Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 in review


on NYE we announced our pregnancy to the world via facebook and this little here blog. it was the start to all of my bump dates & i recapped getting through the first trimester. isaiah and i froze our butts off as we took our announcement photos, but i am so glad we never cancelled! another time we froze half to death was at my cousins wedding. freezing is a common trend here in MN. we also had our NT scan (that i debated on having done or not having done) which gave us a ridiculously early surprise on finding out that baby G was definitely a HE! proving that my intuition was right from the start. the week after finding out, we were off to chicago for an annual work trip and i spent many hours in the hotel dreaming up of boy names and nurseries.


february was not a month for wordily posts apparently because i only had 2. if that doesn't scream "new blogger", i don't know what does! isaiah and i celebrated our first valentines day as a married couple, saw the book of mormon & took a baby moon to florida. though i was still fairly early in my pregnancy, i shared with you all my sleep woes. i was always awake fearing the nights that i wouldn't be asleep come the days nights of a newborn.


i had 20 posts! talk about an improvement from february eh?! we had returned from florida and i gave a little peek into what our first baby moon was like. let me tell you, i will never go back to orlando for a baby moon! zzZZZzZz. in march i had felt the baby move for the first time and celebrated hitting our halfway mark all the while trying to embrace my new life dealing with pregnancy brain. i started blabbing on the blog about my nursery ideas and finally narrowed it down to a nautical idea of sorts. of course being pregnant was the best thing to ever happen to me, but not once did i forget where i came from and the pain of infertility. even if you're reading this review right now - remember, YOU GO GET WHATS YOURS! chase your dreams people. seriously. and don't ever let someone tell you somethings impossible. march wasn't all teddy bears and rainbows though, because it was also the first time at L&D for baby and i when i was just 23 weeks pregnant causing isaiah to miss a huge test for his career title. about that same time, my grandpa wasn't doing well and landed himself in the hospital too.  :(


april is a bittersweet month. we started off on the 1st with my 26th birthday! along with my birthday, april brings a memory that hits me hard. i opened up and shared my emotions about losing a friend to suicide. and then we hit another hard loss. my grandpa passed in april on his 85th birthday. ill never forget those last moments i had with him and how painful it is to watch the coroners take away your loved one. i will forever be convinced that the reason i made it through the funeral and dealing with that hard time was because i had a baby to care for. hitting 24 weeks was a great milestone and we went to see flash dance downtown. it felt so good to hit the viability mark of our pregnancy! the results from our anatomy scan went really well. i still love looking at ultrasound pictures! there is something so magical about them. we kept on trucking with the nursery and made big progress! i shared some of my FAVORITE baby gear items here and our wedding video here. with april comes national infertility awareness week which is one that of course hits close to home. i talked about the time i peed our bed, and i ended my second trimester of pregnancy. holy cow! 


i challenged myself with "blog every day in may" and didn't quite make that a success. i shared my life in 250 words, told you what I'm really good at, shared what makes me uncomfortablewhat makes me happymy favorite quote, my most embarrassing moment and my fears. considering we still had snow in may just a few days before mothers day, i was missing our cabin something fierce. but i had no idea what it would feel like to be at grandpas place, without grandpa. i shared our proposal story, a day that i will never forget along with a favorite photo because thats another day ill never forget. my 100th blog post was our co-ed baby shower and i am still so glad isaiah and i got to share that together! i also packed my hospital bags HELLA early. because of course then i had no idea that my baby would be pushing two weeks late! 


i asked for your help on what to put above the baby crib (we ended up going with a map that we actually put together and hung while we were waiting for baby to arrive in our overdue days) and showed you how we did our chevron wall. as the weather got hotter i lived in maxi's and i ate my weight in shaved ice. i shared some photos from our wedding and my husband wrote to ya'll here. i wrote a letter to my 21 year old self which continues to be a favorite of mine and we made a big change to our car. we went to a twins game, had maternity photos taken on fathers day and closed in on our to-do list, assuming that our baby boy was going to arrive in the next month! cue being overdue as a possible pregnancy problem!


