes me crue so happy! he loves his godmama x1000. my aunt YUMMIEST of martinis with eggnog, cinnamon schnapps and vanilla vodka. now hear me out when i say i have always hated eggnog, but my that one martini was delicious! i also won CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY in our white elephant gift exchange. WINNING!

i hope you all had the merriest of holidays. i can't wait until next christmas when crue will be big enough to understand. it is crazy to think that he will be walking by then! AH! and maybe i will be pregnant again ;) {hey… a girl can dream right?!}

Monday, December 23, 2013

a twist on the ugly sweater.

because whats december without a reindeer?!

when i was shopping for a holiday dress, i stopped through jcpenney on a hunt for a certain one i had seen online. of course i had no luck for myself, but i obviously went to browse the joe fresh baby section. this sweater IMMEDIATELY caught my eye! isaiah loves the marled look so i knew he would approve :) i wish crue could wear this every day during december, i am that in love.
and who said shopping for boys is no fun?!

Friday, December 20, 2013

christmas card 2013.

it makes me so happy to have a baby in our christmas cards this year.
to be a family of THREE.

perhaps next year our cards will be as elaborate as Holly's
but of course, i waited until last minute for this years ;)

those cards kind of confuse me. i know that its going to be 2014, but if someone were to keep this for years to come (like i plan to) - wouldn't you think this is from 2014? not 2013? weird. 
but obviously it didn't confuse me enough to choose a different card since you're looking at our faces plastered on it. i rolled with the punches on this one because i needed something that worked with the color scheme from our fall photos. of course when i ordered these we didn't have a DSLR of our own.

but then we got one! and i made some quick & easy cards of my own. 
which i happen to love just as much!
take that shutterfly.

crue is the best present ever. 
2o13 was absolutely fantastic. 

bring it on 2o14!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

master bedroom re-do.


i can not make up my mind. weeee can NOT, make up our minds!

this all started when i was pregnant. or long before but being pregnant was the excuse for the change to happen.
isaiah bought his house after college before we met - so when i moved in it was a man's house. a bachelors house. though really nice! i remember the first time i came over, he had (we still have) circle mirrors on the wall in our dining room along with little boxes and shelves above the dvd's… i immediately snarked and said "did your ex hang those up?" when he said no i came back with "your mom? aunt? sister?" and he told me he did! our house is great but i find it dark. he didn't paint anything so lots of walls are a dark tan, a coffee brown or an olive green. bedroom included. with lots of black furniture. it was nice. it was well put together. but i was ready for a bright bedroom. an airy fresh crisp bedroom.
fast forward to being pregnant. you know, the time i couldn't roll out of bed anymore without a little push. we took the bed down. headboard, frame and all. we started sleeping with our box spring and mattress ON THE FLOOR. then came the time we assumed we would be putting a pack & play in our room, so out went a tall bookshelf, a tall dresser and two night stands. SPACE!! WOO!
when all that furniture came out and crue was born, we finallllly got around to painting our bedroom. we went through hellll to paint the nursery, so for our room i was all "lets just buy a color and do it. forget the samples" and that may have not been the smartest idea. we went with a color from valspar thats fairly grey. i can't remember if it was called graphite? granite? whichever. it kind of has a blue tinge to it but I'm not re-painting. painting SUCKS. and because we weren't gunna be in the fumes, we spent about 4 nights with a new baby camping out in our living room. kind of fun, though I'm not eager to do it again.
YET WE WILL. because why? oh thats right. we still have the base boards/trim to paint! they are a light wood and that is not so cute with the grey.
we got rid of all our old furniture except the long dresser for now. its black but i think we will keep it and paint it. white? maybe. navy? thats possible too. although i can't stop imagining a pop of color going on. somewhere.

someday we will paint our trim and our dresser. someday we will camp out in our living room again.

but right now? I NEED TO SHOP. i need to find new nightstands. curtains. bedding. and i need to find a bed!! and i need to decide what colors i want in our room, what to put on the walls!
i am so mad that we started this project during such a busy stage of life with a baby. i hate this in between phase of our bedroom more than i hated the bachelor phase.
our bed is still on the floor!

