Monday, January 13, 2014

'im a big boy now!'


its obvious that C is no longer a fan of his bucket infant seat. he cries EVERY TIME we have to strap him in no matter what his mood was like 5 seconds prior and i hate that. for all of us. we have a trip coming up and were driving to chicago, so we started to think about switching to a convertible seat.
is mama ready for that? no way.
 will our baby be happier in it? probably.

this weekend we headed over to our trusty besties over at baby grand to start exploring. 
i love them mucho.
we went in thinking we'd get the diono but stayed open minded because i have seen how the maxi cosi pria works before and liked that too. then gina showed us two more. the recaro and the snugli. ultimately, it came down to the recaro or the snugli for us, for a few different reasons - but those were our favorite. and my husband chose the snugli so we went with that one! i love when he has an opinion on baby gear or really anything and i usually end up agreeing so its an easy choice :)
the way this baby installs is PERFECTION. it is so easy!
the seat itself is super plush - its memory foam! C was happy and didn't make a single fuss when we were testing out all of these seats.

i am a little nervous about making the switch and no longer being able to click his sleepy self with the bucket seat in the stroller when were grocery shopping or running errands (which is EXACTLY what he did yesterday) but we'll figure it out and make do! right after i have a mini panic attack about him being on the side of the car instead of the middle. which comes after the panic attack about how fast time is going.

i know he'll be happier in our 7+ hour drive to chicago.

i can not believe how big my baby is getting!
i swear it feels like yesterday that i was installing his bucket seat at 31 weeks pregnant!

on to bigger adventures!


  1. Such a big boy! The carseat doesn't still fit in the middle? I am sure he is going to be SO much happier in his big boy seat. Cutie! I just want to squeeze and kiss those cheeks!

  2. I love his Crue pants! I'm a silent reader, but time is flying. He's getting big so fast.

  3. He seriously will be so much happier! We made the switch with Abbie at 7.5 months - HUGE difference!

  4. He is a big boy! So cute..and login' those cheeks.

  5. OMG! We're waiting for Weston to be a little better at sitting up, and then we're switching over too! CRAZY! Give me tips - what made you pick that one?!?!

  6. How is it already time to put Crue in a convertible?! Didn't you just bring him home?
    Those cheeks. Those "crue" pants. I die. <3 him!!!

  7. Let us know how the switch goes. H hates his bucket seat and arches his back and cries every time I put him in there!
    Also, I'm dying over his Crue pants! Where did you get them?!

  8. We have the convertible car seat in my car and the base for the infant seat in my husband's car and use them interchangeably. I couldn't lift the infant seat anymore comfortably and my husband can so we use them both as needed. Now that he's awake more, I take my care for short trips and we use the infant seat for when we're going out and want him to stay asleep in and out of the car.

    He looks so happy in his new seat!

  9. wow oh wow, what a precious baby! and yes, those cheeks! My daughter has those chubby cheeks too - it adds at least 10x the cuteness to a baby. haha. Excited to have found your blog! following along via GFC and blovlogin! woohoo :) come say hi if you get a chance, I love making new friends!

  10. I'm just now catching up on blogs today and I cannot believe how old he looks! I love you and missed you!

  11. Sarah, thanks for your support of Baby Grand!! Crue looks adorable in the Snugli Seat and hopefully he will be much happier for you - I would love to feature your post on our Facebook and Twitter if you would be open to that. Let me know - hope you're doing well - Katie (baby grand)