we made it!carried a baby full term! this was the month we were going supposed to meet our baby! i shared some of our maternity photos and isaiah shared what pregnancy has taught him. i continued wearing maxis and eating shaved ice while feeling so blessed over such a great 9 months. my body became FULL of stretch marks and my body seemed to be preparing for labor. baby boy dropped and my boobies were leaking. then 39 weeks came, followed by 40! our due date came and went with no baby. so then began week 41! being overdue wasn't so bad if it didn't come with the stupid questions asked by ignorant people. seriously! 


i spent the last day of july and the first day of august in labor and i shared what pregnancy has taught me and the idea behind crue's name. it was a busy month having a baby, adjusting to a new life at home, celebrating our one year anniversary, and taking crue to the state fair (twice)! in honor of the state fair i showed you all some of the pictures we took the time i wore my wedding dress and isaiah wore his wedding suit! i was already overwhelmed with the comments from judgmental mothers and gave a piece of my mind here.


my baby boy turned one month old and we figured out what our newborn favorites were! i still don't know how that happened! i was nominated for the sunshine award and was thrilled to see that Molly and AP did it too :) i kind of love those two ladies. a lot. crue began smiling ALL.THE.TIME making life so sweet. and as if that wasn't enough sweetness, i shared his newborn photos with you all too. crue went to his first punkin patch. we had so much fun participating in our favorite fall activities with a baby! 


baby boy turned TWO months old! i was struggling with pumping AND breastfeeding all day long as well as battling the feeling of wanting more babies. we celebrated our first halloween as a family of 3; crue was the bag o' money and we were his robbers ;) i would definitely try to steal this baby if he weren't mine! all of that was very last minuteit was a big difference from 2012 when i was busy poking myself with infertility drugs. worth it all! 


that baby quickly turned THREE months old! and 100 days old, which landed on the same day we found out we were pregnant with lil dude! time is really a crazy thing. we revealed our three month favorites. november was also a time to celebrate our first thanksgiving as a family of 3. this video reminds me just how thankful i am to be a stay at home mom! 


you know how it goes. C was already FOUR months old!we shared pictures from our fall photo family session that we had done in october. more pictures that were taken in the cold, but again - so glad we didn't cancel! i love every single picture taken. isaiah and i bought our first DSLR as an early christmas present, so when the snow started falling - i had the perfect excuse to play with it! something i won't be taking pictures of just yet though is our bedroom. i am at a complete stand-still on what to do with it, but it needs some major TLC! crue was looking festive for most of the days, and we celebrated our first christmas! having a baby is truly the best gift of all. i know it so cheesy, but he is SO great to us! 


i can not believe it is 2014. i am kind of sad to see 2013 go. it was so so good to me. it is no longer the year that i had a baby. and this year, my baby will turn 1? whaaaat! it is a bittersweet new years, that is for sure.
blogging with a baby is kind of hard. but also, kind of not because i tend to put it on the back burner as well. crue's naps are rare, and as he gets older he is just so much fun to play with. thats how i like to spend my days! i do hope that 2014 will continue and improve around here on the blog because it is something i really love to do. im on the hunt for a new design with a new name! but MY, it is hard to think of a new blog name! 2013 has brought me so many great readers. i am SO grateful for the friendships that i've created. we got a lot of christmas cards from you guys that truly warmed our hearts :)) lets do this 2014!

happy new year! 

NYE 2012/2013


  1. What an amazing year. Happy New Year to one of my favorite families!


  2. So happy to see your struggles with infertility have a happy ending with the arrival of your little guy. 2013 was definitely a blessed year for you. Hoping 2014 tops it!

  3. Sounds like a perfect year for your little family! Happy New Year!!

  4. What a year you've had!! :) Can't wait for 2014 to top it! We need to have a baby play date when it's not frozen tundra out there anymore! HAHA!

  5. What an eventful year! I love your pic from pregnancy to now! :)

  6. What an amazing year!! I'm so sorry it had it's down side but I guess that's what makes us appreciate the ups so much??
    You guys are one of my favorite families!! You deserve the best 2014 has to offer! And hopefully time will slow down this year? Maybe just a little??

  7. You had such an exciting year! I'm so excited to see what 2014 has in store for you. xo

  8. These year in review posts are so much fun!