Friday, December 6, 2013

the first snow day.

its december and the snow has officially made its arrival of the season! {im not sure if that deserves the "!" or not, but the nice thing is that it still felt fairly warm outside}. i think i need to soak that in considering this weekend is expected to feel like "negative 25". can i get a BRRRR?!
i have to admit that watching the heavy snowflakes fall from the inside is kind of pretty! its driving in it that i can't stand. or the wet pants. theres that pet peeve too. crue had such a fun time watching the snow fall and observing our dogs as they played around in it. he seemed mesmerized and just took it all in. everything is much more magical when you have a baby going through so many firsts :) love love love.
i drank some hot cocoa in my new mug from isaiah as crue and i watched the pups play, hung up some lights in our front kitchen window with my little helper (yes he was closely observed, no he did not get hurt. blah blah. he was holding the lights for a mere 60 seconds if that) & then snuggled up together on the couch for some ellen degeneres. crue fell asleep. maybe im boring. because ellen definitely is not.

it was not a bad wednesday at all :)

sleepy smiles never get old, do they?!



  1. So jealous! These pictures are adorable!!!

  2. We didn't get that much snow here last week. We got some and I wanted to get a pic of Jacob in his first snow and forgot.

  3. I can't believe how much he's changing and growing! Cutie.


  4. Crue is such a sweet little dude. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Please keep that white crap your way until Maverick arrives then it can snow as much as it wants in KC!! LOL!!! Crue man is getting sooo big!!! Slow down little man!

  6. Look how much he loves those lights. Too presh!!!
    Loving the pics with your new camera! :)

  7. crue is sooooo cute! and wow that's a lot of snow. we had some a few weeks ago but now it's starting to get cold again so i'm sure we'll have some more snow soon!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  8. The pictures of him with the lights are TOO cute!!!

  9. Those pics are adorable!! He is the cutest! Looks like you're having fun with your new camera! :)

  10. Love the pics of Crue with the lights!! So cute. :) And the pups in the snow. I thought it was cold here at 13 degrees, but wow negative 25?!? Brrrrrrr!

    1. Ok that's a lie, it's actually 30 degrees here. Not sure where I got 13! All I know is I thought I lost a toe or two on Friday when I had to wait 1.5 hours for my bus to show up!! Ugh stupid Christmas carolers blocked traffic downtown. Luckily I'm happy to report i did not lose any toes to frostbite.

  11. He is so adorable!! I love him playing in the lights.

    I thought it was sort of fun to get the snow too....soooo pretty! Mace went outside for like 10 min and we called it good and went in by the fireplace. I'm kind of looking forward to a big snowstorm when I can have a snow day off school and Mace and I can stay home and snuggle :))

  12. Oooooh I just wanna eat him up! SOOOO cute! Love his smiles :)
    And I'm with you.... snow is so pretty when you're inside your warm, cozy home snuggling your precious babe. But driving in it? NO THANK YOU!