this is real life. breast pump and all. isn't that ugly.

most days i want to incorporate our wedding into our bedroom. navy, pinks and golds. but a blush pink? or a hot pink? i have no idea. isaiah gave me permission for either. then i could use our tassel garland from our head table and drape that above our headboard. or something.

i could drool over this all day long.
white curtains, white bedding, navy dresser, white/navy striped rug? drool drool drool.

i don't think we'd incorporate much of a blush pink. maybe a few accessories or picture frames with our wedding garland. but ill still take gold and navy anything. any time, any day. 

other days i want a bright emerald green. teal/turquoise? orange? isaiah says 'how great would it be if our bedroom reminded us of the caribbean?' he's right. i could live with that. we allllmost painted our walls a turquoise color. 

some days i even picture having this little guy above our bed. the window is to my right, so we can move pictures and create a wall gallery on the blank wall to the left allowing him and/or our wedding garland to speak for itself.

so. colored bedding? white bedding? but the dogs. ughhh the dogs. 
right now its set up to be holiday bedding. a grey duvet with red candy cane sheets. and red is not included with any of my ideas. so i guess every winter those will just make an ugly appearance. meh. 

since we got rid of so much 'storage' furniture in our room to open it up and make space for baby junk gear, isaiah wants the brimnes bed with the matching headboard from ikea. sometimes i like it. oooh. i could hide my pump behind there. and put succulents on top. or pictures! candles! pom poms! and then sometimes i think its suitable for a 12 year old.

i kind of want to get a dainty? simple bed, like ikea's svelvik. but it doesn't come in white. so do i want to spray paint it? thats annoying.

and would either of those beds look okay with these re-made nightstands? i could easily DIY that! or maybe i should look for something different to use as a night stand. id love something smaller on his side and a made up desk/vanity space on my side, but then theres the chance of the non symmetry thing messing with my OCD every time i have to look at it. at least the bed isaiah wants doesn't exactly require any nightstands with all the shelves in the headboard.

i really shouldn't be too picky. perhaps thats the problem. we could get a nice bed. hey gorgeous tufted headboard. or you with the nailhead trim. but we probably won't. yet. it doesn't make sense for us right now. in a few years we plan to build/move and upgrade from our queen to a king. which means new mattress aaaand a new bed. i imagine whichever bed we end up with now, will end up in a guest room a few years from now. perhaps thats what im saving a big beautiful bed for. one that we plan to have a long, long, long time.

thats another battle i have in my head. we can save the white walls and neutrals for our new house so why not get a colored headboard now?! get a cheaper simple bed now. a spendier plush bed later.

im done using pinterest as inspiration. thats just 10000 things costing $10000. aint nobody got time money for all that.

ay yi yi you guys. its a never ending head spin over here.
hire me a designer.

Friday, December 13, 2013


doctor appointment: 12/6 - 4 month shots were the same as his 2 month shots. we waited for a loonng time for the doctor to come in with them & killed time by crinkling the paper, pooping & taking pictures of course! crue got 1 oral and 2 shots in each leg. he sucked the oral right up, did great for the first two and screamed hard on the 3rd one going thru the 4th :( i was able to contain my tears and actually stay in the room this time which was a big improvement from his 2 month check up. after his shots i cuddled him right up to eat and things were okay. we had isaiahs work holiday party that evening and i was really worried how that might go after all his shots but he went about the entire day as normal with a few naps & a blowout.
weight: 14lbs 6oz // 25-50%tile
height: 25 5/8 inches // 50-75%tile
head: 16in // i think our ped is the only person who does inches vs centimeters?!

nicknames: crue shoe, cruemanshoe, crue mcgoo, silly boy, crumanji, peanut

- naps are improving! he will put himself to sleep 3-4 times a day now! they are still pretty short (20-30 minutes, 45 if were lucky) but it definitely beats his no napping days.
- during the night he is still sleeping well. & by well i mean 10-12 hours! bedtime is still 11pm but a few times a week he seems to put himself down around 10pm, which is okay too! just recently this week he has started to wean himself off the swaddle and now prefers to be laying still and flat without any motion or incline. i think we might be moving his crib into our room because im not ready to move him into his! (see: crazy mom below)
- falls asleep in the car almost always, but is quick to wake up the second we take him out. i don't know what it is, but he won't stay asleep when we run errands. too much fun and commotion perhaps?! i have spent lots of time sitting in our garage just waiting for him to wake up before i carry him inside!

