Wednesday, December 4, 2013

so what wednesday!



  • i have SERIOUS pregnancy fever. not to be confused with baby fever.
  • were supposed to be going on a cruse in 3 months and i'm not back to my pre-preg weight. i have 8lbs to go to hit that goal and about 20 more after that. but i just can't hang with jillian like i used too!
  • i insist on crue meeting santa. isaiah doesn't understand. husbands.
  • were going to chicago in january for a week, and im slightly nervous about being in a hotel with a baby that long. 
  • i understand that i live in MN and all. but i hate the snow. i just can't get over it. 
  • majority of cure's christmas presents are clothes. im addicted. (not to mention a lot of toys are for his older ages and i don't want them to sit around our home any longer than they have to).
  • i have a love-hate relationship with crue growing up so fast. it really weighs on my heart.
  • our christmas tree is fake.
  • most days i wish we didn't have 2 dogs. they have become so naughty. and by naughty, i suppose i just mean annoying as H. i love them dearly though. lets not get it twisted.
  • isaiah and i got a DSLR, finally! its our "merry christmas" to each other.
  • i hate photoshop elements. it is idiot proof or something. i can't figure it out for the life of me.
  • C has been getting my milk for 4 months now, but i hate pumping more than ever. ugh.
  • im nervous & sad for his 4 month shots on friday.
  • im finishing this post to go have a glass of wine while the beeb naps!


(crue woke up as i was typing "xxo":  typical mom life!)


  1. I feel ya on the hate relationship with the pump!! My baby is 5 months tomorrow & I hate pumping!!! I literally dread it every 3 hours when I go to hook up.

  2. Go meet Santa! It's a must. I am sad about our first Santa pictures because Dominick was NOT in the outfit I had picked out, but there was no line and who can say no to no line during the holidays? AND I could stand there and act a fool while I got him to smile. Let's be real here.

    Being in a hotel isn't that bad with a baby. Does he sleep in a pack n play? I would suggest bringing that or something for him to sleep in. Dom has spent many a nights in a hotel. He will do just fine.

    I was really sad about Christmas last year and ended up buying Dom a TON of toys and they were all for when he was older, but he started playing with them then and still hasn't stopped. You should get him a Scout. :) He's still one of Dominick's favorite toys.

    You'll love your DSLR. What did you end up getting? There's lots of tutorials for elements. Just keep practicing. Also check out pioneer woman's actions...they're all free! Do it!

  3. Girl you will look fab no matter what weight you are in 3 months!!! Embrace it!!!

    Maverick isn't even here yet and I am hoping he is here in time to get out of the hospital and go to see Santa!!

    I hate snow too...lets all just move to the Caribbean?!

  4. Love this!!! I agree with SO many! And girl, you look amazing!!!

  5. Dude...Elements is beyond me. I did make my own Christmas card in it though but essentially only because I followed a YouTube video step by step. I will master that program. I will master that program.

  6. My dog has become annoying also...still love her dearly also!!! I also have pregnancy bad!!!! T has been getting my milk for 6 months and I am so proud to have lasted that long...I also HATE pumping!!! Enjoy that wine...whenever you do get to it :)

  7. We have elements and I use picmonkey 99.9% of the time. WAY easier.
    M has never met Santa. Still not sure he will this year… Mommy fail.