Thursday, January 23, 2014


51 weeks ago

fast forward



52 weeks ago we found out the human growing inside of my belly was a boy.
51 weeks ago we took our 2nd trip to chicago together. i was 14 weeks pregnant.
not having one at home in minneapolis, we ventured over to zara baby where we made our very first baby purchase. 
a year later were here in chicago again for our 3rd time together. with a baby in our arms.
& today, that baby is wearing this zara outfit for the first time.

i remember thinking how adorable and teeny those 3-6 month pants looked.
but they're too big for our {almost} 6th month old boy.
baby clothes are funny.

and so is time.


  1. Time certainty had a way of crawling by, yet slipping right between our fingers.
    Crue needs to make a trip to LA. And so does his momma. We have all sorts of fun baby stores.
    And yes, could someone please make the sizing of baby clothes an exact science?!

  2. Love your update..his smile lights up the room.

  3. Love!!! I remember the first outfit we bought Dominick. It's so nostalgic seeing them wear them....and then grow out of them. I love the outfit you picked out for him. You have an adorable little baby man! xo

  4. Aww this is so awesome! It's crazy how time flies so fast! I am so happy that we have social media to remind us of all these important little memories we sometimes forget!

  5. Such a great little update! And that is a great book he's looking at!


  6. he is just so cute!!! it is so crazy how much things have changed in the last year and how fast it's all gone!