Wednesday, December 18, 2013

master bedroom re-do.


i can not make up my mind. weeee can NOT, make up our minds!

this all started when i was pregnant. or long before but being pregnant was the excuse for the change to happen.
isaiah bought his house after college before we met - so when i moved in it was a man's house. a bachelors house. though really nice! i remember the first time i came over, he had (we still have) circle mirrors on the wall in our dining room along with little boxes and shelves above the dvd's… i immediately snarked and said "did your ex hang those up?" when he said no i came back with "your mom? aunt? sister?" and he told me he did! our house is great but i find it dark. he didn't paint anything so lots of walls are a dark tan, a coffee brown or an olive green. bedroom included. with lots of black furniture. it was nice. it was well put together. but i was ready for a bright bedroom. an airy fresh crisp bedroom.
fast forward to being pregnant. you know, the time i couldn't roll out of bed anymore without a little push. we took the bed down. headboard, frame and all. we started sleeping with our box spring and mattress ON THE FLOOR. then came the time we assumed we would be putting a pack & play in our room, so out went a tall bookshelf, a tall dresser and two night stands. SPACE!! WOO!
when all that furniture came out and crue was born, we finallllly got around to painting our bedroom. we went through hellll to paint the nursery, so for our room i was all "lets just buy a color and do it. forget the samples" and that may have not been the smartest idea. we went with a color from valspar thats fairly grey. i can't remember if it was called graphite? granite? whichever. it kind of has a blue tinge to it but I'm not re-painting. painting SUCKS. and because we weren't gunna be in the fumes, we spent about 4 nights with a new baby camping out in our living room. kind of fun, though I'm not eager to do it again.
YET WE WILL. because why? oh thats right. we still have the base boards/trim to paint! they are a light wood and that is not so cute with the grey.
we got rid of all our old furniture except the long dresser for now. its black but i think we will keep it and paint it. white? maybe. navy? thats possible too. although i can't stop imagining a pop of color going on. somewhere.

someday we will paint our trim and our dresser. someday we will camp out in our living room again.

but right now? I NEED TO SHOP. i need to find new nightstands. curtains. bedding. and i need to find a bed!! and i need to decide what colors i want in our room, what to put on the walls!
i am so mad that we started this project during such a busy stage of life with a baby. i hate this in between phase of our bedroom more than i hated the bachelor phase.
our bed is still on the floor!

this is real life. breast pump and all. isn't that ugly.

most days i want to incorporate our wedding into our bedroom. navy, pinks and golds. but a blush pink? or a hot pink? i have no idea. isaiah gave me permission for either. then i could use our tassel garland from our head table and drape that above our headboard. or something.

i could drool over this all day long.
white curtains, white bedding, navy dresser, white/navy striped rug? drool drool drool.

i don't think we'd incorporate much of a blush pink. maybe a few accessories or picture frames with our wedding garland. but ill still take gold and navy anything. any time, any day. 

other days i want a bright emerald green. teal/turquoise? orange? isaiah says 'how great would it be if our bedroom reminded us of the caribbean?' he's right. i could live with that. we allllmost painted our walls a turquoise color. 

some days i even picture having this little guy above our bed. the window is to my right, so we can move pictures and create a wall gallery on the blank wall to the left allowing him and/or our wedding garland to speak for itself.

so. colored bedding? white bedding? but the dogs. ughhh the dogs. 
right now its set up to be holiday bedding. a grey duvet with red candy cane sheets. and red is not included with any of my ideas. so i guess every winter those will just make an ugly appearance. meh. 

since we got rid of so much 'storage' furniture in our room to open it up and make space for baby junk gear, isaiah wants the brimnes bed with the matching headboard from ikea. sometimes i like it. oooh. i could hide my pump behind there. and put succulents on top. or pictures! candles! pom poms! and then sometimes i think its suitable for a 12 year old.

i kind of want to get a dainty? simple bed, like ikea's svelvik. but it doesn't come in white. so do i want to spray paint it? thats annoying.

and would either of those beds look okay with these re-made nightstands? i could easily DIY that! or maybe i should look for something different to use as a night stand. id love something smaller on his side and a made up desk/vanity space on my side, but then theres the chance of the non symmetry thing messing with my OCD every time i have to look at it. at least the bed isaiah wants doesn't exactly require any nightstands with all the shelves in the headboard.

i really shouldn't be too picky. perhaps thats the problem. we could get a nice bed. hey gorgeous tufted headboard. or you with the nailhead trim. but we probably won't. yet. it doesn't make sense for us right now. in a few years we plan to build/move and upgrade from our queen to a king. which means new mattress aaaand a new bed. i imagine whichever bed we end up with now, will end up in a guest room a few years from now. perhaps thats what im saving a big beautiful bed for. one that we plan to have a long, long, long time.

thats another battle i have in my head. we can save the white walls and neutrals for our new house so why not get a colored headboard now?! get a cheaper simple bed now. a spendier plush bed later.

im done using pinterest as inspiration. thats just 10000 things costing $10000. aint nobody got time money for all that.

ay yi yi you guys. its a never ending head spin over here.
hire me a designer.


  1. i mean i could help you. i do have a minor in interior design afterall.

  2. I'm no help either. I hate our bedroom...actually I hate almost all the rooms in our house because they're WHITE. Ryan refuses to paint this house since he knows we won't be here too much longer.

  3. Not a bad idea to take Lindsey's advice. When you live in the space everyday, it can be hard/scary to imagine really big changes. Good luck!

  4. I feel ya sister!! We are building a new house...I have to figure out every single room!!! I need a glass of wine just thinking about it!!

  5. We are kind of in the same boat. We are hoping the offer we put in on a house is accepted. If that happens I'm going to go crazy with all the decorating and renovations that will come with it. Gah!
    P.S. Go with the bright pink headboard. SWOON!!

  6. Good luck on your redo. Seriously, home decor should NOT be that expensive!!! It's depressing.

  7. Our bedroom is the worst room in the house. The furniture was Jeff's from his old apartment and although it all matches, it is basic oak from a discount furniture store and he even bought a floor model with some flaws for a better deal. He's so frugal. We have NOTHING on the walls and after almost four years in our house, I finally found a comforter I like. It's so annoying but we can't do anything about it now. But for you, I think you should go with something to incorporate your wedding decor. I think that would be so special and the colors are fab!

  8. Oh my gosh, i'm so glad i'm not the only one. I'm moving in to a new place and i'm playing with the idea of mismatched nightstands and I don't know if my crazy OCD could handle it. And those beautiful tufted headboards, droooool. I have a piece of wood I plan on making one out of but then I can't decide on what color of fabric I want.. do I want it patterned or neutral, dark or light? So many decisions. Good luck girl!

  9. I struggle with our bedroom too, but I might be able to get you an awesome hook up on a mattress, email if you are interested. We upgraded to a king and I love it! Xoxo

  10. I'm going through the same thing. Beds are tough...such a commitment! I really, really like that last headboard. Pinned it!