- i would say around 30oz a day?! about every 3 hours he's ready to eat but every once in a while he just isn't in the mood and will go a bit longer. were still doing more bottles than not buuuuutttt he has been latching on again from time to time to nurse! and without the shield! ::knock on wood:: i just wish he was more consistent with it. i never would have imagined id miss nursing when it used to feel like such a chore, but then again i hate pumping. that ish is for the birds.
- holds his own bottle/ prefers to feed himself
- still breast milk. our ped said we could do whatever we wanted to when it comes to solids now. i think crue is VERY interested and ready, but guess what? mamas not. despite one person saying "oh ya introducing solids early reduces allergies" and the next saying "oh ya introducing solids increases the risk of allergies" <--- i don't careeee. i mean sure i do, but spare me. crue is ridiculously interested in all of our food and is constantly trying to grab whatever were eating or drinking but were going to wait for now. were getting a beaba baby cook pro for christmas which happens to be just before he is 5 months old and maybe then we will re think the idea. before i know it he will be 6 months and introducing solids then anyway. we shall see!

mood: you guys. i have the happiest baby on the block. i am so so so blessed. and i know this. i thank God for my lucky stars every day {countless times} - but id also be lying if i told you that this doesn't have me wondering what my second child will be like!

- chewing on sophie
- his hands
- daddy
- watching the puppies play
- touching mom & dads face
- standing up & doing a booty wiggle
- being tickled
- bath time
- talking to himself. big babbler & coo'er over here.

- size 2 honest diapers
- outgrew NB clothes at 15 weeks, wore his last NB onesie at 17 weeks. which happened to be the same onesie we used to announce our pregnancy and the same one he wore home from the hospital! i may have shed a few tears packing that away.
- 0-3 month and some 3-6 months clothing. his big head outgrew his first winter hat that was 0-3 months! and i feel like old navy is the only place he's wearing 3-6 month because other places like the gap 3-6 months are still pretty big. i wonder how that'll pan out when we start getting into the gap 6-12 month outfits. he might be waiting to wear those until he's closer to 9 months at this rate. but thats ok! he's a healthy boy and you never know when another growth spurt will hit!

milestones/whats happening:
- found his feet. oh man has he ever! he is constantly grabbing at them and just rolling around on the floor.
- rolling over
- scooting in circles
- scooting forward a few feet to try and reach a new toy
- second time with a babysitter (MIL again) this friday so we can attend isaiah's holiday dinner for work
- first cold, which happened to be right as all these 4 month pictures were taken. thankfully he was still a happy boy and it only lasted about 2 days.
- his oma went back home to germany & he got lots of goodies from berlin!
- blowing raspberries like its his job
- always wanting to chew or suck on his fingers.
- met santa
- met more family at his 1st thanksgiving
- put up the christmas tree

- i am doing great for the most part. being a mom is a dream come true and it rocks my face off. it is far more entertaining, rewarding and better than i could have ever thought possible.
- im attempting jillian michaels for the 3rd time. i just am not a fan. and it really hurts my boobs. but it needs to be done! i have some more pounds to lose!
- in another reality, i am kind of a hot mess. i think i am developing a SERIOUS separation anxiety issue from leaving crue. i want to hang out with him all day long every day. isaiah and i have a membership and we get massages every month, well guess what? i cancelled mine! i don't even want to leave crue with isaiah for an hour so i can go get a massage! and let me tell you, the knots in my back are real. isaiah is super anxious to go see a movie, but i get the worst anxiety over leaving crue so we can go do that. leaving him with isaiahs mom this friday is killing me. its literally kept me awake at night for hours and ive already shed plenty tears over doing so. im kind of ridiculous.


^those newborn pants!^

^i love seeing the change in the velcro closing!^

crue, i love living life with you.